My Spa Resort: Grow & Build 0.3

Updated on June 25, 2024

Name My Spa Resort: Grow & Build
Publisher cherrypick games
Category Game New
Version 0.3
Price FREE
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My Beauty Spa: Stars and Stories are wonderful stories about characters from Hollywood who managed to become real stars. Immerse yourself in this vibrant world and build the perfect home for them.

This is a gameplay in which you can build a wonderful spa. There should be absolutely enough in such a place so that none of the characters are upset. Build and purchase special resources to develop and move as far as possible through the levels. There are tons of levels ahead to go through in My Beauty Spa: Stars and Stories, so that you can eventually build hairdressing salons, makeup salons and a bunch of other things that will help the stars become more beautiful. A huge world of adventure will open before the player, in which you can act according to your own preferences and using your creative talents. Create new stars along with this and enjoy the rewards you receive. Features of the game My Beauty Spa: Stars and Stories Beautiful design and amazing graphics; Stunning storyline, with hundreds of levels; Lots of characters involved in the story; Competitions with other spa salons and rewards in the form of prizes; The ability to connect online and play with friends.

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