Game Mobile - Updated on August 21, 2022

My Child Lebensborn is an unusual visual novel game with a choice of actions. Inside, simple 2D graphics, everything is designed in the same style, very pleasant. The plot is extremely interesting and unusual. This isn’t just a child’s upbringing, it’s a story that contains clear confirmation of the causal relationship, the hardships of post-war life.

My Child Lebensborn

In the story, you adopt a child from Norway after World War II ends. You will be faced with all the intricacies of education. In this world, where nothing but suffering and destruction reigns, it is necessary to grow up to be a psychologically sane person. Can you do it? Find answers to difficult questions, and show your child the importance of being alive.

Immerse yourself in the game’s forced atmosphere, an exciting storyline inspired by true human stories. You will be able to choose the sex of the child yourself, develop the child’s qualities, and lead to the development of personality. My Child Lebensborn offers many opportunities for food and money.

My Child Lebensborn mod for the full version will let you play the novel for free and use all its features. Now you can give your child care and attention. The game is intended for adults, as it brings up heavy topics that children and teenagers won’t understand. This is a serious business for the true connoisseur. If you are bored with mediocre toys and want something with a higher semantic load, this game will be a great solution.

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