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Mr Autofire is a crazy mobile action game in which epic battles with crowds of opponents are waiting for you. Vile aliens threaten the peaceful life of all mankind, so you have to deal with them. Engage in fierce battles with aliens, upgrade your hero, look for the best equipment for him and defeat the most dangerous bosses. Non-stop shooting from cool guns and destruction of endless hordes of enemies will appeal to all lovers of good meat grinders, so hold your blaster tight and get ready for tough battles.

Mr Autofire
 Discount Codes 2022 October 2.1.1
All Codes Expiration date
HCU83ZROKAD October 28, 2022
BT4YSDMXRA December 14, 2022
5AC07MQGU November 10, 2022
NTO1K0EC3G2 November 20, 2022
50VNFYT9ZPRK November 6, 2022
K2837HUOFXB October 26, 2022
8WQ3FP07LGT October 26, 2022
6GQ5ZOD8US December 23, 2022
CHNPABKTD November 28, 2022
FAOVH734ER6 December 21, 2022
64JHD7XEVIPF November 24, 2022
GDTYQXF14HL December 1, 2022

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