Game Mobile - Updated on April 9, 2022

Noah Guardian owns relatively large revenue related to retailer CH Play. This makes it easy for potential Android customers to download. Only be granted access to your mobile device. Potential customers can download it instantly with a fairly simple operation. Setup won’t take too long throughout the day.

The source material for the story’s content related to the character’s upgrade journey is often private. Avid players will likely role-play and fight from a third-person perspective. Your journey will likely involve companions contained in the wonderland. Complete the race for the defending champion’s ranking. Start the race immediately with no time limit.

Noah Guardian

What is Noah Guardian?

Put yourself into the rules of the game Noah Guardian. Avid players will certainly have the ability to explore the land and switch freely on the map. The point of view of a personality makes it so much more amazing and attractive. In order not to be eliminated, you can also scramble for stuff by defeating enemies. Take a look at your skills to understand your advantage. A game for experienced masters.

Hero Biography

Each hero has a story that makes them known to many people. You will discover behind the door that they hide the horror film due to this enlarged reality. Unlock the story synthetically along with your companion’s conceptual diploma. It’s worth recruiting heroes from completely different dimensions. Will allow you to get closer to the trail of a worthy and top warrior.

Important lineup

Gather a team of core and important members to fight. Ride through each wave and challenge the devil to earn the joy of winning. Your Noah Guardian squad will be the strongest while you will most likely be able to get the most out of your heroes. Collectively by collaborating in breathtaking PK missions and battles. Create an educational routine to boost your strength.

Download ( V1.1.0 )
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