APK - Updated on January 14, 2023

The main character finds himself in a post-apocalyptic world filled with various dangers. To counter them, the player must collect artifacts and minerals, craft weapons, and fight against their own organism. Using available resources and endlessly developing his skills, the hero will have to overcome various obstacles and stay alive as long as possible. At the same time, other characters are constantly moving around the map, who want to destroy the player and take away rare items from him.

The diverse gameplay of NEO Scavenger is accompanied by minimalistic graphics, which makes the game work even on weak devices. At the same time, the application has a clear interface with many parameters and settings. If necessary, users can change the translation into Russian.

The gameplay takes place in several modes. To begin with, the user should go to a free sandbox, where survival becomes his main mission. Having become acquainted with the rules of the game and having mastered the basic skills, the hero can go through the story campaign. Here he will not only take care of his own well-being, but also perform interesting tasks of varying degrees of complexity. For the successful completion of the quest, the character will receive experience points, money and rare weapons that will allow him to fight off enemies.

The entire gameplay in NEO Scavenger is geared towards the needs of professional players who want to be tested in harsh conditions. The hero enters the map with an empty inventory and minimal skills: they must be developed as you progress. At the same time, the player must satisfy physiological needs in time so as not to die of hunger or overwork. However, the hero can get sick or get seriously injured, which will weaken him for a long time. If the player does not save his character, then the little man will die, and the passage will start again.


Having satisfied the needs of the body, the user can go to explore the territories. Each of the locations provided by the game has its own disadvantages and advantages, which must be used for your own purposes. The user must collect resources, process them and turn them into weapons and equipment. Initial equipment has low durability and combat capability, but over time, the character will learn to create stable weapons with high damage.

Additional Benefits

The realism of NEO Scavenger reaches incredible heights, which allows players to experience all the delights of survival. The weather is constantly changing in the game, which affects not only health indicators, but also the performance of certain actions. Also, the hero has a very limited inventory, so he must correctly select loot, choosing the most necessary from it. If the character is still tired and tired from constant stress, he can go to the city of Detroit to recuperate, complete missions and bargain with weapon sellers.

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