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MudRunner, the off-roading simulation from the multi-million vendor franchise, for the first time on cell! Drive and grasp good all-terrain vehicles to enterprise all through extreme landscapes! MudRunner is the final phrase for an off-road experience, inserting you inside the driver’s seat and daring you to take the price of unimaginable all-terrain vehicles, venturing all through extreme Siberian landscapes with solely a map and compass as guides!

Complete your objectives and deliveries by enduring perilous conditions through wild, untamed landscapes in extreme conditions with dynamic day-night cycles. Overcome muddy terrain, raging rivers, and completely different obstacles that each one reacts to the load and movement of your automotive powered by the game’s superior physics engine.

MudRunner Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Which controllers does this support? None of mine work.. Okay game but the game really needs first a person view or some other camera views.. Please add multiplayer, camera offset and better graphics. Otherwise the game is waste of money... DO NOT SPENT MONEY ON THIS PARODY OF MUDRUNNER!. Pretty good adaptation to mobile but wish you bring Snow runner to the mobile platform. That'll be cool. . Add a camera option for cockpit mode with working guages and stuff. Good game just wish the vehicles had camera in the cabin of the vehicles.

I do wish the game had more Graphics / physics settings. The mud looks way better on pc! I know my phone can handle more demanding mud physics than what the current mobile version has to offer. Please allow the user to change these settings at their own will. Thanks devs! Mod support would be awesome too. I'd love to have the k10 chevy in the mobile version, just like PC. There's also no tire upgrades. Otherwise great version of this game!. This game not installed my tablet I want my refund. Please optimize the game and refresh the game interface, graphics. Add many different game modes to satisfy the needs of players. I want a big update on the future of the game.. Pretty good, made me buy snow runner on pc. I would say this is one of the better mobile games I've played. 2nd to galaxy on fire. Wish the missions were more like snow runner but it's still really good for a mobile game.. It looks ok but no in car camera.

Good one. Realistic,technical,lots of interesting trucks and my favourite thing about it-if you stop and use youre head for a moment,you can really make it easyer for yourself. Demanding though,my S22 gets real hot when i play.. But it needs to have cockpit view and multi-player please pls PLEASE PLS . Only been playing a few weeks. One of the best mobile games I've played.. Game glitches a lot I would like to see snow Runner 2 with the downloadable content like rock crawlers and mud trucks and not be so driven at just harvesting logs. It's really good and I went and bought all the things for it no regrets at all. I hope you guys keep working on this more and more. Also I really hope you guys add multiplayer so l we could play with friends and stuff and if you ever do get to the point of modding I think you should make a whole new app for when people mod or something but other then that keep up the great work guys..

The game got the crashing issue I can't even play the game at all whenever I go to load it it goes up to 48 and just sits there for 30 minutes and then it will go back to my home screen. Good game but it would be nice to have all the trucks when you buy the "DLC" like the k-5 blazer, the Ford truck and the hummer. Please fix this and add the trucks so it would be more fun cause i thought when I purchased the DLC I would get the trucks but I was wrong and disappointed!!!. After purchase a few days ago and playing it's cannot open to play again.Wasting money for a game... An enjoyable sim experience. To bad the developers of the mudrunner series can't get along hahaha. Can I m playing this game my smartphone Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4....

Honestly I think this game is awsome the physics are good but there are some things I wish they could add like different maps and different camera modes other then that this game is amazing also if they could implement an multiplayer into the game this would be the best game ever!!. Awesome game . I love the environment the sounds the mud the swamp . Left the app run for hours just to listen to the wonderful rumble of the diesel engines...Just one complaint- where is the cockpit view ??? I want to see the dashboard, the gouges, the mirrors, the windshield whippers ,etc..etc..Thanx for this great experience. . Easy to play and good graphics. But it did reset my game and I played over 12 hours.. It is a cut-down, mobile version of Mud Runner. Not as good as the full version but still lots of fun.. Best game yet needs more updates.

Ok so i bought the 4 dlc pack and wheres all the cars from ps4 mudrunner i want a refund and i am dissipointed. Great game and graphics just like Xbox game play, Now we just need to get snowrunner on mobile. Good game very similar to console versions I.e snow runner. I play Mud runner. & Snowrunner, nice phone game.. I wasted my 500 mb but not installed pleas fix this problem.

Love this game very good graphics and great to play all around thank you. Want some one tonight truck's chevy with gooseneck or 5th wheel capability. Solid off road game, great details and easy to understand. Fantastic game worth every cent. It's not quite as good as pc but very enjoyable, multi-player would be awesome and controls are not quite right but a great phone game. GRAPHICS And GAMEPLAY is Awesome . But we are missing STEERING cntrl & CABIN VIEW and also Plz.. add more missons to enjoy this game and MAPS in free game are similar, like Delivering LOGS, unlocking GARAGES, & Reaching all WATCHPOINTS. And finally one of my REQUEST Is, Try to add more , , TRAILERS Like CARGO, VEHICLE TRANSPORTATION, DOUBLE TRAILERS, & TANDOM TRAILERS. I hope a new update will be available to us very soon........... Thank you .

Good mud and water physics but the camera angles are very annoying to use. Nice game and very true to the original game. I just purchased the American wilds dlc but yet I still cannot access it on another phone of mine.. It's like the the PC and console versions. Long time player of Mudrunner series on PC, rarely play games on my phone. This is easily the best adaption of controls and porting of a full game to mobile I've ever seen! Touch controls are almost comparable to a controller and mud physics are still there. For me, Mudrunner is a game of relaxation and now getting to play anywhere. And now my phone may become my primary way of playing it!.

Would love a first person option and a steering wheel instead of arrows but it's ok. I really like this game and is more then I expected from a mobile app. Thanks for all that you have done in building this. Totally worth the $6 and hope to see more like this. The only complaint I have so far is truck upgrades seem limited. Not many options there. And no in cab view. Still it is the best I have played in this category for a mobile.. Was looking for a game like this. This game is awesome only thing would like to be able to drive from inside view.. No Updates in over a year and a half! Waste of money!.

A.M.A.Z.I.N.G I had this on my PC for ages, from a PC guy perspective, this mobile version exceeded expectations. It is the only mobile game/simulation I've played in years.. Cant belive they acctualy charge us money for how bad it is, gameplay, graphics and mechanics are really bad, i can compare this to other similar games which have better mechanics gameplay and graphics and are for free. I acctualy requested a refund, there is no way this will be better, just another quick cash grab. Shame.. Contacted developer for controller support no response. The game doesn't support controller.. Similar to other versions of the game. Still the same issues... limited vehicles. This was a good game last time I played it. Now it won't load past 45% which is a shame, I enjoyed this one.

good grafics and amazing game play. Very nice game i almost play this game all day but we needs to play in HD graphics please make this game HD and more upgrade.. Good game guys. I like the challenging terrain that can rollover a skidder like a happles turtle and the realism of the vegatation (some trees bend, some break, and some don't).shallow water to glub glub glub... and the mud that blasted muuuuuuddd! I'm happily involved in another love hate relationship! thanks .. Its okay something about operation using buttons is not very interesting, it is better to use a steering wheel that looks real. Vehicle graphics are okay but the map looks like potato graphics you're extremely limited compared to most mudding games on Android. Your camera vision is extremely limited can't change it and there's no multiplayer with no modes and barely any type of vehicles. For computer game it's basically just like 90% of the other free mudding garbage games on Android. I won't even waste money buying it. Plus you still have to buy DLCs and that's a big No-No we Android gamers don't buy DLCs lol..

Good graphics and sound, realistic physics, a great off-road trucking simulation. Only criticism I have is the steering, I want a wheel to turn rather than left and right buttons. Once I got used to it it's fine though. 4/5 great game. . I find this really satisfying and relaxing. There isn't really a time element to the game so if you like doing things correctly and putting extra care into it, you'll really like this game.. I love it so far! Some minor complaints.. Wish the graphics were adjustable, steering could be better. I really want to see a SnowRunner mobile game!. Does not work .... App gets to 45% on the loading screen and thats it. It's not open in ... this game is very bad ...I pay 600 rs . But game was not open .. .

This is a 6 dollar tutorial with similarly priced dlc.. Overall game is very great. Ilove this game and the graphics are really great However, this game is very short. I need more missions. I complete this game's mission in just 2 days. Please add more and more challenging missions. I want to play this game but i am out of challenges . Please addd more challenges. I will give you four stars because am riding in the mud buh there is no mud on my trucks buh aside that it's a very good game love it. It's really good but if you added multiplayer and Mudd on trucks as of water and a way you can have mods like more trucks it'll be the phone game of the century and can y'all fix the loading I can't even get in no more it goes up to 45% and then stops please fix it. Very good game what it down is that you can't run over trees.

Eas add string mod and set camer. It is great close to the Console version. Please Mere paise back karo mere paise Hai itne Kam Nahin Hai Mere paise Mere paise Wapas karo. it is absolutely amazing good graphics and is the most fun game ever. Worst app ever, i purchased the game but i cant open after, then when I asked a refund the game will uninstall directly, be careful of this scammers, dont trust all games in google play, tsk3x.....

A game with loads of maps vehicles and correct physics depicts a seemably impressive mobile version of the pc/console game, featuring many hard roads and difficult missions. So fun and addicting! Great game for mobile. Works like a dream on the z fold 3!. Does not load. I wish it works good but been trying for the last 4 hours!!! It gets stuck at 45% loading pls help I worked hard for the game money I would give it a 5 star IF I COULD PLAY :c. Loved it..... Such a nice game .....I have never seen,nice visuals , such a great graphics I have never seen in mobile........ Thank u soo much for developers.......... I like this game, I'd love it more with more trucks in the game and a little more harsh environments..

It's good and fun but cockpit view should be in the game. I lost my save game, went back to the 1st mission.. The game is very good... About 8/10 compared to the console, just as expected. Everything is animated down to the small things like when you honk your horn, birds fly up. Water moves and splashes and your tires leave tracks in the mud. I do hope a multiplayer mode eventually comes out, and you can also buy extension maps and modes for the game. And I'm really hoping for snow runner too one day great game. One of the best mudding off rd simulators out there. I paid for it and it didnt load.

Pretty good. Wish it had better camera angles.. how to fix the loading screen. Great game for consoles. And Surprisingly a great game for mobile too.. Pretty Good UI, Good Graphics, The Downsides Are, No Graphics Or Control Settings, Too Few Maps And Too Few Free Vehicles Which Is Bad News For Some People, Sound Effects On Some Vehicles Are Basically Just Copy Paste Of Some Other Cars/Trucks, And If You Finally Done All The Watchtowers There Might Still Be A Black Shadow Covering The Map But When You Gone To All The Watchtowers You Can't Go To The Watchtowers To Clear The Black Shadow So I'll Give It 2 Stars. It's been pretty great game. Just can't figure out how to get passed crane operator 2.

The game has good graphics, a good UI, a good tutorial and decent gameplay. But the camera placement sucks whenever you're carrying a load, which is often. You can't hardly see in front of you, which makes driving difficult, all but impossible. Plus, I found the game to be too hard, to the point that it was just frustrating and not fun.. This is the best game ever made. Fills the exact need I've had for a muddin game! Really reasonably priced, as well as in app purchases. U have GOT to try this if u wanna mud!!. Love it great port when is snowrunner comkng to mobile. In the next update, the steering wheel and FPP + TPP camera Vishal will also be used as control mode.

Love this game played it when it was free on the Xbox live now here it is on my phone he'll yes. I feel the PC experience in this game,. Needs more gameplay ran thru all missions ect pretty quick free game is ok but you complete those mission quickly too they gave us a couple me missions but again went thru them pretty quick. Is a nice game, but is not up to what am expecting, 1 there's no tilt, cause am used to tilt which is more complex steering left or right. Then 2 the camera doesn't have cabin view, to drive behind the wheel, which I don't like, please fix this in the next update... The game is not Good I just wasted my money to download it, imagine as cost as this game is it don't have options for choosing steering control or even tilt it's just only botten control of which is not supposed to be so they don't have camera adjuster like driving inside the vehicle or adjusting the camera view to the convenient view u like to use for driving and even the map should be more convenient enough so u to understand the game, but the graphic is okay but please new updat.

Great graphics and game play you really captured mudrunner except for you forgot the multi player. Good mobile version of classic Mudrunner. The game is lagging and cannot start due to last update, I want my money back!. Please help me I can't open I stuck 45% in this game I paid this game please fix it please . Game board of April 9 o'clock what year willing must.

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