APK - Updated on January 2, 2023

Murder in the Alps is a very cool mobile detective where the player will have to investigate a very mysterious murder that took place in the Alps. The player will go to the 30s and there will be the best investigator.

Murder in the Alps
  MOD APK (Free Download) 9.0.1

There is a good hotel in one very interesting place in the Alps and a large number of guests live there, but soon incredible events begin to happen here. In Murder in the Alps, the story begins when a very strange and mysterious guest visits the hotel. He will immediately sit down to dinner, but after that all the guests will gradually disappear and it is not known what the reason is. Whoever comes to this strange place, they all disappear and you will need to figure it out, because one of the remaining ten guests is definitely the killer. To complete these detective adventures, the heroine will have to go through many interesting locations and visit amazing places. The Alps are really a beautiful place, which is why they have so many perfect landscapes. Once in Murder in the Alps, collect evidence and facts together to prove the guilt of one of the visitors. Naturally, in the course of the plot there will be enough crime, drama and mysteries. Cool detective story about Murder in the Alps A very addictive game story in which it will be possible to immerse yourself in order to establish the truth and discover many secrets. Meet a huge number of heroes and communicate with them about what is happening. Naturally, some will be great helpers for you, while others will confuse you. Try to perfectly guess who the real killer is, even though it will be so difficult. The beautifully detailed graphics in Murder in the Alps are a pleasure to immerse in. Look for a lot of clues and items, some will be very carefully hidden, so you have to strain your attention.

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