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You just imagine yourself on a huge stage, you sing, and you are surrounded by thousands of fans. They are delighted with your creativity and do not stop exclaiming your name! Are you dreaming about this? Then the game Music Idol – Coco Rock Star will help you make all your dreams come true! Install it quickly and go on a world tour, because crowds of fans are already waiting for you.

Music Idol: Coco Rock Star Codes 1.1.4
List of Codes Expiration date
1PQWF4BUSR5 September 4, 2022
B5XCPLTIYF August 27, 2022
LKVFCS1D7 August 29, 2022
N5IOXQT9D04 September 2, 2022
18O5Z7RT9D0P July 11, 2022
TFNIXO9L05W July 24, 2022

A bright and unforgettable life of a star awaits you along with Koko and her group. Now you will dress and live like a star, and even perform like a real celebrity. Get ready to put on a big and colorful show for your fans, and be sure to see how the performance will be judged by the professional jury.

But that’s not all! Before you can be called a real star, you will need to come up with your own unique style and make it a reality. You will be presented with more than 200 of the most stylish and cool outfits and accessories to choose from. You can even choose your own hair color and hairstyle. Have you decided on clothes and accessories? Then hurry to the spa. Professional makeup will make your style even more unique and inimitable. But remember that you always need to look great, because the paparazzi can be waiting at the most unexpected moment!

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