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Moy’s World game has become very popular due to the original playing field and unusual plot. Your goal is to help baby Moy’s explore a fantasy world. But be careful, because dangerous adventures and trials await you along the way.

List of CheatsExpiration date
SRVUB0C3T1JSeptember 15, 2022
LSBFV6PZ7USeptember 5, 2022
4V5LTYROISeptember 5, 2022
T9DZIBWER2AAugust 5, 2022
U2S68VPIAQNMAugust 31, 2022
N4LXY1DF06SSeptember 28, 2022

You also need to collect coins and bonus items to help you get through the most difficult levels.

Unlike other similar games, Moy’s World gives you much more room for action. You can move freely in any direction to create an interesting adventure for yourself.

In addition, the game has a character change function, so by earning bonus points you can change his appearance and supplement his existing skills with new ones.

The game has a huge number of levels, where you get ample opportunities to show your research abilities. Moy’s World is also characterized by bright dynamic animation, original design and colorful colors.

The game is constantly updated, so stay tuned to download the updated version of the game to your device in time. The application is absolutely free, does not require downloading additional paid content, and contains no ads.

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