Game Mobile - Updated on May 27, 2022

Half the Kingdom for the Princess will bring players to the medieval world. One day, a beautiful girl named Elena came to visit her uncle. King Sigismund greeted his beloved niece lavishly, then arranged a cozy tea party.

My Kingdom for the Princess

Captivating plot

Everything was going great until a sudden tornado hit. Everything turned upside down. Roads were littered with rocks and trees, fields were razed, and houses were destroyed. At this moment, Elena received news of her father’s illness. We need to return home urgently. Like a knight without fear and reproach, you volunteer to accompany her to her home and help restore the kingdom, which lies almost in ruins. But keep in mind that time is limited, and you need to be there before dark. Finally, the storm has awakened the mighty dragon Firedon, eager to break free from captivity and rush after you in pursuit. Other enemies may be waiting along the way, so watch out.

My Kingdom for the Princess Mod

Various levels

In the exciting game My Kingdom for the Princess, there are more than 50 colorful levels where you have to complete various tasks and participate in exciting mini-games. The mod, where the full version will be available, will reveal to you the full potential of this game, combining time management and strategy, and simulation elements.

Restoring the Kingdom

The plot is saturated with romantic notes, but this makes it more interesting. The hired men will not neglect their duties, working hard to restore the kingdom. The fairy tale locations that the knight’s path will run through have great graphic designs you can admire. Prove that you keep your word and be a true knight without fear or reproach!

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