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Play puzzles and thoughts teasers in considered one of many prime searches and uncover hidden games! You aim to hunt and find hidden objects in these enjoyable discovering games and stop a dangerous presence.

When Miranda Grey’s husband goes missing, you soar on the chance to analyze! Nonetheless, it will, in all probability, be no easy case. Others have disappeared from the Greys’ mansion before now, leaving nothing, nevertheless uncommon dolls of their place. Should you encounter a ghostly presence, you shortly perceive there’s far more to this thriller than meets the eye. Can you stop a dangerous company from destroying the Grey family, or will you develop into an eternal resident of the property yourself?

Mystery Tales Master Mod APK 1.0.15 (Free Shopping)

Loved the game till at the end it will not end so I couldn't play the the extra bonus game I'm so mad you need to fix this it just keeps kicking me out before it totally ends the main game gggrrr!! Do y'all even read the reviews?. i love this game because u dont have to keep buying hints. So far it's scary but interesting i want more domini games free to play. Quite a good game, it feels like a return to what Domini Games used to be, quality wise. Unfortunately, at the very end, I encountered a game breaking bug, where it crashed right before the credits, meaning the bonus game is unavailable.. Same thing as many others. Looks like it's been going on for a while. It crashes at end. Won't let you play bonus chapter.. ENJOY THE STORY LINE . HIDDEN OBJECTS ARE ONE OF MY FAVORITES . I JUST WISH YOU WOULD PUT OUT NEW GAMES ..

game keeps closing. I finished it but can't get to the bonus chapter because app closes. can you fix that?. The items that we collect need labels to know what they are. I bought this game a little over a month ago and it crashes at the end of the main chapter. I contacted support twice and answered the same questions twice and still never received a follow up to let me know if the issue will be fixed or not. This is the first time I've ever had issues with support not getting back and the game still not working properly. If it soon don't be fixed, I'll have no other choice but to get a refund.. You STILL haven't fixed the bonus chapter. As in, you can NOT play it. Thanks for making me pay for a full game without the extras. No, YOU contact your team and do something about it!!!!!. Can't use extra chapter because the game crashes..

I paid for this game i loved the game but it won't let me play the bonus chapter. Everytime i finish the ritual at the very end of the main chapter it kicks me out of the game all together and when I go back it says i can't play the bonus chapter until I finish the main chapter but i have 8 or 9 time's now and everytime it kicks me out. Just stinks cause I did pay and it is a really good very well made. But with a glitch at the end at least for me. I'm not far into the game yet but it's brilliant.. Very good so far good graphics. Imy opion more graphics but I guess it's ok wish the series was in order so be easier to go to next game in the series. These apps are good but they don't work well with the Samsung S-pen.

This game was boring and didn't make much sense, also I was unable to complete scenes due to using an android phone. Maybe it's better on a computer idk. After Alan Walker Faded All Digital Channel Amira Kota Kinabalu Pantai Jerudong Specialist Centre. I like the game, just too manyplaces to search, but buy it, or play it, cant remember if free or not, but play. Good so far good graphics and games are do able,fun. Love the games, the puzzles are brain busters. You really have to think and thats frustrating at times but I still love the games..

Me Talkinging Amira Kota Kinabalu Pantai Jerudong Specialist Centre. I got interested in the game. I really like it. I got to play to the point that it is REQUIRING ME TO PURCHASE THE ABILITY TO PLAY FURTHER!!! This is very wrong of you. I will now uninstall the game.. Nice Graffix!! Can't wait to see what happens. I just love all the games for you all. I am loving this game well done keep the good work up .

I am having fun, makes me think. Good characters and plot. Need more android games like this.. Games is good , amazing but why after sometimes when I continue play I open the game it gives me the file is corrupted so I start from first. I Dream CCTV At Master Bedroom Kota Kinabalu Pantai Jerudong Specialist Centre. Just finished main game, beautiful and detailed artwork with some unique puzzles and mini games. I played casual but still had to skip a few mini games. Ashamed to admit it! Nice time killer, only one gripe, I expected more from the storyline. Thanks guys!! Had fun..

Not too difficult, endless free hints. Relaxing.. So far it's a good game. Puzzles aren't too hard. I find myself not wanting to stop playing. I would play other games from them.. I Dream Bed Near Stairway Kota Kinabalu Pantai Jerudong Specialist Centre. Am enjoying all of your games. Radio Not Rido Kota Kinabalu Pantai Jerudong Specialist Centre.

Very mysterious and exciting absolutely brilliant game thanks Domini games . I enjoyed this game although I had to click on items several times to pick up, might be my phone. Other than that it was great!. I've just started the game but do far. It's holding up quite well. I like every thing about it. Good game brilliant storyline well done. Love your games, graphics are detailed as always its like your there, or at least want to be, some places look so peaceful. Game play is very smooth no issues, fun puzzles..

No problems so far. Will unlock and play through.. They say the game is free but you have to unlock for $5.99 like what's up ? I don't understand . Played this game then paid to unlock full version. Went to continue playing after a couple of days and said profile deleted it was corrupt. Not happy as I played a fair bit of the game already. Not wanting to restart the whole game and having paid already. Meh, the story is linear from start to end, nothing interesting ,great graphics tho and easy puzzles but overall not worth the full price, sorry. Just started playing but it's interesting and fun exploring for clues.

Great game as usual with DG games but I have to say they are being very lazy, this game came out for Scotland April 26th 2021 and we are now in June with no new game's. Just putting on old one's as free now and I only pay for new game's, never look back. So I'm having to go to other companies for my games, if the service doesn't get any better I'll stay that way. Very disappointed fan.. Another brilliant game looking forward to the next thanks guys. So far it's great like all their games!. Great game. Recommend for family and friends.. So far, so good! So happy its free! Thank You!!.

I liked the main game but the bonus game had a problem with the barrel. I had to uninstall. Good game, best plus is the flat price.. Really well balanced and thought through game from the start to the finish including the bonus chapter. Excellent graphics and sound. Strategy guide really useful, especially when stuck. Great storyline and a great idea to give characters some real emotions too, as this allows players to interact with the games characters. Great game with super good storyline. Length of play was amazing. Good mini games and good HOPs. Fun collectibles throughout. Good map.. Mini games were difficult to manipulate..

Love The Storyline And The Mystery Behind It Finding The Hidden Objects Are So Much Fun A Really Great Game. One of the best yet. Great storyline and graphics.. So far so good. Beautiful graphics as usual.. I'm so happy you added a new game to this serious, please add new games to the Grim, and paranormal Psychic and haunted hotel series' Thank you. Storyline is interesting, the graphics are great, no cliches so far, enjoying playing.

Still playing,but this is a fantastic game.finished game thoroughly enjoyed this one. I love love this hidden object adventure game .Great game great storyline and graphics!!! I recommend this game to others!! And what's good is this game is lengthy and the bonus game is lengthy. Thank keep them coming . As usual, best & inexpensive games ever!. Great game! I love the Mystery Takes series. I liked this even more because I had 25% off which is fantastic when you live on very little income. Please keep me happy with the cost of your games. I played the game on my Samsung Galaxy S5E and it played with out any problems. Great graphics and storyline! Keep up the good work!. Just started but so far so good.

Really love this game. Waiting for next game. These keep getting better and better! Good length, just creepy enough and decent story.. Enjoying the game l like all hidden object games.

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