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A significant part of the game time the user will spend in the home workshop. Here he will be met by an old VAZ 2106: the car needs to be repaired in order to be used for moving around the village. Using the available tools and spare parts, the player must restore the broken mechanisms of the car, giving it a second life. If a mechanic is tired from work, he can go home or go explore the area.

Locations and missions

The village has a lot to offer, including picturesque locations and original establishments. At the same time, traveling to your native places is a great way to find a job and earn money. Coins in May Favorite Car are needed to buy car parts that will be used either for your own or for someone else’s car. Also, money will be needed to refuel the car.

Hiking is sometimes very tiring, so the developers of the game have added the ability to drive a car. However, the player will not be able to get behind the wheel until the car is brought into working order. If the player has a desire to ride “with the breeze”, he can additionally install various tuning elements on his VAZ 2106. Both the main and additional parts tend to wear out in the process of driving.

How to drive a car

Traveling around the village by car is greatly complicated by beaten roads. Of course, in some areas of the terrain there are asphalt tracks or at least well-trodden earthen roads – however, in most cases, the player will have to overcome potholes, ruts and protruding stones. Careless driving leads to quick breakdowns, which, in turn, will hit the budget hard. Fans of extreme driving first have to work hard to save money for all the necessary parts.

The game My Favorite Car is very interactive. All the action takes place in the first person, which allows the player to fully immerse himself in the process of repairing a car and racing along village highways. Need scales add realism to the simulator: in order for a mechanic to effectively perform his work, he should eat, drink and rest. In this case, the player has a choice between modes of movement – the hero, for example, can run and jump.

Also, the hero has ample opportunities for interaction with other characters: the villagers are always ready to turn to the mechanic with orders for car mechanic work. Using all the features of the gameplay, the user is completely immersed in the gameplay and have fun.

Additional Benefits

One of the advantages of the My Favorite Car app is full Russian localization. It is reflected both in the interface and in the setting of the game: the hero arrives in the Russian outback and lives in a house with a Soviet interior. So far, the version of the application on the phone is in beta development, so users can expect various innovations to appear soon.

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