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From the creators of prime NBA basketball games NBA 2K22, NBA 2K22 Arcade Model, and NBA 2K Cell, NBA SuperCard is the legendary basketball card amassing and battle recreation pitting NBA and WNBA All-Stars and legends out of your favorite teams in the direction of each other in epic card battles on the courtroom. Play now because the model new Season 2 tips off this fall and features new mannequin card tiers, revolutionary new designs, and new events with more to return!

NBA SuperCard Basketball Game Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

I love the game but can you help me leave my team that I'm on so I can try to restart to get something I want because I'm not able to go any higher. Waste of time spend more time with those you care about. This is the best game that I have ever seen. Not worth getting it freezes and lags. Worst Loadout... Longwaitings I Just Downloaded This Now Worst Game Ever!. can you fix this better update.

really cool if you like cards and the nba. good, just got to get used to it. I like it, when I can't play 2k22 on my ps5 I'm playing this . great game but need some new game modes and weekly events. Leveling up cards is way to hard plus why rookies regular and historic needs more games.

great mind easing game. good job. Could use some new modes. S2 has been somewhat disappointing and nothing really new.. I think the events and some of the features need a lil tweaking like idt I should back by requirements to enjoy the game. Constantly getting disconnected. Way too many ads.. The game is so good I just love nba games and I don't know why.

Nice game so far! I think having a button in which you can see the base stats would make this better for us to choose which one we wanted to upgrade. I'll leave it as 4 stars for now because it has great potential.. I just downloaded the game. I'm at work so I have to use wifi.. and I can't connect at all.. there's nothing wrong with the wifi.. it's the app.. Bring back The Auction and allow us to use Play Points on the game, much like the WWE version, and then it'll be a 5 Star Game!. Easy to get good cards if you play events. Best game I have ever played on the phone. Have only spent about 5 bucks that's it and wouldn't have to even spent that to get where I am.. Quick fun game lots of players actually.

I think it would be awesome for Nintendo switch $20.00 this year 2023. I the game but for some reason after the maintenance I try pressing the settings tab at the top right but it would take me out of the app and now I'm .. this is the best game I have ever played on my phone. very addictive g and worth your time to get into. I would add a trade feature for players to interact on another level and that's about it.. New Tier Requirements Unrealistic... Every single new tier has had a standard requirement to get the said tier. Yet, this newest tier (Airwave) is unattainable with a similar top 8 that used to get you into all previous tiers. There are a large number of us that has more than enough to get into the tier if they had not radically changed it. Multiple event cards and special cards will not even get you there... Many are quitting and I am close to joining them if this is not fixed soon.... Great, Fun game the Gameplay is really good and there's great cards to collect and play with thanks developers for a very good entertaining game to play.

How do you include 5 new card tiers with over 600 in total to collect and you still haven't increased the card inventory by at least a couple hundred!?. random network issues. and i hope they expand the amount of cards we can have to a larger amount. if anything make there be an option to purchase more card space.. This game sucks. I didn't know that you actually play as cards and not players. This game is straight up garbage. Monotonous....If you play this game once then you have pretty much played the whole game. So happy the games i tried to hard me.

Was great until I hit street level now it crashes more than I can past it. Very Disappointing!. A great game with plenty of options for fun.. The game is fun not really a P2P game but it requires you to be on the game 24/7 to advance in ranks. Do yourself a favor and turn off notifications.. Good game just need better qr codes. It won't let me download your game.

I really like the game but i don't like the fact that there is a card limit when there are like a thousand cards in the game. It's nice game so fun good game. Developer has completely abandoned the game. Has so much potential but no effort is being put into it.. Great rewards more than wwe supercards however it is very very slow.. I just hope that cards can be traded to other user... it would be much more exciting....

only 4 because you left out the GOAT MJ23. Been playing for years best basketball game app. Dropped 3 stars because they're support is useless. Don't expect you issues to get fixed any time soon. Plus catdaddy will blame you for anything bad in game things that happen that they caused. Sad because i played this game a lot. . Terrible. Unfair. Pay to win. E draft is a joke!!. Game has gotten stale, no new content. Same ol' same ol' rinse and repeat. Wish it had more like WWE Supercard. The developer is terrible, game doesn't update with correct cards, spend 4 days playing an event and it just disappears without giving you rewards. No communication whatsoever on what happened. Goes hours at a time where no one can login, again with no communication. Developer is a complete joke!.

Cant even get past the loggin screen for accounts keeps backing out. Definite improvement on the previous version of the game. Seems like the developers got their act together. Good job.. Its a fun nba game for all ages. I've been playing this game since I started with 2k15 card game I'm stuck at level 3 in the trophy case and I can't purchase or earn a card that matches with the type of card I need to advance and to be stuck for over a month? I don't understand that at all and the award is nowhere close to what level of card requirements I need to play level 3 on trophy case. Fun game (mostly with a team) but they DESPERATELY need a training mode for your cards..

This is the best game for people that love nba it is so fun and you can even know more nba people like ja morant guys i love this game and i think you should give it a chance it will take grinding but its about the hard work and effort they put into this game so pls try not for me but for them. This is the best game ever. SuperCoin Hustle is the best game feature.. The only bad thing about this game is i havent gotten a better card then downtown in the free packs. game ni tak best sebab bila nak tekan nba tu tak boleh nak tekan anak panah bergerat tapi tak boleh main.

I hate how you HAVE to play with WNBA cards and they HAVE to be in your deck. I downloaded NBA supercard, not WNBA.. LOVE THE GAME! Been playing this game since Mynba2k18 I bealive, I don't know, I just love tapping screens and watching cards play ball. Its not just that, theres a global chat, promos for special cards, and nice fusion, Team events, Events for special once in a life time card. and More! Download this game/ Hello the mail on SuperCard. Not worth it constantly freezes and flipety flopety flips. Not good I said wish I could share a screenshot of the chat... EA and cat daddy need to address to amount of bullying and sexual harassment within the public chat.. Love this game maybe u should consider posting more qr codes.

it is so much fun and I get to keep all my cards. It's fun and can u please get women basketball manager games. Cool but my trophy chase isn't working. is a god at dis game thx for do and make it fun. It's a nice game, fun to play and open packs and stuff but I need to make a request, we need an auction house so we can sell cards for SC, that will make the game much better.

this game is amazing and easy to play. I been playing this bulls**t of a game for 2yrs and have'nt changed yet(refund me for the money I spent). As with all of these games, it's impossible to progress beyond a certain point without spending money. A good game for a few months, but now uninstalled.. it's really generous for now . I do like it. Dope game! As good as wwe supercard if not better..

Used to love this game until the last update. Better to improve aspects of the game rather than just adding more of the same each update - card tiers...theres enough at least for now. The packs are expensive and always receive one of the worst cards possible. Time to delete.. Could be better why Jordan ain't in the game. it's the best I'm learning from it can't wait for updates I have a question is the 22 drafts rookies' cards in the game. THIS GAME IS FUN BUT DATA IS SOO ANUYING SOO LAG MY DATA IS SO VERY IDIOT. I really enjoy playing this card and I don't watch nba but, I'm a big fan of the Card Game though.

Runs for about 4 seconds then crashes..

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