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Imagine that your girlfriend is a pretty streamer, selfish, unstable, periodically taking psychotropic substances or alcohol, and right during the next stream. For some, it’s a real nightmare, but for others, it’s just some kind of holiday. Is it hard to imagine this? Nothing, for this there is a wonderful game Needy Streamer Overload (aka Needy Girl Overdose), a kind of simulator of a boyfriend and producer of a popular streamer who can save or destroy this capricious “angel”.

I will make a man out of you…

The girl’s name is Ame, she has a really difficult character and an unstable psyche – either she gets depressed and cannot do anything without our approval, or she is passionately fond of something, hysterical and even threatens. And if we ask for forgiveness, it requires us to send a selfie where we are on our knees. In general, a girl with character.

Needy Girl Overdose: Обзор

Yes, she has strange desires.

But as soon as the stream starts, she turns into a cute, pink, sexy cutie under the nickname OMGkawaiiAngel or KAngel, who flirts with fans and does everything to please the average otaku. Including conducts sexual streams 18+ on the topic “Do you like how I eat ice cream?”.

An ordinary girl smoothly transforms … smoothly transforms …

Our task as a boyfriend and producer is to help the “angel” gain as many subscribers as possible. To do this, you need to choose the topics of the streams (sex, anime, conspiracy theories, drinking new drinks live and even talk about lobotomy – the options are constantly updated!) and moderate them, deleting offensive messages and choosing comments that KAngel will read out. As a result, we see how many subscribers have increased, and we read the girl’s tweet about it. By the way, she also writes to us on Twitter (but more in a personal message) and periodically discusses our relationship with subscribers there.

Needy Girl Overdose: Обзор

The tweets are sometimes quite provocative.

In addition, we study what they write about KAngel on the Web (you can find topics for the next tweet from a girlfriend), we make video streams when we watch anime, horror or something else with a girl, and we do a lot more. In general, a lot of time is devoted to communication with a girlfriend – Aim constantly writes something, asks, consults or, as I already mentioned, gets hysterical and promises to kill if we cheat on her. If we don’t answer, he threatens to leave. And they rarely give answers with words – basically you need to use emoticons.

Needy Girl Overdose: Обзор

And here you can’t answer with a smiley.

Boyfriend, producer and psychoanalyst rolled into one

Along with all this, you need to ensure that Aim does not fly off the coils. The girl has three main parameters – the level of stress, the indicator of love for us, as well as the level of clouding of reason. All these streams and other activity on the Web not only add the number of followers, but also increase the indicators of stress and cloudiness.

There are several options to reduce them. You can go out with Aim for a walk in the city – shopping, cafes and so on. You can play the console together, make her sleep at least sometimes, and not stream, and drink your psychotropic pills – well, of course, strictly observing the recommended dosage. But the most effective thing is having sex, which makes Aim love us even more.

There are no explicit scenes here – everything is played decently and ironically.

True, you can’t overdo it with love either. If her level is too high, then the girl may decide that the relationship with you is alienating her from her fans / subscribers, and will simply leave you. And one of the endings is called “Nymphomaniac” – there is no other action left in it, except for having sex.

Needy Girl Overdose: Обзор

She talks about anime and superhero movies with the most serious air.

In general, there are two dozen endings in Needy Streamer Overload. And it may turn out that our heroine, full of love, in the absence of stress and frustration, will quit streaming and start living a real life – we will actually save her. But there are a lot of options when she somehow goes off the rails – from the abundance of subscribers who like her everywhere, haters or, for example, psychotropic substances.

Needy Girl Overdose: Обзор

After each ending, new pictures are added to the gallery.

However, Needy Streamer Overload is not so much about knocking out all possible endings and not a set of obvious theses from the series “Their morals, or Where the youth is heading”. This is a well-written, well-aimed adventure that both sneers at modern Internet culture and is itself a part of it, quite seriously exploring this issue from the inside. But most importantly, it is also an opportunity for surprisingly strong involvement in the fate of a virtual character. Because when this girl suddenly writes to you that it is too painful for her to continue to live, and asks what to do, you really want to calm her down, hug and spam the chat with hearts, completely forgetting about her virtuality.

Pros: unusual concept; the main character is well developed and is perceived as alive; simple but interesting gameplay; original visual style.

Cons: a lot of routine actions; The music keeps repeating and gets annoying.

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