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My Town: Fire station Rescue is a children’s educational game that tells about the features of amazing professions: a firefighter and a rescuer. Complete various missions in the city, helping its inhabitants. Receive calls and send a quick call response team. Keep the fire department and ambulance always ready to go. Become a brave rescuer and firefighter, help people and enjoy the exciting game.

My Town : Fire Station Rescue
 Redeem Codes (2022 December) 7.00.05
All Codes Expiration date
2N4C1KGPBTL December 11, 2022
KCTOI8W07J December 1, 2022
V8WM4TYFU December 16, 2022
QBL9UNI3MKA December 12, 2022
6PHUWDXANOYV November 9, 2022
UKPGHM23ZT0 October 27, 2022
LEI9MZU4QGJ October 24, 2022
UNXR1BC80O November 7, 2022
1Z5MHQ6TV November 23, 2022
FIQZ0GT27R8 November 20, 2022
U2BMAD60LECW November 22, 2022
A2JTDRLCNZ8 November 18, 2022

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