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Greetings to all readers. This is my first blog on SG. So feel free to point out my miscalculations and mistakes.

I am a child of the early 00s, and I started playing normal triple play only about 8 years ago. Mostly I played games of the 10s, and from the 90s-00s I played cult series, but I never really dug deep into that game industry. Therefore, now I decided to delve into it and evaluate the games of that time from the point of view of a modern player.

I love stealth / immersive games: I played the first parts of Splinter Cell, I enjoy the cyberpunk world of Deus Ex, I love Arcane’s Dishonoreds and Prey. Yes, my first major games were the adventures of Ezio and Agent 47. But I met the father of stealth action only last year. MGS (1998) even after almost 20 years is great to play, it has a lot of nice little things and mechanics, unique bosses, a great storyline. Unless the graphics give out the venerable age of the masterpiece. However, to fully understand the plot of the first Solid, it was necessary to play the first two MG. And I realized this only closer to the finale, so now it’s time to close the personal gestalt and play Metal Gear (1987).

Presented by Konami and Hideo Cojima

Newfag Eyes: Metal Gear (1987)

Get ready for a 512×512 aspect ratio, after all the game originally came out on MSX2

Solid Snake, newcomer to the FOXHOUND squad, arrives at Outer Heaven to destroy the now-legendary Metal Gear walking tank. The commander of the Big Boss squad helps him on the radio and 3-5 hours of gameplay awaits you.

It should be understood that the game is already 35 (!) years old, so you are unlikely to see plot revelations here. You will not really know where Outer Heaven came from and who you are at war with. Terrorists? Soldiers of another state? You will learn more about this in later parts.

The main goal of the game is the same as in Solid 1, but between the beginning and the end of the story you will not see cool cutscenes, unique boss fights and constant betrayals (there will be one, but players who know at least a little of the series will figure it out quickly enough). Nevertheless, the plot is still interesting to follow, even though it is simple.

Newfag Eyes: Metal Gear (1987)

Hideo broke the fourth wall 35 years ago

Canonical box

But here’s what is worked out 100% here is the gameplay. The game is full of unique situations and opponents. It is a pleasure to play the stealth game: each location is a kind of puzzle, you need to quickly make decisions on how and in what sequence to remove enemies or simply bypass them, hiding in the back streets from their eyes and cameras. It makes no sense to eliminate all opponents, even if you leave the room and immediately return to it, exactly the same number of enemies will immediately spawn in it.

Newfag Eyes: Metal Gear (1987)

By the end of the game, you should have an inventory of all sorts of things, most of which, God forbid, will be required in 2-3 places

The inventory will slowly but surely be replenished with various pass cards and unique things, such as a gas mask, a mine detector and already a meme box. The game has elements of metroidvania, and Snake will have to do infrequent (but still) backtracking. At some point, you will probably forget which door which card works on (and it’s impossible to understand visually). So be prepared for death at the door, simply because you did not have time to pick up the right one (the moment with two “terminators” as an indicator).

And what about the action? Here it is, but it is extremely difficult to play with a raised alarm. Shooting is generally fine, but the alarm goes down if you’ve cleared all the enemies in the area, and it only supports a maximum of 4 enemies. It seems simple, but if you kill the enemy, then after a conditional 10 seconds a new enemy will come from another location. So you need to kill enemies quickly and most importantly of all. But not all locations work correctly with such mechanics.

Newfag Eyes: Metal Gear (1987)

A typical “maze” location, I can’t kill the enemies from behind the wall, but because of the alarm, they will always summon fighters. There is only one way out: run to neighboring locations and kill bobbleheads there

The arsenal here is rich. And an ordinary pistol with a silencer, and a radio-controlled rocket, and mines. True, only two guns and hand-to-hand combat are suitable for stealth. The rest gathers dust only until rare alarms and boss battles.

Boss battles are not bad, but almost all of them are played on the principle of “take the right gun and just use it to mess around.” Exceptions: Metal Gear itself, which must be blown up in the correct sequence, and “Captain Boomerang”, which hides behind hostages, and it is advisable not to hit them.

Soldiers in different locations are dressed in different uniforms … but all as one are removed from three shots or strikes

Common enemies include soldiers who only look in a straight line, so in open locations they are easy enough to bypass. Less common are dogs and cameras. On the roofs of buildings there are “carlsons” that will burn you even in a box. Against them, one tactic is running. There are scorpions, mines and lasers in a couple of places, but they can be fought using unique equipment. But from what there is no protection, it is from the trash drum and holes in the floor, it seems to me that I most often died from them, including because of their strange hitboxes.

Newfag Eyes: Metal Gear (1987)

Here are a couple of “carlsons”

Another “opponent” is sometimes a truck. It can take Snake to a random location on the map, so be careful when getting into them.

Newfag Eyes: Metal Gear (1987)

Newfag Eyes: Metal Gear (1987)

Funny optical illusion: a truck outside and inside. There is clearly a problem with scaling.

Oddities and problems

I did not use the radio and did not contact the members of the resistance. More precisely, he tried, but there was silence on the lines. Only Jennifer was able to help me, because without her you can not get a certain weapon. Perhaps the problem is that at first I communicated without an antenna, and when I received it, I no longer tried to communicate.

A couple of times I got into the passage, because I did not understand where to find individual things. For example, you can find the uniform of an enemy soldier without any clues. She hides behind a weak wall in a location with a labyrinth, which must be blown up. And yes, they told me that not all walls are strong and they need to be tapped, but that was a couple of locations ago, and visually you can’t understand it in any way, like with maps and doors. With all the other important walls it was clear, but not with this one.

Newfag Eyes: Metal Gear (1987)

And how to understand that? Is it possible to break through all the walls?


Despite its venerable age, the game turned out to be surprisingly excellent. Not particularly heavy (I played on the Original), but a couple of times the question arose “What to do next, where to run?”. Yes, the plot here is not as exciting as in MGS1, but it keeps the intrigue. The gameplay is different and varied, constantly throwing up new enemies and situations. The music is good, but not enough. Wishlist added to the sequel (what a wishlist, uncle, it’s not in steam, not in gog)

P.S. By God, I did not think that I would come with the very first game in my “rubric” so far in time. In general, I thought to take games from the late 90s-late 00s into this category, as in the Debriefing, but something clearly went wrong. Sorry, pixel lovers, but I still like more 3d graphics and polygons) So don’t expect such retrogaming from me.

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