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Welcome to My Story – Mansion Makeover, where all your objectives come true! Embark on a thrilling journey and defend your mansion and kitty from being taken away by villains. Renovate it comparable to your private it, simply by popping blocks and fixing tough blast puzzles!

Whenever you ever dreamed of getting a mansion of your private, now’s your chance! Don’t miss it and acquire My Story – Mansion Makeover. Switch into your estate inside the metropolis of Oak may, with tons of rooms, gardens, swimming swimming swimming pools, playgrounds, and even a helipad! Each little factor you probably can take into consideration you’d uncover in a mansion, we acquired it proper right here in My Story – Mansion Makeover!

My Story Mansion Makeover Mod APK 1.87.108 (Unlimited Stars)

Cooooooooool ,,. LOVE IT.. . This such a good game would give it 5 stars become its heals me sometimes while i am playi v. Fun game, but I got to the end of rooms/story available (even though there are obviously other areas to renovate) and no updates to allow for its continuation have happened. It's been a couple years now. I have messaged the game developers a few times and received no response. It's fun to play, but frustrating that it ends abruptly due to a lack of development. Only updates to the game itself have occurred.. .

Good game. I it. Fun. I didn't like the puzzle you have to play in order to build and it was just very childish and very very talkative. Overall it's a fun game but like all match 3 games it can get quite frustrating. Doesn't give enough rewards or boosters and you should give more than 1 star a game. Story line is slow moving but I play mostly for the decorating, so if you like designing don't hesitate give a go it's the same set up as Matchington Mansion...

Nice game. Ok. I love this game.. Please update it as soon as possible! I'm waiting for it... Waste time. Only till level 416? And there is no more room to played. Collecting stars for now but i dont see new rooms coming anytime soon . Amazing .

Good. Good game addictive but few lives and take forever to load again. Lots of fun playing the game and helping remodel the mansion.. This game is awesome!. I love.

I like this game. Waiting for update. Love this game but I'm at the end and need waiting for new rooms to be available been waiting two months any idea if new ones are coming. Ist there ever gonna be an Update? My App keeps telling me to wait for the Update. Well its been months!. Very interesting games and it is also my stress reliever.

Love this game. The game is cool... But please update the game... I couldn't play after Day 21. It's a great game but why is it taking so long to be able to decorate more rooms? I'm only able to do the main walk in, library, bedroom, bathroom and upstairs lounge/living area. I've seriously been waiting for like 4 months now. I like to design rooms and add my special touch.. This is one of those games that if you don't start throwing money at it, you'll not be able to go too far. No thanks!.

Good game . I like this game. Best game ever. Very easy to play an relax.. Unnecessary difficult. Slow moving on power candy..

Can you update the game?. I like it. Love this game. I wish things didn't cost so much.... It takes away from relaxing.... Which is why I play...not to spend lots of money continually..... I now have installed this game 3 times, because of blackouts on the puzzles and story. You cant play it if you can't see it. I've turned off my phone, I've restarted, and I've deleted other programs... I am at a loss!!!! I love this silly little game please fix it... Then, I will give it (you) a better rating. I'm done!. This is awesome game/best in graphics and decor ... 2 bad the developers stopped working on it. So don't waste your time or money on it.

Good. Love this game! Yes the levels get hard, but if you don't want to spend money, either watch videos for boosters etc. Or just do the same level until you pass it. When is the next update? I want to finish my house Thank you for this game!. My story really beutifull. Give easy problems & give many rooms. Great time passer.

This game is so fantasy. Good. Best game. Love it . It was great till I got to a certain level and it will not let me makeover room.

I genuinely love this game, however, there have been no updates in a really long time, and there are only 416 levels worth of content. The game just drops off, (in the middle of a room no less) and there is just a screen under tasks that says more rooms coming soon, wait for future updates. I've been waiting for months at this point and the still haven't come . good luck . Nice game. Nice thanks. Adventurous.

Wow. Good game but stay tuned for the future updates is a problem I have alot of stars but I cannot use it for this problem I updated but it doesn't work. Fun, relaxing game. This game is a lot of fun but now i just get a screen saying more rooms will be available soon. So i can't play the game anymore until more rooms are available and i don't know when that will be. Fun game.

Nice game of my heart . Liked. Its really fun the puzzles are really easy and thats why i gave it 5 star rating.. Lovely. It just needs to stop freezing at times and instead of one star at least give two. It does get difficult stage which i don't mind i just replay until i get it. Please fix it. Love it my dreams my story.

So far it's fun. Disappointed that the lack of updates means I can't go any further.. a game returned to. nice to try up different decorating styles.. Sooooo fun!!!!. Great game I love to play.

Brilliant . This game is so fun and really easy to get star download this game . Regards Amer well am well we to we will to we will way we will well we. Great game. This game have my dream furniture I love it .

Great game. Keeps kicking me out of the game!!!!!!!!!!!. Awesome. Great gma. This game has only 2 chapters to be fixed it's doesn't open anymore..

very nice. So far it's good. Nice game to relax with. Reviewsarepbliadindin. Really fun. IT FUN O PLAY AND I LIKE TO CLEAN THINGS!!!!!!!!!.

Update: there was update in july but i have no option to update. How do i update?? Love the game but it's stopped. It keeps saying more rooms will be available soon and even tho I continue playing the levels, the stars and diamond have stopped increasing. What the hell is going on?. it is a fun game but the livls gets harder every time. This game is really good. I love it so much I recommend you playing this game . I loved this game until updates stopped. You can't go on to another area. I've been waiting 2 months, others say it's been 6 months+! This is ridiculous, so disappointed!. Goods Goods Goods .

I love this game . Hahaahah. Master. Nice . Very good game.

Nice game. I just started playing this game tonight. So far I'm enjoying it. Let's see how it goes. Love It - except getting "stuck" on levels. Still the same!!!!. This is the best game. The experience was amazing and I am this person's daughter that is my dad..

GOOD. its very nice game and satisfiyng game for you all. pls pls update it already. I actually love playing this does get difficult after a while but I love the challenge..I have spent some money on diamonds and free play but never more than $4.99. I love decorating the rooms and find myself redecorating for extra fun!! Now you can imagine my disappointment when it suddenly doesn't have any more rooms to decorate!! Nooooooo!!! Please update soon... but after reading reviews this update still hasn't happened and I'm really bummed.. Great, I love the game. Can you please update it so I can finish decorating the house?. Thank you..

I am stuck already to ceratin level what is happening. I really enjoy this game. It is a fun way to relax and the story is interesting. I'm invested and hopeful for more soon. I have reached the cap for room designs.. Calmsing and amaze!. Lovely app . Try to undate more levels sooner or you will lose numerous players.

Love the game but I have reached the living room level and that's it you can still play the game but you can't decorate anymore I have been waiting for an update for at least 6 months no joke but still nothing. I have got so far and don't want to delete it I hope they have an update soon love everything about I just wish I can continue to upgrade the mansion. Thank you -Kail'Li. Very cool game . Only doing this to get new levels. I never review. Make more levels please. I absolutely love this game, but I am now stuck. I have no more tasks to complete but there's still much of the game to play. It says "More rooms are coming! Stay tuned for our future updates!" I have been waiting for over 2 months for an update with more tasks but nothing has popped up. What is the issue????? Please fix this problem and I will update my review with 5 stars.. High time please update.... I have played all the levels .. have 84 stars and after reaching 500th level there's this different kind of level has started where there is no stars or diamonds to win its just plain matching game now. I will be unistalling it soon as it has become very repetitive..

Game is fun but at some point the games stops for more rooms to be available that then makes a lot of people playing give up the game and play similar other games. Excellent fungame good story. Fun playing.. It's exciting too Play its hard to put down. Very fun to play whenever I can..

It very good game. My game has been stalled for 2 months. Hate this game. Help me get the game started again please.. I love the game. It was alot of fun. But when will the new update happen. I been waiting for weeks now to finish more rooms. But all I get is a message saying more rooms coming soon but they haven't come. I am very disappointed.. Very good game I love this game. nis yas ys.

I love it. Haven't seen any online ads yet. The in-game "buy this" ads are easy to close. HOWEVER I am not pleased with the fact that I can start the game over (starting offline). I have deleted my FB account. Still, as soon as restart the game (offline) I'm told I must be online to continue. If I start the game online I'm told I have ""saved info." Asks if I want to confirm loading it, but surprise.... there is NO option to continue with my game unless I "continue." 2 players in household and this sux!. Fun game. Pretty easy. Y. i love it its a mind consuming game. I love this game!.

Please update the game!!! Need more tasks otherwise it's absurd continuing to play levels!!!. nic. This is the best game. Mga giga cool ce jeu. .

Awesome 10. I love this game. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessss. Please give tha update. love it.

Just started but it's fun, so far. Glad it's not Candy Crush,exactly.. . Good one. i recemind this game it is so much fun and you get to decian a mansion!. Learn more.

Awesome game to play and to experience to play!. After uninstall Homescapes I found this game it's so good, but I gave 3 star because it take so time to load the the game while my internet was so fast I really frustrated for this problem. Just started but Iove it.. Lots of fun..

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