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Experience a very interactive murder thriller journey set inside the present day! Travel using a mysterious tropical island stuffed with hidden objects, secrets and techniques, strategies, and MURDER!️‍ Put your detective talents to the verify by looking for clues, gathering proof, and figuring out who’s behind the horrific crime!

Murder by Choice Mod APK 2.0.10 (Unlimited Energy)

I remember this game like in a knives out movie so i was curuious abt this game, im feel like im a real detective here, although its hard sometimes but i 'll take as a challenge for me hehe.. Frustrating at best. Has potential, but you can't complete a single action without running out of energy. Would be really fun if I could play more than 45 seconds of at a time. I don't mind spending $ on games I enjoy, but when I can't even get into the game before I run out of energy to see if I like it, well it just gets deleted just like this one did. Figure out the energy expenditure vs game play and you might keep more players.. The game is really fun, graphics are great. BUT It's too expensive. Every little thing costs all your energy, including just having conversations! 4000 energy is gone within a day and takes way more than that to regenerate. Game play needs to be made more efficient and cost-effective.. Would be way funner if not every little thing you do takes wnergy away AND THEN YOU HAVE TO WAIT SO LONG FOR THE ENERGY TO ACTUALLY FILL TO A DECENT AMOUNT AND BY LONG I MEAN LIKE A WHOLE DAY. Get rid of the energy, and i will reconsider playing it or make the energy go up faster.. I like the different scenarios and how the game keeps me busy.. a must try. Great story, great characters, great design. But it has too many puzzles, and you use energy up so quickly, for just about everything. If you didn't have to stop for a puzzle, every 2nd or 3rd move, and conversations didn't consume energy, you would earn a 5+ rating easily. (There's enough here for 2 games. Carla could have had 2 adventures) I love the plot twists, but ruined by the stop start, as you try to recover your energy..

This game started out a bit slow but it woke up after just a short while and the suspense started. When you get the pacing right it moves right along.. Amazing images and perfectly matching game play. Makes you feel like a detective!. This is a really great game, it reminds me a lot of criminal case, and I LOVE those games, the only issue I have is the energy, but other than that it's AMAZING!. Just when the game is really about to get interesting... energy goes down! And refill takes way buying those energy refills!!. Really enjoying this game. Good story..

The gme is very engrossing, but the balance of available energy to energy cost is way off. It takes like 12 hours or something to regenerate your energy and that will last you as long as, like one dialogue, one traveling to another room, and one hidden object search. You also would have to watch like four videos to complete one additional action. If they could fix this imbalance, then definitely five stars!. I actually like this game. But with seconds of playing it used up all the energy. I had bought energy once before. But I'm not going to keep doing that. Why does it take so much energy? I would enjoy this game even more if I had more time to play it.. Would give game much higher rating except for exceptionally quick energy drain to play for an extremely short period of time.. The game is wonderful and the graphics and story line amazing, but the game requires WAY too much energy to do the tasks. Everything you do requires energy and I don't agree with that. I got only 5 min of play time with 90 energy. I'm not going to pay for energy that will be blown through in 30 min.. So played the game and its ok. It does use a energy system that i dont like and more annoying is when i come back when my energy is refilled and my progress is reversed a few puzzels so i waste energy to get back or just past where i was just to wait again. Ive recently re installed the game as i fo like the story. But it says heres some energy as progress might have been deleted due to updates. Which i get, issue is cant get past that screen just sits there doesnt go further..

I like the game a lot, but right now I just made it to lighthouse & I'm playing the hidden object & it will NOT let me get the acorn, it just turns the thing every time I try to tap on the acorn, even used a hint & it still wouldn't let me get the acorn! . The game could be fun but every single thing costs energy to the point it's hard to get really get anywhere unless you want to continuously pay for more energy. There's no reason it should cost 10 energy points just to open a door! With the hidden object games, every single object you find costs energy which is just ridiculous. Energy refill is so painstakingly slow that it's not worth playing unless you want to constantly spend money in order to play this.. 1.Good story. 2.Way too many glitches for me. 3.Loading screen too slow 4. When game finally loads up, it plays for a bit. Then stops. Just no! 1/10 won't recommend. I love your games love the graphics and the story but i giving you 1 star because the energy please fix the energy please........ This game is so much fun!!! Finding each clue makes the suspense of finding the murderer much more fun. The reason why I gave it 4 starts is because of the energy, The energy runs out way to fast and Takes forever to refill. I don't understand why we need energy to begin with. But other than that the game it so much fun!!! Download it!!!!!!!!.

I'm not too far in yet, but the story is compelling. It's mostly hidden object mini games, and I'm looking for more puzzles. There may be more of those as it progresses. The game is a little slow during screen changes. More as I have it.. Would date higher if everything didn't cost energy.. Only complaint I have is the energy. Energy is down quickly for majority of the actions. You use up Energy for too many things. 10 points down just for opening a door. Energy used for finding objects. Can't really enjoy the game cause I always have to stop playing in random places due to no Energy. I know we can buy Energy but we would have to constantly buy Energy if we want to finish the game in one sitting. Great game though!. The energy system in the game is very annoying. The whole 200 energy will be consumed in just 5 minutes. Every small action consumes energy. When you watch ads, a 30 sec ad will grant 10 energy. But today when I watched 7 to 8 ads I didn't get a single energy point. After completing this game I will not download another game by this developer. I've invested so much time in this one so I deserve to play it till the end to know the complete story. Good game and story but you will be frustrated..... The game is pretty good. The only thing is it needs to have more free play.

Great game but a huge cash grab you cam play for 10 minute every two days unless you pay money but doing that would take hundreds of dollars just to finish. Hi I don't know what happened. One minute I was playing and the next game was frozen and this warning that I have a modified version of the game. I don't know what to do I deleted and installed the game several times. Please help. Interesting game. It has a story and hidden find objects.. I had to change my rating from toggling between 5 or 4 stars, to settling on 2. The game does have a great storyline and engaging play with choices, mini games and read aloud/voice dialogue. I have spent my own, real money to continue playing. It's honestly ridiculous and unfair how quickly the energy goes. You have to use energy in the hidden objects, continuing dialogue, actions; with days to get back it's so greedy and makes it almost impossible to enjoy the game anymore . Like the game. Cost way too much energy for activities. Makes it less enjoyable than it could be.....

I would love to continue playing this game but it takes way too long to load. I've tried stopping the app, deleting apps I don't need, and I checked my internet connection. I uninstalled it because it took way too long to load. How are you supposed to enjoy the game if it doesn't want to load?. The game itself is nice, good story and characters, but not everything should take energy. Having multiple hidden item puzzles, but it costs energy to click on each item, it's bogus. I just blew all my energy in less time than it took the game to load.. Update: I received an error at login and can't move beyond the intro now. Waiting on a response from nordcurrent. I love this game! The storm the house very immersive mystery and I'm into it! Worst part is the farther into the story you get, the more energy you need, and it's unfortunate you have to pay for energy just to run out again so fast, I wish you could pinch zoom the puzzles though, I have to use a lot of hints for them. Takes to long to get energy. And uses to much for anything you do.. Bit slow but passes the time..

Needing energy for everything is stupid. I refuse to buy energy to continue playing this game, and I'm not waiting hours on it to replenish. Don't waste your time on this one unless you want to shell out money to finish it.. I really enjoy this game, until all of the servers don't respond try back in 15 minutes.. I was enjoying the game until the screen became unclickable. The only thing I'm have access to is the menu. I'm at full energy and can't do a single thing. I can't move on with the story at all. Contacted support and still haven't heard back from them.. Relaxing and so far a fun story. Okay, so I have to lower my rating down.. I enjoy the mystery of the game and solving the puzzles have been challenging but the language has been terrible. Why does everything have to have cuss in it!! They're so many words in the human language why cuss? Not to mention you run out of power or whatever too fast..

Not like other murder mysteries where you are doing find and seek. There are so many mini games and the story is very compelling. I really love this game, it keeps you interested and wanting to play non stop! The only downside I have experienced is the energy runs out entirely too quick, every little move uses a ton of energy and takes a long while for it to build back up! I even spent $5 on 1000 energies and it went very quickly. It was a waste! This makes the game suck! Please improve!. One of the best hidden object mobile game I've played in a long time.. Detail is very well done. I like how it turns into a comic at some points. Some things are a little confusing but honestly it makes it more fun and entertaining. So far I think it is a great game. I really enjoyed this game and am now Waiting for wedding bells to premiere can't wait hopefully it's soon.

Great game but the energy takes far too long to recharge and gets used up far too quickly. At least there's now a watch ad option, however I'd rather purchase the game at a set price to play it or once you've spent a certain amount on energy then you shouldn't have to continue paying or waiting days to play for another 5mins. Shame as the game is great and would be 5 stars if the energy frustrations didn't exist!. Excellent game should have more like this when the characters talk to you makes the game more enjoyable. What a storyline ! The art style graphics are so new and so intriguing... The gameplay is very intuitive and ingenious... Loved playing every moment of this game. Easily a 5 star game !. Really enjoy the game but it is stuck and I can't seem to do anything now. Probably have to delete it.. Fun but energy doesn't refill enough so you have to spend money to keep playing..

Great game, but a bit too long to recharge free energy. The game is just so freaking amazing The storyline and The graphics even The characters are fantastic but the energy takes a decade to recharge it also finishes up so quickly I hope that you can fix that because I just can't wait a whole day for the energy to recharge ;). There is so much to enjoy about this game from the graphics to the storyline and the interaction. It is very immersive and atmospheric. The puzzle elements are great fun and get your mind working. Why isn't it 5 stars I hear you ask? Well that's entirely down to being restricted by how much energy you have and it runs out all too quickly in a bid to get you to purchase more. That part sucks!. I'm ready for the continuing story. I can't wait.. I really like this game, but it takes too long to reload energy. Would be nice to play for more than 10 minutes a day..

Te Game is so interested and make me so happy I like this game. I've uninstalled this game as I've Had enough of running out of Energy or hints constantly I think the free power ups & hints Are really stingy & it's always Shoving money to pay out in my Face everytime I Run out I think All the power ups & hints Should be free by playing mini Games I won't be playing this Game Ever Again.. Literally, it all just comes down to the energy nonsense. The fact that it takes energy with each object in a hidden object game and even dialogue is ridiculous.... and sooo much energy. I can literally play for like 5 minutes and have to wait a whole day to play it again. I would be open to watching ads for energy if that was an option, but it's not. I spent $10 on 2000 energy and literally played 2 minigames and a couple dialogues. Absolutely absurd.. Enjoy the story line but wish the energy would build up faster. It takes longer to play if you don't want to purchase energy.. I really ENJOY this game. Just started playing yesterday, but the main issue is every little thing costs energy, which in turn doesn't last long. I could see if it were five or ten, but when you get to tasks that require 30 or 50, it's ridiculous. I've bought a couple energy packs and of course, they didn't last long. I would love to keep this game, but I can't afford to keep paying. The ads don't grant enough and it takes too long to build back up (sigh)..

Amazing game! After Murder in the Alps, I knew it'll be spectacular. Just one question: I remember at the beginning of the game that choices do matter so I'm wondering if choosing other choices would affect the storyline in a different way? Such as, would *some (Specifically one, but it would be a spoiler to say) events* not happen if you chose other choices? Thank you for making the game!!. Honestly it would be a 5 I like that game...but I can only do a couple things with the energy...maybe am on the game 4 mins before it runs out...I have bought energy but it goes tooooo fast and not worth the amount you charge...just talking to someone takes energy sucks it goes quick...cause I do buy stuff from games. This is a quality game with responsive and intuitive interaction - a real pleasure to play.. Fun game with an interesting story.. I love it so much! i just hope that im rich so that i can buy some energy Waiting can be tiring sometimes . I also love the art, the voice acting, the graphics. *squealed* it's all magnifique *french kiss*..

Great game!! Just waiting to long for the next chapter..... Fun but too many energy to do things. Like answering someone & in mini games it takes 5 for EVERY single item you find . Play a mini, do a task & talk to someone & energy is gone.. Wish everything didn't take so much energy but it's still a fun mystery. Ok but takes too long for the energy to restore. Takes way too long to get energy! Everything you do takes 5-50 energy and it takes 7 minutes just to get 1 energy back. I went to bed and woke up the next day to only 30 energy. I was able to do two tasks. I'll be deleting. Guess I'll be finding another game to play. Shame, because I love these types of games..

I like the game but it takes away too many points to do anything in the game. Then you have to either spend money to continue or wait around for them to refill.. I love this game but when the energy is finished we have to wait for a longer time to play but now they are giving option to gain energy by watching video so I loved this game. Game flits in and out, driving me mad.just get to load and then it dips out, so frustrating.I can't even load the game now, it loads briefly then crashes out. You need to sort this game out, I can't even get it to load now, it is a good game and I would like to continue playing but if its not sorted soon I may have to stop playing.. Nice game. Unfortunately playing with energy slows game to the point of boredom.. More chances for larger amts of energy and hints. The ads take a lot of bandwidth when you have to watch to get all of that. Other than that it's fun as can be!.

The game play is lovely, but your energy recharges too slowly. Unless you buy energy you are waiting hours to do small tasks.. It's really a nice game but it's not have is so limited that's why this game will bor as in some time. This game has potential! It is true about the energy though. I waited 24 hours and got enough energy for ten minutes of play. Doing the extras to earn energy as well. Bummer!. Energy runs out so fast you can only do like two things at a time. And takes forever to recharge.. Energy depletes too quickly otherwise as long as I have the use of a magnifying glass to search for objects it's good. It wouldn't open today. I got a notification that it had a bug so had to uninstall. Was about three quarters through which after following the story was very disappointing..

Game has just frozen and won't let me play anymore. It would be a really fun game if it didn't take so much energy for every little choice and then takes a full day to get enough energy back to continue playing. Definitely will be Uninstalling and not trying out anymore games from the company who designed it... I love the story and how the hidden object, puzzle, and story choice elements are used. However, I have to give this game 3 stars based on energy. While you started with enough energy almost any action including finding an object cost energy. It also takes forever to get a small amount of energy which does not give you a lot of gameplay. The only way to gain energy is to wait, or pay money. In my opinion, energy should not be used during hidden object sections and energy should be gained faster.. Nice game but engergy refreshing is very low...that enegry will finish in 2 minitue game play . This game is only for purchasing powered players ..!. No explanation on how to play game,game very slow as you Cheng's locations and then it froze.would not recommend.

Energy takes wayyyy too long to regenerate and you use up way too much energy in a short period of time compared to other games of this type. ONE hidden objects puzzle can use 90% of your energy in one session, or clicking through the conversations/cut scenes. It's a fun game, nice graphics, but considering howittlr you have to actually*think* to play, just seems like energy reduces too quickly and doesn't charge back quickly enough.. I really enjoy this game. It's fun and realistic.. I love the game but I don't like how long it takes to replenish energy or how little energy I have.. My 1st time playing this type of game and so far so good . Keeps you interested. Loving it so far.

It really pretty and had a very interesting story. This game is Highly Glitchy from the start of the game! Very disappointing bc I love Murder in the Alps. I had a a lot of black block out lines in senses. Needs to be fixed asap. Ty. Audio of diverse characters solving a murder. I'm giving it 2 stars bc when I'm actually playing it's pretty fun, but everything cost you energy (even to find objects on the list cost you 5 energy for each object ) I wait for it to build up but after waiting all day I only have 30 energy, I played for 5 minutes and of course ran out of energy. Your only option is to buy the energy which seems pointless bc they'll never last with every tiny move costing you ridiculous amounts of energy. The story is very involved and actually has voice actors which I wasn't expecting at all. The puzzles are fun and offer a nice challenge..

Absolutely love love this game. Plus, I was stuck during the game because of a glitch and Nathan was more than helpful. You guys make gaming all the more worth it. Amazing voice acting with an interesting story. , Currently on the Piano . Great game and interesting story. I'd give it 5 stars but the hints aren't enough.. It keeps showing the message server is not responding after a few seconds into the game, since last 3 days. I am not able to play the game at all.. This game is fun, but the fact it uses energy for everything and makes it run out fast and takes forever to reload. They dont give a option to watch a ad for more energy therefore you have to spend your own money and it's expensive. I like the game but it wont be around for long if its a constant cash grab..

Another game by this developer I want to love. Unfortunately it's another money grab. I would absolutely pay a flat fee but I'm not paying for energy when it's used up so quickly. It must work on people though since they keep doing it.. So far I love it. will write another review after I play a little bit longer.. I love this game, however, it stopped working a few days ago. Started with watching ads and not receiving energy.Stating there is an error. Now I cant even get into the game. I've emailed them several times was told to Uninstall and reinstall, still does not work.. Takes too long to refill your energy.. First off you have to wait 7 minutes to get 1 energy, your energy doesn't last long at all. So unless your going to put your own money into it I wouldn't waste your time..

I just installed the game, looked amazing to play and started immediately. However I o ly got to where Carla offered gum to a passenger and them the game said discrepancy found issued roll back. Now it's downloading again. In the Sam few minutes it said server unstable return in 15 mins. Very sad indeed.. Game is pretty much unplayable. I like the concept and the story was fun but once you run out of energy it's over. Even if you wait an entire day and get full energy you will get maybe 5 mins game play. I wouldn't even pay for energy cause it would be used up so fast anyways. Horrible set up by developers. You make a good game then make it unplayable. Why?. I wanted to love this game, good storyline but the energy runs out way too fast. Noticed this is mentioned in multiple reviews and all received the same generic response.. The game itself is great! However, you can only play for a few minutes a day! It takes 7 minutes for one energy to refill and most actions take 10-20 energy! One of the games took 50 energy! I finished the game..does anyone know when a second part will be released?. Really kept me engaged. Really enjoying so far!.

It's amazing to hear voice and not just find stuff. Actually love the game. The problem is energy. You only get 200 energy and it can cost 50 energy just to pass an item to someone (also costs energy to find said item). Before the owners comment that you can get energy by doing tasks . I am aware of this but you get the odd 10 energy here and there for those tasks. I've switched to the game UNSOLVED now as it's so much easier to earn energy. Sad as this game is actually better.. As the graphics and the game itself is amazing the energy is a problem for me. Everything takes up so much energy. I wish it would be more like it cost like 30 energy to enter a search and it doesn't cost anything to actually find the objects. I literally get to play for 5 minutes then I have to wait hours until my energy is full again. Some type of adjustment for energy would be great!. This game is just amazing.....Storyline, Character Plays, Script, Mini Games everything are just wow!!!! Love this game!!!! Must try.

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