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In 2016, the Fishing Cactus studio released an unusual role-playing adventure Epistory – Typing Chronicles, where we performed all the actions by typing words on the keyboard. I wrote more about that game in my review. And now, five years later, a sequel came out: Nanotale – Typing Chronicles. How interesting and original is it?

The magic of life versus the magic of dissonance

In general, this is still the same mixture of RPG and adventure with hints of metroidvania and The Legend of Zelda. We again play as a girl riding a fox. True, the girl is already different, and the fox is dead. Rosalind (this is the name of our heroine) found a dying fox (rather, he brought her to himself), protected him, and then he turned into a ghost that, at the first call, grows under her soft spot and helps to run away from enemies. And sometimes even in battles it comes to the rescue if you learn the appropriate skill.

I wonder if this is the fox from Epistory or not?

At the same time, history has changed not only in content, but also in concept. If in Epistory there were philosophy and metaphors mixed with symbolism, then in Nanotale we see a more classic plot for the genre. Rosalind, being a newcomer to the ancient order of chroniclers, goes to collect knowledge in the forest of the Ancestors, which (well, of course!) turned out to be infected with something bad, namely the magic of dissonance.

Nanotale: Typing Chronicles: Обзор

Not all words here can be trusted.

Rosalind needs to cleanse the forest of filth, and for this she communicates with its inhabitants and their rulers (some of them fell under the influence of vicious magic), visits colorful locations (even the Blue Desert is available), studies flora and fauna, solves riddles, fights and unlocks new spells. Gradually, she becomes more and more powerful as a sorceress, which not everyone likes. And then there is the ghostly fox talking to the girl, saying something about her purpose. In general, there is nothing special in the story, but it is interesting to follow it as a whole.

Nanotale: Typing Chronicles: Обзор

After the Blue Desert we descend into the caves.

Want to know everything!

Since we play as a professional chronicler, in Nanotale – Typing Chronicles much attention is removed to the exploration of the world and the collection of information that Rosalind neatly enters into a journal. Fortunately, here, as I said, there are different regions with their own biomes and a lot of room for study.

She explores flowers and plants, more or less funny animals and stones with notes, typing words related to them by context. In order to collect all the information about a particular plant or animal, you need to meet it several times – only after that the corresponding entry will appear in the journal.

Nanotale: Typing Chronicles: Обзор

The descriptions are always interesting and sometimes funny.

In the same way, by typing words, the girl communicates with the locals, who can remember an interesting story and give out a side task. It is clear that these are not the coolest quests in the world – collect all the sheep, find out about a rare flower, and so on – but there are many of them, they are accompanied by new knowledge about the world and generally create the feeling that this world is alive.

Dialogues are also conducted through a set of keywords.

The magic of words and physics

In the process of exploration, you have to solve mostly physical riddles in order to overcome an obstacle, get to the next flower or animal, and also penetrate where you could not before. The spells that Rosalind gradually learns and then fills with words help in this. So, a magic beam can attract or repel, be long or large – we ourselves choose the right words. And then with its help, for example, we push aside the sheep, which lay down in the sun and block the passage.

These sheep do not understand simple words and cries.

Next, we will learn the ability to add heat to the beam in order to set fire to enemies vulnerable to fire or ignite bushes and trees that interfere with passage. Some opponents themselves are walking or crawling bombs – by blowing them up, we can arrange a chain reaction. Then the magic of life will become available, allowing you to remove poisonous obstacles.

Some plants also explode.

These are, of course, the simplest examples. There are also more intricate situations when you first need to set fire to something, and then have time to kill enemies, from which water pours out and bushes immediately sprout – so we will fire to the right place. Or you come across opponents who, being in their environment (for example, in water), regenerate – you need to contrive and get them out of this “comfort zone”.

Chain reaction in action.

This is important to take into account during key battles, which, like in Epistory, take place in arenas where you need to hold out for some time, destroy all opponents, or, say, set fire to the infected roots of a huge tree. As before, we exterminate the enemies by typing the words that appear above them – first longer, then everything is simpler and shorter. And it’s one thing if it’s “reptile” or “fifa”, and quite another if you have to print “Arkharovtsy” or “conformity” at a frantic pace, surrounded by a crowd of opponents.

My fingers hurt after boss fights.

And these are not the most difficult words – here you can break both your tongue and your fingers, typing and reading all this. So without touch typing skills in Nanotale – Typing Chronicles will have a hard time. Although, on the other hand, the game itself teaches these skills.

Nanotale: Typing Chronicles: Обзор

I wonder what Alexander Sergeevich has to do with it?

Well, we ourselves make the situation easier while exploring the world and battles, when we gain levels for new knowledge, victories in battles and completing quests and learn useful perks – they enhance spells, allow you to deal more damage to certain types of opponents, speed up mana regeneration, and so on.

Nanotale: Typing Chronicles: Обзор

Skills, as you can see, come across from different areas.

One could say that if you liked Epistory – Typing Chronicles, then Nanotale will come in. Here, approximately the same essence – research, battles, pumping, riddles for physics, a quick set of words. Only the story is new, the mechanics of the puzzles are somewhat different and the picture is more juicy. But in fact, it is not necessary to like the previous part of the series – just to love a good adventure is enough. Well, and be able to type quickly, of course.

Pros: interesting plot; the world you want to explore; unusual and addictive gameplay in the spirit of classic adventure RPGs, but with the mechanics of typing words; various locations; many skills and spells; bright picture.

Cons: many tasks are monotonous; optimization problems and long downloads.

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