Codes New - Updated on August 7, 2022

Have you ever played mafia? No, not to the one where Don Carlione did not accept you into his family, but to the card mafia. Where everyone does not know to the last who the mafia is, and they can kill innocent residents. Duck, finally, a worthy developer appeared, with a head not just for food, but also for ideas and thoughts. After all, what could be easier to let 5 people out into a closed area, give one a knife, and give another a gun, and let them run and have fun.

List of Codes Expiration date
WFTX5412YUE September 14, 2022
1D8QUHVLCK August 13, 2022
IMJH78DG6 September 12, 2022
Y20WNVRK5E3 September 24, 2022
6OT4G71QRBDY September 26, 2022
FRUL5EZ81NV August 9, 2022

It was this idea that the developer of the game MurderGame Portable came up with. Yes, he used sources from CS, but so what. Let him not bring the graphics to the level of perfection, it doesn’t even matter that there are a couple of holes in his map. The main thing is that the author was not led by the herd, and did not rivet another clone of unsuccessful clones of CS 1.6 clones. The creator acted differently, he turned on his head, thought that he would give a ride and did it. Indeed, more than 3 million people daily spend time in the company of four strangers and perhaps hide a gun or a knife in order to use them at the right time and add dynamics and fun to the game.

Demonstrate the wonders of deduction or the possibilities of your intuition. Calculate the mafia with a knife and the sheriff with a gun, and then tell someone to shoot whom.

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