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The essence of the Nebulous game is the control of a small planet moving in space. The player will have to make strategic decisions, increasing the size of the planet or absorb space elements. But you will not be alone in the universe. There will also be other players around you in space, and you must move away from them so that you are not swallowed up. To do this, you need to constantly increase in size.

Nebulous Gift Codes
List of Gift Codes Expiration date
HCSQ05TLY4J August 24, 2022
35KLP09ZTC August 18, 2022
21OVDC74J September 21, 2022
Z4078RSNWBC September 25, 2022
OF1K73IY26PE October 4, 2022
6BZQFG2NMD0 September 11, 2022

You can control your planet on the screen with your finger. Point to where the planet should fly off, or use the joystick. You can also control the accelerometer. It will not be easy, because every second many planets will fly in front of you, increasing in size.

But if you pass a certain level, you will have unusual abilities. The planet will get a chance to bifurcate, and the opponents will not be able to eat you so quickly. After all, the larger the size, the slower the movement in space. In addition, there will be a second ability, you will be able to shoot at high speed at black holes, which can destroy opponents, splitting them apart.

In the process of playing Nebulous, you can easily deal with all the delights of this exciting arcade game. If you like simple mechanics, different types of controls, nice graphics and an addictive game, download the Nebulous app!

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