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Water your crops with a lot of potential to seek out distinctive hybrid cat crops. Uncover all the hybrid cat crops to complete your image assortment! Catch bees, play minigames, and take care of your cats to get additional invaluable objects. You may customize your cat with cute pots and choose the type of bee you need. Skins, cat tails,s and gear are likely to be added in future updates.

My CatPots Mod APK 0.5.6

Super cute and very very easy to play. i love the artstyle, it would be cool to keep more cats all at once but even just one adorable kitty is fine. i like the designs for all the different plants a lot too and the bees are just as cute. The mini games start slow and boring but rapidly increase to impossible. The rest of the game is just dull broken up with unending ads.. I love this game, it is a cute and there's are no problems at all.. This game is adorable I love it so much especially since I love kawaii games XXX over 5 stars!!. It is really fun it just takes a long time to get good pots.

please add back the night time! the new update took it away and it was a cute feature i liked when if it was night time irl it would be night in game as well.. this is such an amazing game! I really am in love with this game, the cats are just so adorable. I love games like this, its so chill and fun. also its very easy to play, I really love cats too. highly recommended.. This game is awesome rate 5 stars no money. Sooooo cute and I could play for ever. *inhales* SCRUBBLES Sr.Scrubbles is the bestest boi and shall receive headpats for their cuteness. They are a lot like my actual cat, which I love dearly, I must also mention that whenever I am upset my cat actually gets concerned and she will cuddle up under the blankets with me..

Its super cute i played this until it was 10:00. The game is adorable but too many ads. This game is extremely cute! I can't comment about the pop up ads since I removed them very quickly, but the rest of the game is strangely engaging, for such a small game. I really enjoy seeing my cat give birth to all these beautiful plants, and the graphics are gorgeous!. It great cute and estetic I will recomend this app to my bff it even worns me if a add come up this app is AMAZING. so cute!!!! I love it i wish it was real!!!!.

c a t p l a n t. I really love this game it's so cute. I really recomend downloading this game.. I love this game!It's so fun to play and I love cats, I guarantee getting this game.. Adorable a nice game to play. Very simple and fun game. Cute plants and cats, and an overall easy to understand game..

I love it and i love how it gives you a warning before the adds, ive never had a problem with it and its very entertaining, thank you for your time :). Is it ok nak Wan sel. Love it love the little cats and bees no problems. Cute but I got bored of the gameplay.. Its a very fun game but it does get boring from time to time.

Its cute and all but not that much to do,still I love it very much. Its so cute! I love it so much , i love the art style,the hats and everything!!! Thank you for making this game. Really cute game, I love it, but the forced ads are too much. Sometimes I watch a lot of ads to get a lot of water and a forced ad can just come right in between it or after I've just seen like 4 ads. The whole game is watching a LOT of ads and if it gives rewards I don't mind it but the forced ad that gives nothing is really unnecessary when there are already SO many ads to watch. PLEASE just remove the forced ad.. Hey you!! if you like/love this game i have some good cat games that are like this :DD Cats Are Cute, Mochi cats, Neko Atsume and (mabye) Battle Cats :)) i love cat/pet games that are not little 6 year old games, so i hope you you like these games to!! :D. it's actually a really cute game although the minigames are limited and they get quite boring I'd love to see this game get more updates.

It's cool, but every time I exit the album, an ad pops up. It's so fun to play.. Cute i will rate it bcus i've been playing it for 1hr. I love this game so much but i wish i could get a notification for when its thirty or cleaned. SO ADDICTING PLAYED IS FOR 3 HOURS STRAIT RIGHT AFTER GETTING IT. I love this game I been playing this game ween I was a child and I found it and I remember it its the cutes game and the niece's I ever play .

No problems foe me at all it's amazing and really cute game.. I'm going to give it a four because it's cute but boring, it takes a long time just to get a plant on the cats head and I'm not even gonna think about how long it might take to get a new pot cat but I liked it a little but but I deleted this. It was sort of a waste of my time I spend 40 minutes just to get one plant on the cats head, over all if you want to do this go ahead and try.. It wasn't too bad but it could be better the game is quite cute i wish when you get duplicates I wish they give all of you money back instead of giving a little bit of money back but this is fun. So adorable and its a good game. It's cute but gets boring after 5 minutes..

wow is so nice and is so cute.. I love this game, its so cute!!!. Great game the cat is so cute i really enjoyed playing this game so that's why i gave this a 5 Star . The cat is so cute!, And a adorable.. Great game overall. The game has a lot of popup ads though. Every minute or so I will get an ad, which is pretty annoying, but the graphics and game style is cute and lovable. I would recommend this game if you dont mind the occasional ad popups..

I don't I like this game I love this game it's so cute and adorable I really love it . If it's because of me ya Luna Root. I love this game so much! The aesthetic is super cute and the calming nature sounds help me relax! I do hope they add more though. I also appreciate the lack of ads and warnings if there will be some! Progression is nice and I recommend it to people who are looking for a relaxing game!. Unavoidable ads that play automatically, interrupt whatever you're doing and don't reward you for them are really annoying. Overall not very engaging either. Cute art style, but that's about it.. absolutly adorable, and i really like the art style, its simple and adorable..

Really cute but does the same thing again and again.... This is not a game it's just a platform for ads. Every 30 seconds an ad pops up, every time you click anything - an ad, idle too long? That triggers an ad, too. Devs should be ashamed.. I debated between 3 and 2 stars. Yes, it is cute and I wanted a mindless cute game at the time. But the ads are very heavy. There are ones to double resources and ones that automatically play regardless of what you do. You just water the pot. The feeding, fertilizing, and weeding are non-required mini games only played for more resources doubled by ads. You only have one slot to collect time released chests, and you have to pay for more slots (I see no other way to get that in game currency).. i like the game but it's not so fun because it's boring and you have to wait until the cat needs something. I love it. And it is ez. And the charcters r very cute . And u r able to get new bees and new stuff for your cat.

Cute art, but overall not worth the download, even for a few minutes. There's unavoidable ads that play without choice every couple minutes, which is unforgivable to me personally, especially when there's a ton of opportunity to watch ads to earn free things. The unavoidable ads get very annoying if you are watching ads to earn things, as they will half the time line up with ads you're already watching so you'll watch one ad for rewards then get forced into a second one for nothing. Frustrating.. Cute game but feeding and fertilizing makes it impossible to do. Uninstalling. when I try to play the game it freezes up on an ad but still cute. I love the app overall but a thing I would change is to have less of a chance for C or D tier items and since you can get duplicates it is harder to get B+ tier items. Ex. this morning I went to the Gacha Store and wanted a better pot, I rolled 4 times out of the 99 pots I got all D tiered items. I know it can't be too easy to get high tiered items. I also might have bad luck. But I loved most of the app features like mostly optional ads, minigames and other stuff I can't fit cuz of 500 limit.. I had deleted this game because of space. Now that I have plenty I decided to download it again hoping I could restore my progress... I spent a bit of money. But there is no way of restoring my last progress. If you delete it you start from 0 even if you spent the money. Im kinda upset honestly :/ So I lowered the rating..

Amazinggggb also I'm so sorry I didn't give it 5 stars in game it was a acident. The game is good and i have no reason to give it lesser rating.It had minigames that are not too easy that you get bord, the art is so cute and there are many different plants to collect. It is great. So adorable i can turn meh interent off and no ads!. It's okay but I have an issue with the rarity of plants. The Epics are ridiculously rare and it quickly becomes tedious and disheartning once you've got all the plants that aren't Epics. I know the point of Epics is their rarity but for a game like this, that's actually a detriment. I don't want to continue playing when for literal weeks straight all I get are repeats (that's not a joke.) The game's main gameplay just makes the issue worse as watering is slow and tiring even with S rank stuff.. I played this game in the first time! And after i collected 3 cat plants and i kicked out of the game? I rejoined it again and i kicked out.

Really cute game there's some adds but that's okay!. This game is very cute and has smooth graphics with amazing things in the game but the only reason why I gave it a 4 star is because ads always pop up when I'm playing,please remove this but this game is still good. There is no progression in this game... just doing the same thing over and over again. If you want a cute cat game then download it.. This game is so CUTE i cant stop playing it because its si cute and adorable 🙂 ^_^.

It was great I had lots of fun and the anmitions are adorable.. Its a bit boring but I like it. I'm loving it! But I have a couple of suggestions: since we gonna watch comercials either ways, can't you make it so mandatory commercials gives us water/beans too? And we need more water capacity from the get go! At least 180 at first and THEN you can upgrade and so on... Right now is cute, but it could be so much more!. Wow is cute and a love a reat IT 100/100 IS SO CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I LOVE IT I. Cute game just a bit boring.

its such a cute and relaxing game! i love all the little details and thought that was put into this game! the small details like the background and background-sounds change depending on the local day/night cycle and the care to put interesting facts about every plant you grow and a wikipedia link on that plant is what makes this game so nice and likeable and it really makes me happy to play overall i love the game!! keep up the awesome work!!!! sending lots of love!!!<3. Very cute game but a lot of ads but still very cute game would recommend if your bored. Amazing game it's so adorable I can't stop playing. Such a cute game. I am addicted.. The game is so cute, and I really love it. The ad countdown also makes the game less irritating than all the others. Very fun and relaxing. But I would like for there to be a sort of photo book for the photos you took yourself because scrolling through my whole phone of photos is hard. Other than that it's lovely..

Very great game about plants,I like it . Very cute game! Wasn't entirely sure what I was doing initially but I got the hang of it and it's very sweet. its cute but i keep getting the prompt to hire plu (earlier it promted me at least every 5 minutes...) even after i hit the option to not show it for a day. it is so so annoying. This game is sooo much fun and it's so cute and the games were you take care of the cat is sooo fun to this game is a great gsme^_^. This game is so cute, I honestly have to force myself to put my phone down so I don't get to distracted. Would definitely recommend.

It's so cute... I love it. random ads that interrupt gameplay is a big no for me. i also agree with that person deploring the lack of tutorial, and the too fast mini games that are really stressful. gonna delete now. It was OK but it was really boring . I likes this cute cat game i loves the minigame. Tbh good game would give more stars just gets boring after a while would be amazing if you added like mini games.

No tutorial or explanation of anything, the mini games are far too fast and extremely stressful for someone with joint issues who can't always twitch respond, and if you take more than a tiny fraction of a second to register what's popped up on the screen, something else is there and you fail. I can't see how this is relaxing in the slightest, but obviously I'm in the minority here; just be aware that you better be able to move fast.. A cute, cuddly time crusher! Ads are always announced beforehand so that you won't accidentally click them and everything comes together in an adorable way! The only downside is that there is a general lack of content, you water a kitty cat plant and get different cute cats but it pretty much ends there. Still, as a casual game to pass time it's fun and easy!. Amazing!I just wish that there were less ads.Otherwise,I completely love this!!! :3. No cute love one no all. It's cute, sure, but ads start in the middle of the game interrupting what you are doing.

ADORABLE! extremely easy and relaxing. Alot of things to customize with :>.

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