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Roguelike ranges current a model new experience every time you play. Defeat all enemies to clear the realm. There are quite a few areas of the stage. Uncover various fascinating regions, wave areas, the place hordes of enemies charge in waves, present parts, where you might restore new skills or adequately being, and retailer areas where you can purchase devices.

Mystic Gunner Shooting Action Mod APK 1.1.2

The only bad thing is the door take u even u don't wanna. Unintuitive controls. Make dodge swipe and grenades double tap.. The game is decent with thr graphics and gameplay. It gets a little clunky when throwing grenades and rolling. If you shoot and throw a grenade, you'll move in the direction of the grenade. Once that's fixed and the latency, it'll get a higher rating.. This ge is great its the best in this style of game hands down. Nice idea of mixing dungeon crawler and shooter. Unfortunately boss battles are too long and test only how fast will you get tired from repeating same actions. Also pixelated animation for transition between stages made me feel sick.. Awesome game, very smooth control very clever!!.

Please fix the ads issue. The game switches to the ad, but then no ad pops up. No ad popping up means no timer. So the screen stays black until the player exits out of the game and then comes back in. Please correct this issue.. I dont see any random ads..i dont have a problem with start.. Please remove the login thing it just says you have no connection if it's online then I'm not going to play and say bad rantings to my friends to never play this game. Put dodge and bomb on right side so I can play with one hand. Swipe left or right to deleteHe is known for his stage performances, retro showmanship, and for performing in a wide range of musical styles, including pop, R&B, funk, soul, reggae, disco, and rock.

Game has okay pixel graphics, gameplay is mostly enjoyable. Basic ARCHERO genre. Annoyances are: with VIBRATION turned off, game still vibrates device at level choices (it isn't "haptic" it's annoying buzz noises) and LEAPING is extremely irritating (needs toggle to turn off leaping) because when you are evading gunfire then you are FROZEN in place as the leaping gesture awaits a location to leap to. I have deleted game, removing 1-star rating for leaping idiocy.. The game are fun but UI and controller are very confusing.It will be a lot better if it in landscape instead of portrait.. Its been awhile since a game caught my attention. 4 out of 5. Drop rate is bad and the bosses remind me of SNES Zelda. Not bad but not great either, it's just too similar to other games sporting similar gameplay. You need to do more to stand out fron the rest.. A great game ruined by absolutely insane monetisation. Every ad is a 30 second ad, then a fake ad "game" for 15 seconds, then you hit the tiny button to bring up ANOTHER AD FOR THE SAME THING with a hidden countdown timer before you can hit the tiny button again. All of that is one ad. It takes nearly a minute and has two joke buttons so small you accidentally open the app store. Plus the $20 battle pass and the in game store with pages of items for up to $200. It's disgusting..

Autoplay is incredibly buggy, and movement is slow. Updates are scarce.. Good game! It stands well above others in the same genre. The plot could maybe play a more significant role, but other than that, it's a good challenge, skill based, highly customizable, with fun exploration.. Great game only issue it crashes ever now and then other than that GREAT GAME absolutely love it. Game with potential, good roguelike elements, need to polish the controls, and keep updating this game, 5/5. Too choppy and too many bugs..

I think a would boss or a boss run could happen at some.point maybe few pass would do a trick later down the road events could be fun too all I play so.far is good maybe a few skill drops sould happened. Can't really describe what I played, it didn't feel like a rougelike game when to me when I tried playing. I can't give any advice about this game, just simply doesn't feel like a rougelike game. Choice game lads get on it.. Uninstalled because I have no weapons equipped or any in inventory. Shouldn't be allowed to deconstruct the last remaining weapon. Not worth waiting 24 hours to open the free cube thing for the slim chance I might get a free weapon .. Really the last boss on the first stage is pretty much in possible to kill you kill all most all of them the one or f..king 2 of them come back to life great game you really thought this threw last I checked my character only get to come back once in other games if you watch a video.

Just what I have been looking for a one handed game as for the gameplay it's pretty solid and good just need to get use to the control then it's awesome.. ORIGINAL REVIEW DELETED. Potential for a great game.... But its way too hard, controls need improvement, player is incredibly under powered, boss fights take too long, AND drains battery like no ones business.. Oh GREAT, ANOTHER ARCHERIO RIPOFF. WHY ARE THERE A BILLION COPY CATS OF THAT GAME?!? I THOUGHT THIS WAS GONNA BE LIKE THE BINDING OF ISAAC OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT. Interesting. Just one flaw. It's just that my controls keep messing up when I'm trying to throw bombs continuously and run.. Revising my review after further playing. The game has potential, but I don't know how long it will take them to fix the issues. Some are simple, such as larger action buttons & reduced particle effects so you can actually see what is happening in later stages. Some issues are less easy, and those are the killers. Loot box tables are garbage and really expensive. Gear upgrades are really expensive, leaving you without any progress for days. Ads, though optional, might as well be mandatory..

Unable to play. Unable to login even thought I have internet and connected to wifi. Also why would you need access to my google drive? There should be no reason to access google drive for a game.. Funs run shooter, problem is it takes like 2-5 min just to load the map when you play.. I like this game but I wish it was easier to get gems. Too dark background, also some moments makes it unable to determine self or nmy rounds incoming.. Aside from the graphics, its another copy and paste Archero, even down to the currency..

So nonsense! The game closes for itself. Movement control is buggy, won't stay in one spot, gets pulled to grenade button, character randomly moves on its own in opposite direction of directed movement and without touching direction control.. Appears to be fun but there are a lot of these 2d run and gun games already. It is a neat idea to have it like cyberpunk dungeon crawler. Its different than the rest... The game is good but the controls are bad. They delete reviews with 1 star. I've sent a review lately that rewards are miserable in the game and do not worth the time you spend..

Need unstuck button. just enter to secret place and when i got out, i got stuck, have to back home and reset after progressing so far.. 5 stars from me. Only thing I'm having an issue with is after completing each stage, the next stage freezes on the loading screen!. Bosses have too much hp takes 5 min to kill, decomposition doesn't give gold, no afk reward, character too underpowered even with rare & epic equipments, gold is super hard to earn. DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS GAME, GAME BALANCING IS THE WORST. The game itself would be good if it wasn't capped at something similar to a mind-boring 15fps. It's so laggy it's unplayable and I'd rather watch paint dry. It's not my phone's performance, because I have an ROG Phone 5 with 12GB Ram that can run games like COD Mobile, PUBG Mobile and Genshin Impact at max settings at 144fps. Fix this and I'll play the game, because the mechanics and the gamestyle itself is amazing, it's sad this brings it down. Please don't reply with your annoying default msg.. Still very unpolished, buggy, deleted starting gun by mistake and now it won't let me play any levels cause no weapon is equipped. How am i supposed to get a weapon if not by playing levels? There should be a default weapon or remove the gun equipped restriction..

Absolute garbage. Not worth the install. i like the game and enjoyed it., I customize the controller and it went well. Rate is really bad on equipment i should have ruby in skill . Overall i love it. Keep it up .Kindly let us get a better equipment also the stages are really really hard .. Very low fps. Was excited for this game. Bummer. Love it make a Mystic Gunner 2. Worst game I've played in a long time. Character and enemies huge on a small map so almost nowhere to move.

there's always a place for improvement For example: the game is kinda laggy so why not make it so you can change the graphics like otherworld legend You start with 10 damage why not make it more and make monsters have more health or lower there health Ad's kinda pain, not watching them but in the end you have to wait for the ad to finish and then you wait more to end it and wait more to shut it down When you get a skill and hold it down to see what it will do, and to stop vending machines. Let's get straight to the point. Can U make the game rotate. It really is hard to play since the controller is near the grenade and dodge button. Even it's dynamic I can't see the bullets coming at me if my finger is blocking the view. Pls consider it done. Thanks. Great game, I gave a 3 star because the controls are very sloppy, you try and move but it just freezes up at crutial moments and you get hit, fix the controls and I'll be happy to give 5 stars.. It's a fun game I have been playing it for hours non-stop it's so EPIC . Nice game ruined by terrible controls. The dodge is so vital but is a tiny button restricted to the bottom of the screen. There is a reason that games with dodge go for landscape view..

I play love high level hard fun. Jank. Controllers have strange sensitivity, even when I changed the settings to try to make it more comfortable. Many mechanics are not explained at all.. Devs, the controls are pretty horrible and unresponsive. The character often gets stuck somewhere and his movements are as slow as a whale's. On top of that, it is incredibly hard to control the character vertically, so allow the game to be played with horizontal screen rotation which will put less strain on the hands.. I like the game and the style, but there's some annoying things. 1. A game that's played virtically usually isn't two handed and for a reason. I like the grenades, but clicking (and actually hitting) that tiny button constantly is uncomfortable. And when you miss the button, you disturb the controls of the character. 2. Maps are a bit unclear when it comes to walls and things you can walk over. 3. Settings menu is confusing.. This game is a money grabber. I've played many games that are similar to Archer, as this game is, but even just playing for a short time, the enemies are sponges that you can't progress through unless you are willing to spend a fair amount of money on. I'm uninstalling this as it is truly a dull waste of time..

Purchased a battle pass never received it money was taken out of bank. Ad riddled mess. Forces you to watch ads to progress and gets stuck in a loop of ads. Need loot? Watch ads or buy from the shop. Just another shame simulator designed to fleece players.. Cool spin on the usual formula. Solid game. Pros: -Unique visual aesthetic to genre. -Gear equipped is visually represented. -Minor story elements are nice. -You can choose what buffs appear in the run. -Continuous shooting -Parry system is a great addition. 2 issues: 1.) Elemental effects completely engulf enemies. More than one effect and you're effectively blind as to what they are doing. 2.) I can't visually see a difference in enemy difficulty prior to them attacking. Is this a regular shotgun or the multishot spiral?. Controls are horrendous. I didn't see a setting for it either but I'm not a lefty, why do the roll and bomb controls have to be on the same side I use to control the dude. I use left to control and right for other things, nope can't do that here as it forces you to use your right hand to steer, dumb. Uninstalled..

It's okay. Its pretty barebones and uninteresting. I'm sure some will like it and appreciate improvements that will come, but for myself, I won't be playing it.. Controls are absolutely horrid. Great design. Great gameplay, but the controls make the game practically unplayable on mobile.. Just bad just take the game down. Slow, clunky, unresponsive dodge and parry buttons, easy with no danger. I tried to like this game but the design and controls are terrible..

The energy system is not something I like and I will not spend time or money on something like this. Gets stuck at loading screen right after tutorial mission. Also this is just an Archero clone with a bit of customization.. Pretty fun for a run or two and the pixel sprites are good looking only gripe is that performance is pretty bad, and the game drops frames constantly when there are many effects on screen. If this were to get fixed I would feel more comfortable giving this game more stars.. won't even let me on the game always says theres a log in limit. The game is a little fun and I like the art style, but this game it's the type you gotta put ALOT of money in to see any fast progress, as soon as I passed the first 2 levels it got significantly harder, I don't mind spending money on games but I hate games that try to bleed money out of people, all said this game got potential I hope they balance the game out in the future..

I had a good old school contra type experience and the continuous shots and unlimited ammunition are a good combo to enjoy the game. Keep it up Buff Studio.. Yes i can play now and its fun. Gameplay is very good , in-mission ads are optional,skills are suprb . Overall a Good game ,no idea why some people are getting triggered so much . Keep up the good work Devs. So far it is not getting past the initial log in. Will come back and review once a fix comes out for this. Able to run other apps, tried uninstalling and reinstalling but so far no luck.. I've softlocked my game by dismantling my only weapon... Pls help. Also, to the people who are trying to play and having server problems, don't rate 1 star. You haven't been able to play because of a bug, give them the benefit of the doubt and rate 4 or 5. This is a new game and review bombing this early is really harmful..

Game appeared on my phone with no explanation last night. I mainly use my phone to watch YouTube so i'm kinda freaked out that it's there. Fun game that's quick and easy to pick up. Lost a star due to the insane amount of annoying ads. Lost another star because some of the upgrade stuff is confusing and difficult to figure out. Great game that can be updated to be much better.. After emailing the developer about a loading issue they were quick to respond with a fix. The game play and graphic are greater and I am enjoying the difficulty. My only recommendation so far is that In my opinion the screen orientation would be better rotated or make the buttons customizable in size and location.. Another copy-paste of this pathetic game play. Dash hero, archer, and 10 others have made it much better. How about new ideas?. Lots of buy this incentives at the start which is fine, but the minigame with a claw and pulley is BS, the chest is grabbable but it's way too convenient that it takes all of the remaining timer to just barely get that big chest and be out of time by a half second and that actually really upset me enough that I closed the game, ita definitely rigged to never allow you to obtain it even if you had 25 seconds remaining like me and the chest took as long as you had remaining time left, not cool man.

Enjoyable but ad's are a nuisance as they take you out the game and have to restart not getting reward. Live it but won't be playing again until this gets fixed. Also auto targeting is terrible Always targeting furthest in swarm.. Way to delete my comment cowards. This game sucks and crashes way too much as well as having login issues.. It takes my info but it doesn't let me log in at all this game is a bust. For the creator all it shows me is network error all over and over.. Server broken. Can't play first day of launch. After defeating tutorial boss, it soft locks into a loading screen. Also, badly translated English..

Literally just downloaded it and it won't even let me get past the log in screen. I was really excited to test this game but when I try open the game I receive a message saying "network error, can u try again or quit?" So I try again and same error...this is so frustrating!. It wont load past the Tutorial.. ive reset the game a few time and my phone still wont go past the Tutorial. Can't even login, let alone play. Please fix.. As soon as done with tutorial game goes in constant " trying to connect " loop and restarting the game just brings you to that loop..

Won't even log in. Great game. Also gave me a warning about them making too many accounts or something like that. I wouldn't give them access to Google Drive personally, that sounds like a dumb idea to me.. Feels like a beta its very buggy and ui needs work.. Also character hitbox is questionnable. Too many ads and since it's hard not to get hit and feel like you must always watch multiple ads per levels to get heals. I like the controls but that's about it, grenade and ultimate feels useless. Not worth 4 stars for a full game but I would give 3.5 if I could. You have a lot of work to do and I would suggest going back to alpha or early access even.. Does not connect to the internet.. if my internet isnt working, why can i write this review?. Can't even start the game I keep getting network error when trying to log in on wifi and cell service also uninstalled and reinstalled and still didn't work. Can't logging in. Keeps on saying network error. My server is from Malaysia. Das all for now I can write .

I want to play it, but says "a network error occurred, please try again", but my network is fine.. Received the notification to download the game and did so. Upon first time starting the app the game told me that I had issues connecting to the network. I tried numerous times to reconnect even going so far as to change from WiFi to mobile connection but continued to not be able to connect. Unable to even play the game.. Won't load missions... stuck on level select screen. Can't even log in. Why did I even pre-register for this?. Won't even let me play. Says there is a network connection error.

Won't even met me into the game stating a network error every time.. When I try to go in game it never logs me in try again and I have Internet.

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