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The cutest little animals and your own amazing farm can now become part of the player’s entertainment. You can download My Free Farm 2 for Android and get to know a huge number of funny animals. Take care of creating your own farm, where everything should be perfect. The entire environment and characters are created in stunning 3D graphics. More than twenty varieties of vegetation, 80 ingredients, hundreds of favorite animals and buildings for the production of products. All this huge variety is decorated with chic decorations. The player will be able to look at his 3D farm from absolutely any side, and this is very convenient for the gameplay. Be sure to try downloading My Free Farm 2 for Android, because this is practically the only farm that was created on a 3D scale. You can get completely new sensations. Find out about the huge number of features and capabilities that allow you to engage in farming. Plant more than 20 different types of crops and plants that will bear their first fruits very soon. Get more than a dozen amazing animals on your farm and surround them with care, then you will get products from them. You need to feed and serve them on time, otherwise you can not wait for food.

Amazing Farming AdventureSet up production facilities on your farm that can produce about a hundred products. Look for new clients for your farm and complete all their tasks to get more rewards. Decorate the farm and expand its holdings. The most open and unique adventure in a whole new world awaits you. Get piglets and sheep, collect cucumbers, tomatoes and pumpkins. Use sea routes or a truck to ensure that customers receive their ordered products and receive money back. From a small farm, you can create a full-scale production.

My Free Farm 2
  MOD APK (Free Unlocked) 1.52.007

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