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The December Change is actual with events and outfits, a model new Survivor Transfer, and more! Introducing NEW STATE MOBILE, the model new Battle Royale recreation developed by PUBG STUDIOS, the company behind PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG). Dive into expansive Battlegrounds, look for strategically positioned weapons, cars, and consumables, and fight for survival in an ever-shrinking play area. Experience the action-packed thrills and gameplay as you fight to develop to be the ultimate one standing!

NEW STATE Mobile Mod APK (Unlimited UC)

Hello krafton I like this game very much it's like pubg battlegrounds pc (erangel) but when I entering the game app crashing at2times. NEEDED NEW/UPGRADE MAPS (MIRAMAR,VIKENDI,SANHOK)!!!. Why the game is not opening. With 5g stable connection, the game is saying server problem.. My game crashes unexpectedly after the loading screen for the lobby. You guys need to fix this issue asap. I want to continue playing this game without any problems. Hope you guys could fix this.. I would give 5 star with all these great things in game but due to very low texture graphics I'm removing 1 star from rating. Please fix the 2D textures of trees and bushes it feels horrible to see in a game like this before it was alright but right now it feels terrible.So kindly fix this and that's everything for now if there will be any improvement in future I'll return that 1 star.. Good game . But need to fix some more features.

This game glitch in realme c35. When is bgmi coming back to India pls give details. New State Mobile is the best game. I would like the level 2 helmet to be like PUBG mobile. This is a very happy game .

Crashing when even in entering the lobby.then it is waste of data.This game may be not for low end devices.. WHY THIS GAME IS EXIST DON'T NEED. I've play this game for almost 1 year. But idk nearly december 2022 till now, the game almost force close for every time i reach the lobby. Please fix it.. When iam installing it stooped because we have to give 5star rating. This game crash rapidly , when i open it. Please fix this problem new state team..

lets see when will they fix the game crash bug.. Game is better than PUBG, but at night time always can't connect server. I play PUBG, watch movie also no problem. Only new state got this connection issue, no matter use wifi and mobile data. Graphics need a lot of work. I am rating it 4 stars because I am playing this game from 6 months and every 2 months when I am opening this game It is saying "unable to connect server" and the graphics are not good even I playing in 90 fps this game need some work thanks Otherwise this game is very good. Game crash nonstop! Did many methods such as clearing data or install the game again. Don't fix it! Stay trash!.

The game crashing everytime I opened it , It just load halfway through the whole screen went black suddenly the shutting down itself. I was in a match suddenly it got glitch to my mic and then I tried to restart it but unfortunately it shows unable to connect the server . Love your game but I don't have a lot of clothes in game. Nothing change afyer year still get unstable connection. Now i like this game very much Smooth gameplay and graphics Definitely going to recommend this game to all my friends and relatives specially kartik.

Took very long time for matching and not also lot of bots only on battlefield. Not optimised lags so much it's not good and due to unreal engine it's hard to control and fire. Jssjhfiflshddirodjdororkfhffjfjkerjrnelejrnrlekrbr a lot more work to be happy Birthday day jsjsjsh a good day I extend to be the same to u soon you beta version to padhati you beta god of hope you had any issues you beta version to file an you are interested please. I WAS TRYING FRM PAST 2 DAYS N IT'S NOT INSTALLING ON MY PHONE. The game is good but we need PVE mode.

This game needs way more optimization.. Codm runs way smoother then this. Koi kam ka game nahi hamesa network problem aata hai jab bhi khelo pura mobile hang ho jata hai or ek match bhi aache se khel nahi pate. is it still ban in India?continuesly showing unstable connection .on 5G also!!!!!!!. New State Mobile Of Problem Bad Choose to people all Good or Bad. Every gun got a red dot and you're unable to remove it Make it optional Otherwise the ADS sensitivity settings are completely useless, remove that. Update: how on earth would the developer options forbid me from removing red dots from weapons? Fine I'll download it again sometime, turn off dev options, and see.

Installation not happening after download. The app is not installing even after complete download.. Not working in POCO x3 still. Pubg vare bad bame Free fire bast game of world. Data cut so much when I play one match it finish like 40-50mb and when I open the game it finish like 50mb and I can't get in to the game sometimes.. Server connection problems Ping problems Glitch Unstebl connection problems And many more I'm go back to Free Fire.

Suffering from Continues Crash of game after entering in Lobby. This Bug is started after add new lobby of New Year eve, We can't play normally after restart it 4 to 5 time, Krafton. Inc please resolved this bug and give us stable patch update.. new update is crash i can't open the game. too much bugs, frames are getting stuck and now its getting off when im trying to open it.. Ok, so I've had this game for months, it's not a bad game alright. This game looks great and has some cool accessories for your character and some nice gun skins. My biggest issue I have with New State Mobile, which I also have with PUBG Mobile, is that they overly rig everything that you try to get for money. I'm sad to say that I've spent hundreds of dollars trying to get things that I want in this game and regret it. If it wasn't for that this game would be perfect. Just very disappointed.. I can't even press the start button then the game crashes, what happened? I used to love the game but now I'm stating to feel frustrated, pleaaaseee fix it.

Hey KRAFTON.I Install New State And I Change Character's Cloth & Style And I Cornformed And Your System Says''Process Failed''. hi i am new player in this game plese give me some daimond. It is not working on my phone it is crashing stupid game. The developers are doing nothing to make it better....The game keeps on exiting after successful login....Still a trash game.... Worst game it's just crashing again and again I'm trying to play this but can't.

Dear krafton team please do something for pubg mobile to be unbanned in India or battlegrounds mobile do something. After new update always disconnected so much disappointed. As expected, mind blowing game It is very amazing, on the other side it is just like a robotic nature better not than bgmi, but really nice to play... They should make it's nature and environment more realistic... That's it. Apps keeps on crashing while playing in redmi note 9 pro. New state mobile developers when I downloaded this game after installing it shows error please fix it and give my wastage data.

Dear new state team please bring duo match in this new state game it's our request.. I came back installing this Game because I thought it is good now after a months of updates, but it looks like server is still the huge issue like before, can't even sign in and download resources. Well looks like I'm gonna go back to PUBG Mobile by Tencent. Did not download This game sucks. After this update, I cannot enter the lobby and the ping is disturbed. Please optimize the game server. Thanks. Dear krafton team Plz fix the game automatically closed glitch plz krafton many peoples has issue the game is automatically closed when he entered in the lobby plz fix as soon as possible .

I really love this game.. there is many problems..that is The shoulder shoots crookedly.. and second is server connection problem many times suddenly I exited the game by self in lobby Nd home screen.. third is you didn't save guest account you just only saved FB and Google account.. that's why... now I lost my only one guest account.. I lost my everything what I save in this game.. what can I do now?? how can i get my old guest account?? Fixed the all issues.. we had many pblm. please help !. Improve some grafic than goine to be next level..... Downloaded this game.. After installing time. Saying....sorry we have some problem.. This game is waste my 1.5GB Neternet data.. . Graphics are good but Game-mechanics are worst in this game.... I have had various ways to overcome the problem of the game not running smoothly and it has gotten worse since the pre season. I'm very unhappy because when I'm at war the game gets stuck and shows my wifi is not strong but my wifi is very strong, when I play other online games everything is fine and there's no problem about wifi but when I play in pubg new state it gets stuck and not going well. I HOPE PUBG NEW STATE CAN FIX THIS PROBLEM LIKE PRE SEASON NO SLOW INTERNET PROBLEM.

I can't play. The game resets as soon as the main lobby screen loads. I have Mi poco X3. I don't like it!. Bring new update. Fix the lobby Crash error. Poco X3 NFC. i play this game about 2 years but now the games is bad service...i will just unstall...need to fix this app. Bad optimization, it lags but when I lower the graphics I get more lag...the buttons are too small, should be able to change the size of buttons and make a custom hud layout.. very nice game better then free fire max.

Green flares and redeployments made me quit playing this game. It turned BR into a deathmach.. Its great but I would like a Vs AI mode not siege but still it's great U made it. I just installed this game and it shows that server is not available n all. Doesn't have any sense to play it if the server isn't working. It's Awesome! But needs to fix mic issues as whenever I turned on the mic to speak with teammates then it automatically switch to loud speaker of my phone! Then I have to remove the earphone and plug it in the jack again to hear the sound from the earphone! Please fix this ASAP! And also so much network lag! Why matchmaking takes so long!? I can't even play battle royale!. Hello Krafton. The game has got touch issues. It sometimes don't register touches, and i can confirm there is no problem with my screen. In both lite and ultra settings, the ground literally looks like a sand paper. There is absolutely no improvement in terms of graphics..

Not supported on pixel 4a. To bad . best part that pubg new state is optimise. Why game is crashing again and again.... Be advised, warzone mobile is coming to occupy your market, so,Optimize graphics and fps in More devices and add more features and maps like livik.New State is king cause of its mechanism . Fun have finished on this game. worst ever .

Worst app try to open app they redirect to me on home screen Force close redmi not 9 pro max old classic pubg is best this is not 10% of pubg copyy uninstall app never come again to play I don't recommend this. If any one love pubg please don't go to play your expectations is going to ruined this is copy version. classic pubg is rare this not note even 10% of PUBG. Dead game. Players still resort to PUBG Mobile ..

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