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My Little Pony Celebration is a children’s role-playing game in which you have to make friends with little rainbow ponies from the animated series of the same name.

List of Codes Wiki Expiration date
DSFBK0276H4 September 16, 2022
O7JGBIYL6D August 26, 2022
MYLVSIG9Q August 10, 2022
50MF8X631HB August 21, 2022
FYOTKHI3P4ZJ August 21, 2022
EJXQ9OBZC7V September 11, 2022

The game immediately makes it clear that it was made only for girls, so guys, it’s a pity, but you’re flying here.

In the game you have to help a little pony in her everyday and not so everyday activities. And your first task will be to host a party at your friend’s house. To do this, you can use the available LittlePony toys, or simply select random friends who will come to your party. Complete tasks and earn points by participating in the rating, and then get experience in the level strip and pump further.

In general, the player is offered a large number of various entertainments that will amuse and entertain the child for many hours, giving parents time for themselves and for rest. Also, the application actively uses toys, so you should not worry that the child will not tear himself away from the tablet or phone. Because children are easily distracted people, and picking up a toy, a child can simply forget about the tablet and get carried away with the game.

This game is very colorful, bright and beautiful. All characters are Russian-speaking, so at the same time the child can learn to read or develop reading skills. Nothing was found in the game that could adversely affect the current parenting model.

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