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Not Available 2 Mod APK 11.1.02 (Free Shopping)

Had fun time with this game, farewell.. i downloaded and it only said failed to obtain version update information pleases fix this. Just install it now but it doesn't open anymore. Please update it.. Its so best game in the world.... Is this game still active? I really want to play this game.. I can't enter the game it wrote failed to obtain update.

I love this game so much, especially I love the anime InuYasha, but it made me sad because it's closing I feel sad about who want to play your game I hope this game will never end. I am really fan of Inuyasha But I love this App.. please add some character.. SETSUNA, TOWA, MOROHA, and Gyokuto or izayoi or others.. thanks for making this app.. GREATT!!. It was good but cice 12days i did not play it just go back to start. This game is fun but facebook can't accept it. I really love and enjoyed this game. I hope that this is not the goodbye. Knowing that this game servers will be closed by January 7, 2021. I just started playing early December 2020 and ive been enjoying it so far. Please extend this game until January 2023 if possible. Thanks.

The servers are full i cant play can you make another one???. its good, but i hope you can make another one like Peter Pan. please my birthday is comming on New Year i hope you can do it for me. Nice game, it make me amaze-. It is don't plays i not lakes. I love this game but can you add a offline mode please .

Wwooooowww this is my favorite anime ever since 7 year old ahhaha tthhhaannkk yyoouu. Skin is very very very very very very very good. This is the amazing game i have ever played but WHY?? Are you going to close this game on December 30 i hope you don't do it and are you gonna REOPEN it??????????????????????????????????. THANKFULLY THIS GAME WILL BE CLOSED SOON...THE DEVELOPERS SHOULD HAVE CLOSED THE GAME SOONER.... I HOPE ANOTHER INUYASHA GAME WILL BE RELEASED SOON...MORE ENJOYABLE THAN THIS STINKING GAME... THIS GAME DON'T DESERVE ANYTHING AT ALL..... WHY ARE YOU CLOSING THE GAME??? whyyy? people already invested time and money here. it is a very great game, brings back the memories. i dont understand the sudden announcement, everything is going fine but 🙁 ..

I love this game because Inuyasha is my favourite anime. I hope U can add voice to a character when used skills.... I can not login, why all sever is full. Please create new sever.. This is the best game ever I love inuyasha. Is really great game, skill effect and character are also fantastic and feels like the player is in Animae World for real life. Also the Story line remind me an Inuyasha animae series to watch again.. How can I go to the newest server? I downloaded the app several times but it can't go to the newest server that's why I can't play the game. Someone please help..

2 stars for now. I can't play because the servers are full. Sadly im so excited to play this because I'm a fan of inuyasha.. I have been watching this movie. And now it's have a game.. This games is very good but you should ban rude players. What the fudge? I can't log in. It says max limit reach and all of the servers are crowded? So how can i play this?. I love it,but i wish Moroha,Towa,Setsuna is there but still i love the graphics it's like the real thing,but i hate it if you add a partner it takes out all the fun your computer controlled partner does all the work,and i wish Sesshomaru is a free character.

This awesome because I love watch Inuyasha. Inuyasha awakineng is the best game ever. This, is the best GAME ever. Creator, I would Like to Suggest If You can Add Some Voice line Acting on the game, That would Be Cool Hehe And just A Suggestion. For Sure This Will Be The Coolest Game I Ever Play if you add Some Voice acting On This. You can Use The Japanese Voice Actings But The Lines Are English, Thank you. The Game so Awesome! LOVE IT Please add voices for the character and music..

This game is fricking good the graphic s is good I still want inuyasha that has medoi zangetshu. Invalid mds whats that it kepps downloading Again and again what the? thanks for your response here 1 star for you if my game fix ill give you 5 star and unlimited likes please fix the problem here i dont know how to write a comment in your fb account please. The best game i ever played in my life thank you so much for inventing this game and i say stop what you are doing And install this game but there are bugs Other than that its a great game. I liked because i got kikyo.. The graphic of this game is the best among the best. I just wish there can be more cooperation activities between players. In this game, we can only team up with our friends in Seal Land. But Seal Land dugeon is so easy it's mostly a few hits kill. What's the points of teaming up?.

MY FAVORITE ANIME GAME 4REVER THANKS FOR MAKING . I like the game. It was easy to play and the animation was good but when ever I play with a team and when the battle is finished it just shows 'loading' for like an eternity! And I can't get the rewards. Can you please help me with this problem?. Its my FAv Anime gameeeee omgggv. all server Max reached i can play. Love this game. Hope they extend the time limit of claim stamina. Also, it would be great if they add voice to the characters and more music to the game..

Its very good but the game keep stoping in my phone. It has my son's favourate characters and stories and his favourate character which is Inuyasha and Inuyasha's final form.. I download this game october22 2020 but the servers are all crowded so o can't play it now i have to wait. Please make a more reasonable Prices in recharge, in my currency $0.99 is like 56.. Server is always full all server im not enjoing it i cant play it.

Why I can't enter the game my phone is Samsung galaxy grand prime. I have nothing to say,this game is awesome. This game is very good. But I have an issue that's why I gave it 4 star review. The PvP is so lag even though I have a strong WiFi, just fix the lag issue. Still, this game is very cool. Thanks Developer!. I like all anime because i love inuyasha and the other anime called love and lies. Please add more partners like hakodushi and hoshiyomi.

Its a good game my favourite anime graphics is good. Oh my god guys you gotta play this game now but please gaming god make this game offline please.. Pay for a MYR4.30..but didn't have what I buy for. It's okay but this game has a big mb pls can you make it smaller I rate five star for this game.. Your game is good but your game often hangs so I always reconnect again but still he always hangs / lags but he has time to hang / lag every 30 minutes.

WOW THIS GAME IS THE BEST THERES A WHOLE LOT OF CHARACTERS TO OWN THIS GAME IS AMAZING. i love it cause i watch it on tv always. It's a great game.Nice graphics and very easy to learn the mechanics and controls. I recommend this game to all of anime lovers especially to batang 90's.. The huge problem for Google play store now every franchise game is online without any offline options to play im an old school gamer would better for Google play store if every franchise game has offline option to play. Inuyasha is awsome i watch it on animax and i already watch is 100th episoed it still had alot of episoedes to watch maybe it will reach to 200 but i will install this game insted cause it looks awsome and im a fan of Inuyasha.

My favourite anime game,I really love Kagome and Inuyasha =^ w ^=. I love this game.. and have a NC graphics and so ez to get ssr hero wow.. Game always crashes. There's a lot of bug. I hope you address this.. After giving 5 star review the game go haywire. Not sure if the 5 star is worth giving. Game is best, and i like it.

I love this game and i wish to see inuyasha in personal. Again fix all the bugs and bring new events please and new partners/character!. Hey developer! I'm so disappointed on your , I keep on losing everytime its because your game keeps on freezing, fix it!. The game is great but somehow I need to delete it but I let me play this time "it bugged a little bit"I can enter game tho but the fox tingy in don't remember name tho it keep saying to upgrade my inuyasha attack even tho I already upgraded it but nice game btw I like this game very nice. It keeps on disappointing me. You know what youre "spinning game is not cool it doesnt match to golden tickets", lately it keeps on freezing.. fix it now!.

The game's fine overall but it gets boring real fast..

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