Game Mobile - Updated on March 19, 2023

Mystic Messenger is an otome game whose main audience is girls and women. The goal of games in this genre is to develop a romantic relationship between the heroine and one of the male heroes. In this visual version of the story, you will have to become part of a young girl’s relationship with representatives of the male half of humanity. And it all started when the girl downloaded a mysterious app and as a result, she found herself in a secure apartment owned by a character named Ricky, the founder of the charity organization. A.

Mystic Messenger Mod APK (Unlimited Hourglass) 1.20.0

Mystic Messenger (MOD, Hourglass / VIP)

Suddenly becoming a member of this organization and forced to live in Ricky’s apartment, she takes on his role and throws the party that RFA members dream of. In the game, she will have to communicate with 9 men. Collectively, the story lasts for eleven days, the first of which is the prologue.

Mystic Messenger (MOD, Hourglass / VIP)

Three days for the general route, six days for the heroine route, and one day for the group. The gameplay is built on the principle of a messenger. All the action takes place in real-time – gamers correspond to each other and make decisions that can affect the emotions of their characters.

Mystic Messenger (MOD, Hourglass / VIP)

Install Mystic Messenger and mods for lots of hearts and clocks, choose the heroine’s name and appearance, and join the in-game chat. As for the name, it can be anything, and there are only five occurrences, but this is quite enough. The game also has a library where you can see what the game scenes you open look like.

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