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The search and uncover recreation is TRULY FREE; your entire journey is open to you with no additional purchases – it’s utterly as a lot as you to buy elective devices. Play hidden object detective games and put your thoughts together to find clues throughout the picture!

A vibrant environment, animation, and 3D seen outcomes will make your journey vivid and satisfying. Those with an aggressive streak can collect bonuses for velocity and repeat the discovering objects quest with new puzzles.

Mystery Hotel Seek and Find Mod APK 1.2.016 (Unlocked A

Very good game I did enjoy it a lot thank you Elize . Good game. Don't really get the point of this game. The ads for everything you do is just too much.. Interesting game to play. Have just opened up this game. Play Play.

I didn't enjoy,or appreciate when the clues are shown simply as outlined. It's not apparent what item actually is, e g , a lake in a picture is represented by clue apparently a sm pot, or basin of water! Bad. then, a hotwater bottle,hanging between linked sausages and plump salami from ceiling. I thought, "I'm not keeping this Game".. the items to find are two small. I like all the hidden objects to search for and the mystery to solve as well.. great game. really good attention keeping game. For all ages.

Addictive,. Not a bad start but it gets very boring with hidden objects sessions one after the other, one after the other, I have uninstalled.. I love this game its so fun. Great game. Just started.. fun.

like it. Good story lines and interesting objects. Atmospheric settings. However, the written text is distracting and annoying as it is translated into English by someone who does not know the language well enough. Hire a professional translator!. this game is awesome. Love this game. fun to play.

Great game. fun game. Such a good game to play the different areas are filled with amazing things to find and you learn more about the murders and character's. it's interesting . jogo espetacular.

Boring. This is my first time, but it is holding my interest.. This game has me hooked.. GOOD GAME. This game is super awesome!.

this game has alot of items in the scenes and to find you must take your time and eventually get through it.. very relaxing. Great game so far! Love looking for the different objects while solving a mystery!. fun fun fun. I think this is okay. It's too tedious for my tastes though..

finding things are fun. The same scenes. Keep repeating even if it is with different items to look for. I was going to download a new updated version of this this morning and read the reviews. I decided against it because someone said there's only 15 scenes and just when the story starts to get really good they end it again.. like playing hidden things.. very entertaining. love the graphics and detailed period decor..lots fun.

verry very good game. Enjoying this game. There are ads though.. It's fun. Just get started and boom, you're out of energy. Big money grab, bah.. luvinitiplay3xs aday.

Awesome . I thoroughly enjoyed this game, loved the graphics, music and overall concept of the game. I only wish that this game had more scenarios!!!. this is a really fun game. it really makes you concentrate. I love this game.. very [email protected] relaxing.

great game. Enjoyed the game thank you.. excellent game. It is fun at first. Then I have to clear the data to restart the game. The redundancy makes it boring. It is a good memory tool for us seniors but it would be more fun with added story lines. I thought we were going to take the lady up on her invitation, to come to her house.. Interesting and enjoyable. Stuck at the chemical analysis level..

Nice. awesome, but the objects too small. it keeps you thinking. great game keep you intrigued. I like the game..

I don't think it's as good as the other ones I've played. Omg another addictive game love it . Love this game. I like how hints are free & it's not timed as I've a brain injury & other hidden object games are to difficult for me. Great story & graphics. Well done the developers.. exciting. Really fun hidden object game!.

Nice. Good game lots to do. Need to be able to solve the puzzle more easily and to be able to have more hints. And time to many ads. love it. NO STOP USING MY SITE 2022.

When i get to level "conduct chemical analysis" the game won't go any further & I'm STUCK!! I love this game until that happened. Fun game. The Mystery adds another theme to the hidden objects game.. love it. very good game.. I love it.

Good. ME ENCANTA. Not liking this game, boring, and no point. BORING BORING BORING. love this game. Every time I finish a level the game closes..

just started playing so far so good ads little too much, but good seek and fine and pretty easy. it's very interesting but you don't get enough time to find the objects. yes l like it's. fun. grate games enjoy a lot..

I'm enjoying this game .I find the graphics gentle on my eyes making the game more enjoyable . not real easy to find all the items, very addictive. recommend for all mystery seeking adventurous puzzle lookers.. Very good. Pretty good game. Lots of hidden objects t find.. This game is just challenging enough. You can play this game and not run out of energy or have to watch a mess of ads. It is also good for kids that are learning to read. You have to say the word and then find its picture. I love that you get the option to replay levels and better you score. I replay the levels with my kids to work on seeing the word and being able to find the correct picture and being able to see the same words but in a different order really helps..

to me, this game is great, because there's no time limit.. great graphics. I like this game. way too easy. Find the objects in the game without any difficulty only because, The. hint button is way easy to use.. it's a challenge and fun to play. This gamekeep me looking to find the objects.that why i picked this game..

love This Game great for the brain and it is fun. unable to control the volume not able to mute it so i uninstalled it. Fun but can't enlarge all scenes so it is hard to find items.. Stuck on Find the differences in room with 2doors. Time machine no activated. I have to buy more features to move on or watch video. Watched video multiple times but still stuck. Paid to download game already. Don't want to keep paying to continue. Will uninstall if so.. Nice game but why did you make the object so damn small? Camouflaged by other things that finding them is so difficult!!! That's the reason for the small rating, next will be deletion!!!.

fun!. Love this game. good game. It's ok. What happened to the next mission? I was expecting to solve more than two mysteries. It leads you on thinking it's another mission but it's not..

Good game. GREAT game love it. It's ok for a hidden objects but mystery ends quickly, where it repetitive and Lil boring. N.jhansi rani,. Uninspiring story.

Game is great. I just don't appreciate all the gay ads.. started out well, kept my interest by changing hidden object scenes until find the difference that just kept playing the same scenes over and overandoverandOVER! Just BORING.. I love to look for things. Love this game. so far it's fun, to early for a higher star rating.

Cool game. Horrible game. This game was okay. It was actually pretty easy until it came to the box. It was hard to move the pieces. I felt like each level should have gotten increasingly harder but they stayed the same. Overall, not a bad game.. Love it!!!. Great game ,it keeps me occupied, keeps my brain active ,and is great fun.

awesome . captivating game. Ok game, but it seems the game designer does not have a rudimentary grasp of English, clue names do not reflect actual hidden objects. Some buttons don't work making it difficult to exit game page. Poor poor experience. This is a fun game. Great visual and makes you work a little. More please.. Love this game.

Just started to play the game. I enjoy the game.. I love it. i wish that it can be zoomed 4x. Interesting. Can play each scene a number of times to build assist hints and time. Unlock all scenes and get to an interesting ending. Well done game.. Pop ups, yuck!.

great game love it. very exciting game. just a little darker, it's hard to spot the hidden stuff.. Great stuff. Easy to understand the concept and as the game progresses easy to see where you are in the game.. love ig. Great pastime. Not too hard and not too easy..

Great game. Like irlots. This is by far the best hidden picture game ever!. I think it's fun I will play it so that I would know if it is interesting and recommended to others. Boring.

Graphics good, pretty small objects, need to zoom in a lot. Ads not so often. Sometimes they give find differences too. I uninstalling because not full screen, really tired to scroll up&down, left&right. Giving 4 stars for a free game.. its one of the better ones. stuck for months on the same level it just keeps repeating after i finish it. also wont uninstall. It's fun for awhile but it's the same old rooms and same items over and over.. Love it simple, easy no time limit in finding objects, challenging and of course ends no more story just find same objects same room, graphics display pretty neat and organized, great game..

awesome. Love the game. Good luck. I love it reminds of clue when I was a kid growing up..

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