Hướng dẫn - Updated on January 4, 2023

At the beginning of March, the original Dying Light got a patch that improves performance on consoles Sony. At that moment, when asked when such an update will reach the Xbox, Techland limited to a dry “soon” – it finally it has come.

The patch has already been released and added new display modes, which on paper are almost identical to those on the PlayStation:

  • Xbox Series X – three graphics modes:
    • “Performance” – 60 fps, 1080p.
    • “Balanced” – up to 60 fps, 1440p.
    • “Quality” – 30 fps, 4K.
  • Xbox Series S и Xbox One X:
    • “Performance” – 30 fps, 1080p.
    • “Quality” – up to 30 fps, 1440p.

In addition, the developers introduced a new network system based on the EOS solution. It will increase the stability of the connection during co-op races.

Meanwhile Techland keeps adding to Dying Light 2 varied content. For example, one of the latest in zombie action was parkour tests. The first story DLC should see the light of day in June.

Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One

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