Game Mobile - Updated on December 31, 2022

Launching during the rest of January. The game brings the novelty of a cross-cutting method set in the context of Tet to spring. You can experience it directly at the site. To have the flexibility to eliminate hassles that arise while searching. It is best to download this dummy right here in a very quick time. It is usually horribly protected and reliable.

The world of Ninneko is all fascinating biographical stories. They continued on lands full of inexperience. It was a peaceful life like any other species. But for some purposes has fueled friction between them. But the NInneko species has been corrupted into factions led by specific individual customers. But fight with evil forces that have been invaded by evil concepts.



Become a guardian or capture the one who raised Ninneko in this world. Discover methods to take care of them from the basics. Like upgrading, equipping equipment, or using potions. So they may soon reach new ranges. Each level is like the fact that you have opened portals that add attributes to their combat vitality.

Mechanism of struggle

With a turn-based battle mechanism familiar to longtime passionate gamers. You may not feel at all that this makes it a hassle with your intention of calculating your steps exactly. More because of the turn-based combat mechanism. Is a solid stage for gamers who are passionate about making the most of it. To impart advantage to your entire team.

Continuous PVP PVE

Experience Ninneko together with your ecstatic directing moments. Get the benefit of one-on-one battles while collaborating across the entire space. The ideas of confronting fight and stopping Ninneko’s vitality. A strong configuration will not be too rich, you should have sharp methods. Only then can it make a breakthrough in the whole game situation?

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