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An excessive hit 3D simulation RPG on PC has now arrived on mobile! Inherit your Pa’s workshop, craft, and assemble your technique to compete for a prime builder in town! As you uncover and uncover hidden relics, restore the glory of human civilization in this post-apocalyptic land as you develop correctly into a seasoned builder, bond with NPCs and townsfolk to assemble a circle of buddies and romance!

My Time at Portia Mod APK 1.0.11268 (Unlimited Money)

Making stone furnace but to choop the big three and big rock had to uprade axe/pixce using green coper bar but i try to crat its cant do so dispointed its difren with stardew valley mobile its simple to uprade the tool and making the all type iron bar only thing that dificult is fishing. My time at sandrock go to android too pleaseeeeee. So far I love it~ its a great game with tons of things you can do.. It's Amazing, I Haven't encountered any glitches as far as i can remember, One of The Only Things I Want Is To Be A Werewolf, Since I Love Wolves. Other Playable Races (Including Werewolves) Would be nice, so please add them! Anyways, thank you SOOOOOOOOOO Much for creating, your all the best! Byeeeeeeeeee! -P. This was simply a amazing fix we on chromebook all needed. Version that is tablet mode and keyboard and mouse mode. Thank you for fixing these issues and continuing the game on the go 🙂 Wonderful game and company. Recommended :). The Best Purchase ever !!!! Hope for new main story or huge update soon. 🙂 Will payed in game, if theres new huge update for new main story :).

I love this game I own it on the Xbox, however I would have to say I agree with some of the others that my hands cramp after a few min. I have a plug in controller and it would bring alot more accessibility and user friendly aspects to the game putting a controller programable area in the settings.. Sound is gone for the most part please fix it. I love playing this game so much. . I played this game on PC and switch. And on phone is more compatible and it is better control. I wait for next yours game for mobile phone.. If you like stardew valley, you may enjoy my time at portia, the data managment is amazing, the graphics are phenomenal, you can increase and decrease the quality of the game, so it can adjust to the performance of your device and what it can handle. An amazing all rounder game! Definetly recommended!.

I bought it yesterday and been playing it almost non stop since. I have played over 12 hours yesterday and picked it up as soon as i woke up and theres still so much to do. This game is amazing! I love everything about it and I cant stop playing. I payed around $12 and thats so cheap for how much gameplay u get. I love hunting around for secret chests and the mining is so addictive. Keep up the amazing work! I cant even explain how happy this game makes me . One of my favorite games. The only problem I encountered was lagging even though I own a gaming phone (Blackshark 4). I hope they fix bugs that wasn't squashed last update.. please fix there is no vocal sound on huawei mate pad 11 but on oppo reno 5 there is. Please add controller support and I will buy it again. Refunding now. Missing ACK's leg recipes. I was on made me whole mission but I can't seem to find ack leg recipes on worktable after getting the message..

Refund. No controller support and touch controls suck. (Why does this have no controller support? You can play it on other platforms too....). I love it because it's like harvest moon on phone except better in some ways also reminds me of Stardew valley but I definitely like this better than that. To think that Portia got ported to Android!! And it run smoothly!! This is a little story, The truth is, before buying the official play store, I'm playing using unofficial one for trying it first, will it be playable or not on my Realme GT NEO2, and yes! 50-60FPS for a long time, even 60minutes play, Highest Setting, doesn't framedrop, BUT when I decide to buy the official, why the play store one, the fps way too fluctuative?? 40-60 Turning down my internet doesn't help That's way STAR 4. I had no issues with auto save. I didn't need to do deny files etc as stated in other reviews. I played for 2 hours after first buying without any issues. The controls need to be adjusted in settings, specifically auto camera to about 75 -80 so it follows you instead of having to do this manually. It also has an option for 3rd person view and to adjust game speed. I almost didn't buy due to reviews but I'm glad I took the chance. So far it's a really great game.. Help, I can't enter abandoned ruin #2! It just took forever..

this game definitely worth it I am buy this game today Graphics are awesome no glitch 5/5 . Just a loading screen, doesn't work.. Worth every penny. This android version is better than the switch version in terms of controls and inventory/assembly mechanics.. Love this game but still I haven't been playing like how I did back then. Been a Harvest Moon fan since I was a kid and this is the first similar type game I've come across that I've LOVED. Not a lot of farming like HM but the whole setting and the town reminds me so much of HM. I'm absolutely addicted lol. Crafting system is easy to understand, great romance mechanics, interesting plot & setting. My main complaint is dialogue gets stale and controls are a bit clunky. Excited for its sequel!!.

Worth the money... The city is very graphic and cozy, easy controls, great overall. Can't play "My Time at Portia" on my phone b/c it crashes often, but game play is great on my tablet. The game is awesome! . I love this game! Gathering, crafting, romance, open-world, mining, horses! The list goes on! Super bonus is farming is almost optional, only had to do it a couple times for missions. I really enjoyed it . I'm sad to see the bad reviews on this game. That's crazy to me!! This game is very likely my favorite game with only one exception, and that's only because this game ended and the other one keeps going. PLEASE GIVE THIS GAME A CHANCE!! It's so good!!!!! I'm patiently waiting for My time at Sandrock to be offered on mobile.. This game is has a potential, i hope the dev keep update and improve the game, i've enjoy it soo much.

hello there developer's your game is great and very addictive, there is only one issue when everytime you go inside, or outside the door to any house, it takes too long, i keep waiting but screen still all black!! for almost 2minutes!! can you make some adjustment make shorter of waiting time, i think it the loading page, before you can go inside or outside of any doors, it takes too long!. Honestly really enjoy playing this game, thanks for making this game :). Really awesome game, but I have to rate low b/c it freezes way too much!. I'm in love With this game Hoping will be a part of it online so we can be in touch with other player .. otherwise all is suuper, well done . Wow! Still no update for controller support.

Good game even with bugs but the lack of controller support is surprising. Will update review if added.. I was one of those who downloaded this in day 1 of launch and the game was not in the state it is now then. Lots of glitches and such and needed much work. But now after a lot of updates the game is in great condition. 60 fps is available and it works well. The developers did a great job at optimizing this game. The touch controls are pretty good. I would gladly recommend this to everyone.. I love this game. I have had one crash so far but most importantly. It's missing controller support. It really needs thar. My hands are cramped and hurt.. Best game ever - the ONLY TRUE game where you can mine/chop/craft/ect in open world & still having the battle theme too!. My cloud save is always corrupted, I lose ny save and the most annoying thing is I create a new game and save it after two tries, cloud says YOUR SAVE FILE IS CORRUPTED.

Very interesting..kind of living a whole new life inside the game.. Love this game have it on PC and mobile. please give update for controller support. If you give it controller support and fix the stability issues it'll be great.. Mit den ganzen hacks ist es mord an pathea syndrom clienten zu 4 von 5 typen sicher..

I am giving it 2 stars. I don't usually rate games nor wright reviews but I'm hoping by doing this the game devs will do something. Please make it so people can use controllers on this. I tried my ps4 controller and only the touch sensor worked oddly. It seems like a simple feature that shoulda already been there. I stopped playing after creating my character. I was hoping I would be able to use my controller to walk and move around but sadly no. I feel like this is a simple easy fix to add in.. Best game I ever played I recommend other players plz try this game the best open world game with good grafics and story line and also events every month If anyone want to play game like realistic grafics try this. I love this game, but now I have big problem. The game always run smooth and nothing issue but now this game is always freezing in the middle of playing this game. Pease help me to solve this problem.. Nice game.i hope my time at sandrock coming on mobile. The game was good. but need more optimization. sometime it's lag.

Played on Switch. Android port was A-OK.. Half a star, game keeps crashing after character selection... won't load past this.... shouldn't have these issues with a paid app.. Best game ever please update this game i wanna play. Terrible i had to uninstall it due to crushing ever 10 minutes of gameplay and you loose progress please update coz this is terrible and i hate it. I run call of duty mobile on my phone and it doesnt crush for anything but this app crashes even with low graphic settings and i ised to enjoy the app am not going to install it again till this is fixed and its really expensive but its not worth it so i dont recommebd it to anyone. I used to play the PC ver back then but I got busy and forget about it so when I found it on playstore I was so happy. There are only minor bugs like Emily sometimes stucks near my fence or one day some townfolks stood at the top of Peach statue. It's funny tho. But one thing that's more difficult to do in phone ver are to catch the Llama and doing consecutively jump (like my character has to wait for a couple of seconds before the second jump). I hope dev will keep updating the storyline tho.

The game is awsome but it would be better if you guys can add Controler support. A good game riddled with crippling bugs. I backed up my saves to the cloud and reinstalled the game only to find my cloud saves "corrupted". I messaged the developer and didn't get a working solution. Literally over the course of 30 minutes all my hours on the game gone. I also bought this on Ipad and it's worse. Hopefully their next game won't be so buggy.. It saddening for me to leave this but I lost all my game play and now when I try to make a new one it crashes and kicks me out I loved this game. Reduce star from 5 to 2, always forceclose when load the save file, cant play (S10 plus).. Thanks for the reply, but uh my phone's RoG Phone 2. I'd be really happy if you allow my phone with 60 fps or even 120 fps available. Thanks in advance, devs!.

I love this game. I have it on steam but this phone version just keeps crashing.. This game so great. I hope soon will have Bahasa for the language. This is one of my all time favorite games. I'm still looking forward to the full release of the second one.. Worth it!!! Please update more thank you!!. I was having issues with the game being buggy, I got a new phone, and now it's fine. Must have been a performance issue with my phone. This version is SO much better than the PC version. They did an amazing job with this..

It's same as in pc, good port . I have been playing for roughly 10 hours or so and it has gotten so laggy.. It's the best paid game ever its cheap but the game is fun and addictive. Why 4 star? Coz this game is only a single player this game is so good but much better if other player can join to your world like minecraft. This game is also better than minecraft but no multiplayer, so Minecraft still better. But this game is more fun compared to Minecraft. Overall is a great game.. It's a fun game but it consistently crashes, even when I have the game speed and the graphics way down + without any other apps running. It's so frustrating to lose an entire day's worth of progress.. I just buy the game and said from YouTube it's offline, but now I cannot play without neh...what a waste of money...if possible to return back purchase.

I love this game on PlayStation so I wanted it for my phone I bought this game and I can't even play it at all it keeps lagging but not even a little the minute I open the game it takes literally 3 minutes to get past the intro INTO the begin menu can I get a refund on this game as I can't play it at all or can I get help on how to make sure it actually plays. waste of money. glitchy and euns bad. This is by far the most justified purchase i did from the playstore. This app reminded me of the time when i played through Harvest Moon - Back to Nature on my PS1 back in gradeschool. Setting aside nostalgia, there's a huge amount of content in this game. Now if you are one of the few who appreciates farming games such as the one mentioned above, then you will enjoy this. So far, after playing for almost 3 weeks, i havent encountered any crashes or major bugs. Gameplay is smooth and enjoyable.. Love the game very addictive i play both mobile and xbox. The cloud is working fine. The problem is all photos are not saved to the cloud. It doesn't make sense. The game data saved to the cloud, but not the photos..

Fun & entertaining game. One of the best real & proper game on mobile platform. Subtly demonstrate nepotisme & croni capatilism.. Lags near mcdonalds and sophies ranch buth other thsn that its been working fine for me on android do far. This game is really good in my opinion but there is loads glitches and the game is literally broken in every way but it doesn't stop me from having any fun I have x variant a lot of glitches and broken things I have noticed that he building disappearing over time in the game just disappear over time unless you reset the game and then everything just goes back to normal I want out of this game is always been a problem to me clothes on this game or not on the PS4 or Xbox or anything like this I wi. Deleted all my saves including cloud backups, as well as infinitely downloading a phantom file that never finished. Game is practically a virus. Game crashes almost every 5-10 minutes. I have an android version 8 phone... I know it's not within the recommended specs, but please create a solution where it doesn't crash so frequently. It's hard to do anything when the game crashes so often. I also have to manually save the game, so if I forget to save every 10 minutes or so, I'll have to redo a day to two ingame..

I would give it five stars but it won't get past the loading screen. Extremely difficult to figure out what to do and where to go. Is this game brand new? Feels like it was just released and needs lots of development to be playable.. I'm not really one for reviews but I feel this game deserves it, as a console game I probably wouldn't play it but as a mobile game it's perfect, it's like a mix of fable and fallout 4 compressed and yet it is its own thing, I was sceptical at first as it costs money but having put over 100 hours in now I'm absolutely in love with this game, it's cute and lighthearted and you can build whatever you like while making friends and your own family, cannot recommend it enough even just to kill time.. I've lost my cloud saves after reinstalling the game please help.. It was wonderful experience. But hey can you help me out, i been stuck on mine mission after accidently exit before fighting the boss. I can't go inside the generator room anymore .

Alot to take in at the beginning. After that pretty entertaining!. My game backup is gone please help. Thank you so much for such a great port of the game to Android. The game runs almost with no flaws or drop in fps when I played. It's wonderful.. The game is very bad it crashes very very laggy and I have a good mobile device and it's wrong you need to fix this game you need to add controller support you need to fix the crashing you need to fix the laggnies and my game never saves when I deleted the app it supposed to save via cloud I have to restart every time when the game acts up I tried uninstall it and reinstall reset my phone and it just gets worse and worse pls fix this game you did mobile bad but you did consak and pc great fix. I have over 400 hours of this game on the PC, but can't stand the current state of this version. The controls are difficult to use for someone without a lot of dexterity in their right hand and there is no way to swap the main controls to the opposite side of the screen. This wouldn't be a problem if it had controller support like every other version of the game, but it doesn't even though there is a controller button on the main menu. Really disappointed with the mobile version..

Love this game please make another similar to this. No problems easy game play.. This is a great game very fun and worth the money. I have played this game on PC steam console and now mobile and I actually prefer the mobile version the best because it has some quality of life updates that make the game a little bit smoother you don't have to run back to your box as much to craft stuff things like that. Overall, #Teamcopeland highly reccomends this game.. im getting a cloud download failed 0XFFFFFFA error. im using 2 different phones. it used to be working fine a few days ago, now i cant use the cloud save to transfer to my other phone. Kinda disappointed in this game to be honest. It crashes frequently when I play at all. For the price it holds it should be way better. Many bugs and glitches, characters don't even load correctly even on 60 frames. Please make a setting to change the buttons, it gets confusing when you kick the door trying to enter. I'll wait for some next updates, but for right now I simply cannot play. So much potential.. Update 5/31/22: crashing more often. Reduced to 1 star. Smh. I love this game... I also play on my Xbox. However, the app keeps crashing and when you're in the middle of a run through in the hazardous ruins or battling to finish a level and it crashes.. you have to start over. I'll change my rating once it stops crashing!.

I own both the PC and mobile versions because I love this game. This mobile version adds some pretty convenient solutions to the PC counterpart. Great!. I wish there is new missions I finish this game. The game is nice thought I wished it was at least a bit more cheper and also takes less stoage but other than that it`s quite good since it`s a open world game and it runs smooth even on a 3gb ram but it is ok.. Waiting for controller supported since playing with touch screen is so annoying sometime. I love the game, I hope it continues to advance more and more , I wonder if they will continue to add more content to this magnificent game , I passed the game and maybe it's me , but I had so much fun playing that the story seemed short to me.

Love this game! Only complaint I have is that it's hard to navigate the character. It gets a little frustrating, but great game. Please Help! Been playing since PS4 and now here on mobile, it was smooth on my phone until recently I received something a notification everytime I enter the game telling "Additional file for My Time at Portia" and after a few secs/mins of playing, the game will just stopped/hang and force me to exit. I visited here thinking maybe there's a new update but there isn't. Please help how to fix this. 4 stars for now, thank you!. This game needs update. There's issues about heating. The problem is, there's no difference between low, balance and max graphics settings in case of heating. I hope my smartphone are not too heat if playing with low graphics settings if there's an update available soon.. I was enjoying the game, it was just crashing infrequently. Until I got to a point where it would crash on a main story quest at a certain spot in the cave every time so I couldn't progess. It said it was cloud saved, so I tried to reinstall. Only to find I never had cloud save turned on I guess. If the crashes would be fixed, would try again.. To many game glitches. Very upset. Since I had to pay for the game.

Great game but was over in a week, So I don't know it worth that much price which I paid & when you know there is nothing gonna be added to story in future.. Controls are bad, graphics are terrible, refunded.. I really like this game BUT the game crashes all the time! It's very annoying, I can barely play before it closes, so I have to replay the same thing 2 or 3 times. Please, solve the issues. Thanks!. i would love to give 5 stars. but one thing that bother me, why do items with stamina in it won't increase my stamina capacity.? i put one different item for each, no identical item for sure. but still, my stamina capacity won't increase. can you fix it? please. Loved this game until I switched to a new phone and now my cloud save is no longer there....

FANTASTIC GAME!!! I, myself, had no problem with crashing. I actually had no problem with playing at all. I'm kinda sad that others have, because it's just such a great game.. I like it but....after playing few days it started to crash!!!! Saving multiple times is a must and annoying.. I love this game, but why a run lock? I played this game on the Xbox and really excited to see it on Android. However it doesn't seem to support Bluetooth controllers and this auto run lock has absolutely made all the platforming in the various dungeon levels near impossible. I've looked everywhere for a way to turn this option off, to no avail. Otherwise the game plays just like the Xbox version, really hoping my time at sandrock is also ported to Android when released.. Ok this is one of my favorites game, but I'm pissed that is not gamepad compatible! Pleaseeeeeee just let us play with our controllers, the pc game is compatible, why should this not be? I wanna play on the go WITH my controller and thats the only reason I'm giving a 2 stars only, I will raise it when devs fix this. Edit. 1 star only for not supporting gamepads after months.. I love this game, it's amazing, however, the game crashes all the time. I can barely play more than 10 minutes before it closes, so I have to save the game every few min to avoid replaying the same thing. I've reached out to the devs but they didn't even respond. For a game at this price it should run much, MUCH better. Until the devs responds or fix this issue I'll keep my review at 1 star. Too bad, this game has a so much to do if only I could actually play it without so many issues..

The game is really fun and worth it in my own opinion. I have a problem with the graphics settings though. I set the performance to Better Framerate so my phone can handle it and I turned on precipitation effects. Everytime I exit and open the game the precipitation effects option gets turned off automatically, I think because of the Better Framerate performance setting. Can you guys make the precipitation effects save? So that it doesn't get turned off everytime I start the app.. Quando tento abrir o jogo ele fecha, e quando consigo entrar na tela inicial e clico em "continuar" ele d tela preta e no acontece nada.. the game itself is a a 5 star but the controllers on pc is 1 one. its ridicously hard. The developers need to figure out a differnet way to use controllers or make it controller adaptable. it sucks i cant play my favorite game becasue of the controlls.. Lag on my phone and it crashed my entire phone great game on my tablet just fine but would like to use on my phone (my phone is a galaxy a02s). Content packed. I also own this game on steam. It was so worth it Haven't encountered any issues so far except for lag I get when the map gets bigger - but that's probably just my 5year old cellphone that can't keep up. Looking forward to the My Time at Sandrock Mobile too! .

I love the desktop game. This was like my pandemic sanity game. But, wow, is this mobile version some notches better than the desktop, especially with the functionalities and controls.. Downloaded and paid 7.99 for this game and played first mission and now the game keeps force closing. Please can you provide me with a full refund. Please guys the game is fantastic when it works but stay clear not worth the risk.. The controls are bad. I get that it is a mobile game and all but when you need good controls for parts like festivals or else you lose, it can get frustrating. Especially when it seems like the npcs get special help (like they can grab things from further away at the Memory festival or when I am tapping to grab it, they came over and take it anyways). I regret getting it on the mobile, pc have mods that can offset the sucky controls. Also the frequent crashes drains all the fun out.. What the heck? The game crashed! Please fixed this!!!!!. It is a good game, i rlly don't mind the graphic performance under 30fps sometimes. But what is really bugging me is the voice actings in the game, like Mint's voice doesn't suit the character at all. Some characters also sounds out of place. The music is monotonous, no ambient sound in certain areas like in the forest or the wheat field but when you get near the waterfall the ambient sound is massive despite you fix the music volume..

I actually love the gameplay!! BUT everytime I get a haircut only the color changes, not the style nor the hair 🙁 please do something about it. Won't work anymore, says google play services needs to update and then that screen stays on pending forever, I miss playing this game .

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