Game Mobile - Updated on September 7, 2022

My Little Universe is a fun game about crafting the perfect planet and creating a civilization, ranging from primitive tribes to a highly developed community with access to space travel.

Fascinating story

All the action of the game begins on a small sandy island where your wards live. As the story progressed, they started creating tools that made development faster. Soon the resident’s level will reach the bar, which will open up the possibility of building mines and extracting useful materials, such as iron ore. Other useful abilities will be unlocked: livestock farming, grain farming, and more.

My Little Universe

Many new lands

With the expansion of society, it was necessary to develop new lands, at the same time freeing them from various types of monsters and defending new cities from attacks. In the new territories, you can find artifacts that give unique effects or special places with precious minerals, such as gold deposits.

My Little Universe features eight different types of enemies that you will encounter in new lands and sometimes attack cities in numbers of up to forty individuals. To repel an attack, don’t forget to equip walls and place observers, as well as equip and train warriors to effectively repel enemy attacks.

Lots of money and resources

The strength of the monsters depends on your level of development, the size of the territory, and the climate. As a result, some enemies will only appear in one place, but not in one location at a time.

With a mod for a lot of money and resources, you can quickly develop your civilization and equip the settlers with all the necessary tools and buildings, and train and equip them well. more for warriors. With that, additional tabs with unique buildings, tools, and other useful things will open faster.

Download ( V1.21.3 )
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