Game Mobile - Updated on August 4, 2022

My sing Monsters: Dawn of Fire is a simulator in which you have to face off against unusual singing monsters, quite funny and most importantly. You have to create a farm where you will not grow trees, food, and livestock, but little singing monsters that will brighten your loneliness and bring cute melodies and voices most into your life.

My Singing Monsters

You will be able to explore many new locations in which you will search for new monsters, each of which has its voice and can play a certain unique tune. Also in the open areas, you can find unique items that you can combine with monsters, which will improve or change their voices and overall composition. Each monster brings something new to your farm, and you can also unlock monsters that can’t sing but master a variety of musical instruments.

The game has a unique crafting system in which you can craft specially formulated special items that you can get from your monsters and by giving them created items, Get in touch with them better.

My Singing Monsters Mod

My sing Monsters: Dawn of Fire features colorful graphics, unique brushstrokes of the game’s monsters, and an incredible music collection featuring various songs and tunes. The convenient interface and simple controls will bring you many positive moments. You’ll dive in and discover new songs, tunes, and monsters, which will make the game fun and engaging. Install the mod to buy it for free, allowing you to not stop before the obstacles and buy everything you need to grow your music farm.

Download ( V3.6.0 )
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