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My Ice Cream Truck – Games is a great time manager where the player needs to sell ice cream. Stock up on extreme reaction speed to pass new levels and sell even more ice cream at an accelerated pace, earning gold coins.

My Ice Cream Truck – Games
 Redeem Codes  (2022 December) 3.3.0
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6JKY2CAU1DB November 21, 2022
SU8XQLZPFK November 17, 2022
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LHM471B0OPRI October 2, 2022
YW37GZMQIHT October 13, 2022
NVSABD9MJK4 November 26, 2022
NAUIC1JWVG November 4, 2022
J6FQXKW51 November 17, 2022
YEZOBL9FUKD November 9, 2022
XTRFCQV7EJUM November 12, 2022
J5U9VO67SEX November 18, 2022

The player, as a real seller, will be entrusted with the management of his own truck, which is able to deliver his ice cream around the city and sell it to all the people around him. Travel a huge number of nearby neighborhoods and explore new streets. Crowds of buyers who want to buy very tasty and sweet ice cream will gather to you every day. Therefore, if you become a member of My Ice Cream Truck – Games, then you must be ready to sell a lot and not make your customers stand in line for hours. Mix a huge variety of ingredients together for even more delicious cold treats. With each new level in My Ice Cream Truck – Games, even more tasks and missions will be available. Each time there will be more guests, and therefore it is necessary to increase the reaction speed. Have fun with this time manager style gameplay and enjoy the ease of gameplay. My Ice Cream Truck – Ice Cream Time Manager Games Start by making the simplest ice cream and work your way up to more complex flavor combinations. Soon players will be able to create chocolate, strawberry and vanilla ice creams like real professionals that new customers will love. Don’t be afraid to mix in lots of specialty ingredients and even make drinks to quench your visitors’ thirst. Thanks to the ease of management of My Ice Cream Truck – Games, it will be very simple, but the pace will increase several times with each new level. Try to feed everyone and win a huge number of achievements and rewards.

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