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They kidnapped his partner and children and left him for ineffective. Nevertheless, separating this banana’s family should take longer than that. Help your good pal Pedro serve some ice-cold revenge with a sprinkle of bullets on excessive! My Friend Pedro is in a new model mobile journey of blood, shells, and bananas! Flip and hearth your method by 37 action-packed ranges on foot, on a motorcycle, and even on a skateboard. Plan your high-caliber choreography for good scores, and test your skills in Blood Rush mode if your pores and pores and skin are troublesome enough.

My Friend Pedro Mod APK 1.12 (Premium Unlocked)

THIS GAME SUCKS AN AD EVERY TWO SECONDS GIVE ME A BREAK IM SUCK OF THIS THINK TWICE ABOUT BUYING. A very neat,stylish shooter game.. This's one of the best mobile games i played.. Hell of a fun and interesting game mechanics i completed the games main story like in 3 hour and it was great and it hasa challenging game mod for the competitive people. Well designed and fun, gameplay suits mobile controls. I thought that the game was a banana game where you save your friend and family game but it was not I started laughing because I forgotten about the icon where someone holds two guns that was the player not the banana .

Great game Need more games like this :). I liked the PC version a long time ago, which was easier and more fun, unless you like ads before everything.. We need the sequel! The game was fantastic and it was all fun, it can surprise you with weapons, enemies,physics and levels! It was a great game with an amazing storyline but it ended too soon. We need a sequel devs, please.. Give me like this more i am crying please please please i like this please part 2 please please please. Fun game. Loved the level design..

After I beat this on my Xbox I came to phone and it so bannaing fun like I love killing people in this it's so fun. I loved this game and this game diserve the 10 stars...pls free unlocked the cash premium mode... because without premium this game very small...only 35 levels...very very good game...pls install this game and enjoy your free time.... This is a not a game its a long ad with little game.. Game was awesome. I wish there would be more levels . Potentially a good and fun game but the ads are absolutely destroying it. Pushing the little x on the same ad 5 different ways is unbearable. 3 secs here, another 3 sec there..pop up... ...sigh..

I love it because of the way you jump the timing and the shooting, which makes it different than other shooting games plus I don't typically like shooting games.. Omg I need it's next part. It's a gun & fast experience, I've watched gameplays of the PC version and it's surprisingly similar, simple controls and nice movements. This game is an addicting and fun mobile version of the PC version of the game which is also great I love it. More difficult than I thought I do like the story.

I love my friend pedro. I played my friend pedro a lot of times, this game is my reason of existing. the story, that "Maria!" at the end.. I cried. it has a really high quality and it's really funny too!. It's great experience,I mean Pedro's talking about his son and everything it's an amazing journey. This is a very smooth, addicting and enjoyable game with a satisfactiry ending. I also like the thing that the amount of stars you get per level doesn't matter at all. Overall, a very fine game indeed. Absolutely love the game and the story as well! Super easy controls :). Just play it on exbox it has much better graficts and blud.

Fun game but controls are hard on the hand and rolling is finicky. I found this game to be rather enjoyable. I like the fast-paced nature of the game it makes for a great time speed, running some levels. My only issues are that I feel like there are too many ads. After each level, it will give you one, which kinda ruins the whole aspect of going fast. The last issue I have is that sometimes the game will bug out and give you an ad during a level, causing the screen to go black, making the level unplayable. Other than that, it's a great game.. Really good not to hard but they should add more levels in because there is only 36 levels and once your done that you can't do anything with the app. I don't spend so much time on mobile games... But this one surprised me because it hooked me all game long. Gotta say I got addicted. It's fun and very cool. The graphics are simple the soundtrack is good. And the controls are easy ... And hard at times... But I think that's part of the charm.. I can not give five stars because the controls in later levels become so difficult to handle that it's sometimes impossible to cross the levels.. Turn off the wifi turns off the ads. Recommended.. Would love another game but I hate the feature of having to watch an ad or get premium to restart a level.

Very fun played the console version as well definitely recommend. Not bad,it is a unique and good game. Pedro's clown payment was non-refundable. Amazing.. I love everything about this game I wish there would be a 2nd game. Man this game so cool,fun to play I already finish all the level.

Excellent game and very fair content for free. Atmosphere and writing really make this a great IP, that, while it's inspirations are very obvious in its execution, still feels fresh and not trite. From the best phone games ive ever played. Nice control,graphics, gameplay and background music. It's a great nonstop action offline game i ever played.No ads issues.. It's fun when I'm in the beach and when I click the ad nothing happens its just restart it. It's the best offline game eeeeevvvvveeerrr!!!!. So I complete whole story. And I just love the whole. .

Absolutely gem of a game. Totally good. I didn't realise this was a mobile version of a PC game. W developers.. Best game ever, I can play this game and I can feel I'm is John Wick.. Best banana assassin game *lol* It will become best if this game have any skin tha we can buy like other mobile games and new place/side mission . Great game hard unuf so u die quite a bit fun and funny great gameplay fun physics to play with if u like a game that's fun but not frustrating this is for you. The game is great but it's very short so it needs more levels and that's it the game is great.

Truly amazing game, wish there where more levels though. Love it awesome... Developers please add more levels.. I got one word for this game EPIC. Nepatogu , valdyti bet iaip zaidimukas domus. Great mobile app. So much fun and exciting to play.

I loved this game fully , no cap. This game is great in all ways it has everything in one you should really download this game it is pretty hard but not that hard. Why slowmow i keep on missing from slowmow. I would give this a 5-star but it's unplayable. At the start I broke though the glass but then I no-clip through the floor and fell in the void. Please fix this! ( I tried to restart but the same thing happened ). The story line is pleasing and the controls seem quite tricky at start but gets enjoyable as you keep on playing. Overall it was a great game..

I love the games Devolver Digital released so this was a must try. And I have to say I love it. The ads can get annoying, but for me, turning off the wifi stops them.. this is the best game ever!. I don't like that you have to pay for playing the game like just to get a little bit harder level. it is awesome but i wish it had more levels. The game is good but the story is too short for me maybe make it longer?.

Really good game but it has bugs like stuck on wall or fall of world etc overall good experience.. One of the best game for time pass. Enjoying it in my free time. Thisss iss to awesome game. But this game level is only 100 pls upgrad the levels when we enjoy most!!!!!!!!...... Fun it is hard to control at start but it's fun longer later.please update.. Completed the game, was pretty fun but the controls need to be revisited. They are a bit buggy which makes the game harder to play.

Tbis game is the mest game ere so if you dnt like t yu seke shut up fuke you. Top! Really good action, and very energetic dope music. This game is on the hook baby . I wish there more pedro in the mobile version and really like the story and the joke. I really like it it was a good game :). As a person who played the original flash game and the PC steam version(the best version) this is actually decent with good Controls and just a good level design, only problem is the ads, they are repetitive and u can overcome this by not having Internet on.

This game has very small mb but it's not a bad game . This like a acttion movie.. It's a pretty simple puzzle-platformer with very stylish non-stop shooting including Max Payne style bullet time slow motion. Game has a very pleasing aesthetic and a banging soundtrack. The gameplay is quite innovative without getting too hard. You can bounce bullets off a fry pan to kill enemies. Also has a few motorcycling missions which I didn't much care about. The story is about a banana called Pedro who's whole family has been kidnapped. The dialogues have a great sense of humour as well. Its a really good game but I have 4 problems first I dont like how every time you lose you either hqve to watch an ad or pay even though you can just turn your wi fi of its still annoying second the game doesnt tell you about every thing so it leaves you to find out your self. third I think there needs tk be more harder levels there are so little levels that its easy to beat the game fourth i would like the game to add like a weopon designer so we are not stuck with the same old pistil.. I get that it's hard to relicate the feel of the original on a touchscreen, but the controls just feel bad. Because you have to hop around it never really feels like one fluid movement through the level, which is when the original is at its best. Also, there is a lengthy ad basically every level. D:. This has the best storyline ever seen.

Thank you for your effort teamwork. Stupid ads and when if accidently touches the ad the app will get installed ecen without asking. What the heck!!!!.. Apps like josh talks..... Nice story. Nice graphics. Nice design. Great game. I adore this game fr. Its got insane graphics, so smooth and game is intense. I enjoyed it but problem is, levels are too short. Unless yall make a part 2. Anyways I adored this game!. I've played it and was very indulged.

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