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My Hospital is the most interesting game about doctors and hospital in general. Here players will be able to be treated and manage their clinic. Manage your massive medical center.

My Hospital
  MOD APK (Free Download) 2.2.1

Get ready to fight not with soldiers, but with a wide variety of diseases that can only occur. Some of them can be quite fun and funny. Take control of a global medical center and improve your customer experience every day. In My Hospital, you can not only work with your clients, but also learn how to create healing elixirs, thanks to which diseases will become much less. Every day, try to mix a variety of plants and get ready-made medicines that can cure absolutely any sores. Hundreds of patients will come to you every day and ask for help. Try not to limit yourself and help each of them. In a game like My Hospital, it will be possible to save the people from absolutely any problem and sore. More thorough help will be demanded from you every day. My Hospital – Fun Clinic Management Build your own hospital and add new rooms every day for doctors and nurses to serve the people. Improve the quality of equipment and increase the scale of your clinic. Show your friends what you have achieved, and they will definitely appreciate it. About a hundred different diseases will be available here and they can be cured. In My Hospital, you need to not only develop drugs, but also decorate the medical center in different ways. By connecting to the multiplayer game mode, you can play with your friends. You can even do this through social networks. Enjoy the game in such a beautiful atmosphere and continue to develop further.

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