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A very long time ago, Tamagotchi were in the popularity of game consoles, which did not differ in anything special in terms of graphics, but were very unique. Now you can download My Tamagotchi Forever for Android and start your own character right from your smartphone. You will need to monitor your character and give him special care. Every day you will have to surround him with care, and try to make him especially happy. Play and feed the hero, as well as buy new amazing toys specially for him that will give him pleasure. Naturally, he will need to go to bed on time, and only you will have to take care of this. 20 years ago, we could only dream of such a toy, and now it’s enough just to download My Tamagotchi Forever for Android for free and enjoy a great game. Start taking care of this character and discover new horizons in the gaming industry. Surround around the clock this hero with your love and warmth. You have to grow a normal full-fledged hero out of him, who will never experience hunger and will not be sad. Together with him, you will definitely have fun and interesting, and you can make friends. Play active mini-games as often as possible and win valuable trophies that will help you grow your Tamagotcha. Actual mobile Tamagotchi Build his own house, develop a big city and find new friends for the character, with whom he will definitely not be bored. You have to do a lot of work to achieve excellent results in this simulator. Connect your friends to the game and share pleasant moments from the game and the life of your characters together, because here you can take photos. How your character will be when they grow up depends on how they were cared for.

My Tamagotchi Forever
  MOD APK (Unlocked)

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