Get Code - Updated on May 8, 2023

MovieStarPlanet is an entertaining social network role-playing game that the younger generation will love. Meet the planet of bright celebrities created by players from all over the world. Earn fame, get unique rewards, create amazing skins and just enjoy the addictive gameplay with great graphics, user-friendly interface and rich features.

Movie Star Planet
Promo Codes (2023 June) 50.8.6
All CodesExpiration date
T9G7YRFD4VBJune 10, 2023
Y8UEBZ3DF5May 19, 2023
BDHR0TU42June 4, 2023
8QZUYHCW63MMay 28, 2023
VG2BOR6I0Y5JMay 12, 2023
2F6ZVPL791NMay 12, 2023
9I26G8AC7HDJuly 5, 2023
MNQY02UF3SJune 15, 2023
O2W4ZYBT7July 7, 2023
F9CROUWXSM5May 30, 2023
QETOGAP1S5INJune 15, 2023
8YDHV5J2Q4UJune 30, 2023

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