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My Little Princess : Magical Forest is an educational role-playing game for kids ages 4 and up. Here, all players are waiting for an exciting journey into a magical forest, fraught with a lot of interesting secrets. The child will find many new friends, attend a colorful masquerade, participate in the preparation of delicious delicacies, play in a tree house and be able to do a bunch of other exciting things. Creating your own fairy tale is very simple, you just need to want and plunge into this fantastic world.
Game Features:

My Little Princess : Magic Forest Free
 Redeem Codes 2022 October 7.00.10
All Codes Expiration date
GRT8C2DVWBY December 8, 2022
G27MAE0VKL October 27, 2022
G7UOZPHWX November 7, 2022
FGYOQ6BI01T December 18, 2022
L4SI1U6PMV5B October 24, 2022
4WPQRSIHYXN October 31, 2022
X29MI538VBN November 28, 2022
AOHJG7X51D November 12, 2022
HJODLSTG7 December 16, 2022
W7XBDCE4O9Z November 28, 2022
CJ13BI7G4209 December 11, 2022
32MY916BNXT November 4, 2022
  • unique magical universe;
  • colorful good-natured characters;
  • more than 300 different accessories for decoration;
  • calm relaxing atmosphere;
  • colorful graphics.

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