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My virtual pet Duddu is a very cute dog that is full of fun and with her you can cheer yourself up. In this vast world lives a virtual pet who loves to travel and get involved in adventures. Players will need to make friends with him, and learn a lot of interesting things about his character.

My virtual pet Duddu
  MOD APK (Last Update) 1.74

Once you have this cheerful dog, it will require very attentive and thorough care. Like a real dog, this one requires love and feeding, so be ready to always help her. When she has played enough on the streets and wants to sleep, the player will have to put the dog to bed. Don’t forget to walk your puppy and enjoy how he will behave there. Try downloading My Virtual Pet Duddu for android and have a picnic outside where you can play and have fun with your dog. Build a beautiful and cozy house where you can spend time. It will be possible to engage in research and study of this vast virtual world for a very long time, and you will constantly get new sensations. Visit friends here with whom you will have a lot of fun. Lots of fun with My Virtual Pet Duddu There is always something to do in this game and you can have fun. Go to a tropical island where you can swim in the sea, build your own pirate ship and equip it with cool items. You can send your puppy to school when you can download My Virtual Pet Duddu for Android, and there he will learn cool tricks and tricks. Their views can be enjoyed for a very long time. Dance, study, draw, play music and just have fun in this massive adventure world. Be prepared for the fact that the puppy may accidentally get sick, and then you will have to take him to the clinic to be treated for fleas or even fractures.

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