Game Mobile - Updated on June 5, 2022

My Darkest Moment is a great quest story that blends horror, casual puzzles, and mysterious adventure in text and graphics. Users will play the role of a mad scientist who is in the “unlucky” state of his life and desperately needs the right guidance. This man has been lost in his fictional world and now can no longer determine what is real and what is a world of fantasies and dreams created by his sick imagination.

My Darkest Moment

To save the main character and bring him out of the gloomy labyrinth of dreams, the user will have to go to the abstract universe of thoughts and solve the many mysteries there, going through a lot of quests. , showing ingenuity and imagination. You will have to think, search, plan, and plot, convince scary characters, open mysterious latches, and find explanations and logic where they simply never existed before.

Embark on the amazing journey of My Darkest Moment and decide what to do, where to go, what to rearrange, and how to behave in a given situation. Travel through the dark corridors of the mind and look for clues, certain unusual phenomena and things, make notes in a diary or even take potentially useful things into your inventory.

Think about what strange slogans and inscriptions mean, search for information that has disappeared from memory, and explore the deepest hidden places in the main character’s mind, this will help a lot. for a mod for the unlocked and full version. Act on the plot, hide and observe, track thoughts, and go to the source of problems in your character’s life to try to get rid of them. Enjoy the indescribable atmosphere, and the sea of ​​options to tackle the job.

Download ( V1.01 )
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