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2051, when Earth reached the aim of no return, humanity wanted to desert its residence and migrate to outer space. It wasn’t until 2064 habitable planet named NOVA was discovered, the place humanity could assemble its new home. Peace didn’t want ultimately be prolonged sooner than the treacherous Empire invaded and pillaged NOVA. Refusing to let their new residence get destroyed like Earth, people formed the “NOVA Guardians” and began their resistance in opposition to the Empire’s invasion…

NOVA Fantasy Airforce 2050 Mod APK 9.5.0 (Latest Version)

Stuck in loading at 60% - Failed to request resource server address. Reinstalled couple of times, with no luck. Please fix it!. very nice game keep it up.. i love it. the game looks pretty familiar. one thing's for sure, this is less less challenging. After an update from black screen, the latest update is now stuck at 20 loading.. Best ship arcade until now(i am a critic) . No joke. GJ Nova Admin. Like skyforce as in has ripped assets, but worse..

Close button on most the ads don't work or too small on purpose to make you go to product page. Very annoying, make it easier to close the adverts after having to watch so many!. Ok game but each chapter is very short. Hard work sometimes, and have to increase weapons efficiency all the time. User id 182001 I have linked on Facebook.. but when i trying to link on another phone...the game is starting from beginning..from facebook itself m doing it... please help me with it...I have tried alot ..??. Crashes very often. Full of bugs. A shame because it's quite a good game for 5 minutes until it disappears again..

lots of non stop action. Jules Marion Jolliette Quebec. Will be great if can off vibration while fighting. GM's are not even bothered to respond the messages I had sent it's impossible to get hold of them. You pay to get miscellaneous rewards from battle pass but rewards can't be retrieved. Such a poor game updates not a new content and repetitive quests.. I can't log in to the game, it only stuck on 20% loading. The game is quite good. Recently it started crashing and freezing while playing..

excellent game but too easy, keep it more hard. Same issue...won't load after updating. Very bad update. The developer should have tested before releasing! Update 21 November......there is still a problem loading, now the game partially loads and is stuck at 20%. I guess you didn't test before releasing again. I'm deleting this game permanently. Another update......thank you for replying to my review. I did uninstall and reinstall the app. No problems so far. Good job in responding to the users reviews.. Resources Server Not Found Unistalling App. i am geting bord of this game ther is no development in the game its full of bug. im deleting this game for good.. Yes yes yes, I got my progress back, had to fiddle around with the game quite a bit but it's back .

awesome game hard to put down once you start playing. Was having a lot of fun until I can't even start it. Black screen such a shame... After update I was hopeful as i get an image now but now it's stuck on 20% loading. Almost fixed devs. Looking forward to playing again. My fingers are crossed. Start up problem fixed. Thank you and loving it again. Smooth gameplay. Just to bear with the ads to gain better rewards. Overall it fun to play the game to the end.. Great game im a newbie good game little mini games on the map which i love and also upgrade you ship/plane and other stuff loads of events i play this every day now and im on it a least 1 hour then later i come back on it so great game.. I downloaded this game but it cant open... Please fix this problem so that i am able to play your game....

Finally the game back to normal. But some time hanging. after update.. i cant open game.. it stuck at 20%...if i uninstall and install back will be my progress still there or gone.. i sent email abt that problem.. still support team didnt respon to my email.. hmmm. Update, 25th Nov. No responce from devs, they want you to pay for items in game play, take you money, and then leave the game unloadable. Thank you. 21st Nov(Downloaded the new update just 20 minures ago. The black screen is gone but the game does not load past 20%. Still not fixed ). Waste if time had from level one again I remove this game. After the most recent update it's stopped working..

Cant log in for 3 days. Terrible. Suddenly upon launching the game, all black screen. Update: Now I can login and play as normal.. Latest update fixed the black screen issues. Well done . Just a money spinning pain. So many different things you need to earn you can't keep track of them, and ultimately to get enough you have to watch a million painful ads, or just cough up cash. Visually great. Gameplay awful.. Updated the app to latest version, still cannot load the game, stucked at 20%. Done all bts, like all manner of bts, do not ask me to do more, I am not a s2peed and I know hownl to perform everything. Please fix the issue, cannot enter the game since last night..

UPDATE. The game is now working fine. I've downloaded tons of these games and deleted everyone, this is by far the best and only one on worth playing. It has lovely graphics, great sound and music. Plenty of unlockables and side missions. Excellent Game!!. After this new update i can't access game. Just black screen and nothing is happening, fix it pls, Edit, it's fixed now after new update, thanks. Superb gameplay, addictive. Last error has been solved. Love to play this game. Game is nice but last update still didn't fix the starting issue. It stucks loading at 20% and never moves further. Cannot start the game. (samsung sm g970f). Not working on my device galaxy s21 ultra since the latest update. Just sitting in black screen. P.s. After the next update now the game loads to 20% and gets stuck. P.s.2 Same behavior since the last update. Android version is 13 if that matters.

Was working fine, but not get stuck at 20% loading. When will be fixed ?. Was enjoying the game but since the update it won't load. Much better now it loads. Love the game. Great time waster. Help. Game stuck at 20% load after updating. Do not work on realme GT Master Edition after update. Great game but will only load to 20% after yesterdays update.

One of the better and more polished bullet storm games available and I've played quite a few before this one. It is ad heavy so it is advisable to pay for an ad free experience. After that it is easy enough to farm the ingame currencies. Nice difficulty curve and many ship options. A few days ago the game presented just a a black screen... Now... After the update the loading screen appears but stops at 20% when loading.... This game was awesome until the most recent update. The game is able to get to the loading screen but doesn't get past 20%. I really like this game, and I don't want to uninstall it. Please fix it so we can play this game again!!. I lost my account after uninstall and install the game. I can login only with new account. I used to link it with my gmail.. When I update the game, the loading stacked at 20%, i cant uninstall and reinstall the game becuase i didnt bind in any of my emails. Need help..

bakit ayaw na gumana ng game na to. nice game graphics are very good game play is quite good. Where is my account!!! You delete my account!. After the last update the app only loads as far as 20%. Was going good, enjoying the game quite a bit. Now when I try and open it, I just get a black screen on my phone, and nothing happens no matter how long I wait. Here's hoping for a fix soon. Edit: update fixed black screen issue, but now it's stuck at 20% during loading. Walked away for 20 minutes and same thing. Not fixed for me. Edit 2: uninstall and reinstall fixed it. Adjusted rating to 4 star.

After update my account completely gone. Starting from zero again, this is frustrating. I want refund!!!!!. Good but won't load and unable to play ?. I'm absolute gutted now that my account has been wiped out. Since before the new updates came along.. Funny, because I never got any compensation for not being able to play since that previous update screwed up the game, I was only able to play again as of the new update on Sunday. ORIGINAL: Today's [Thursday, November 17, 2022] update broke the game, starting the game up it goes to a black screen & stays there, game doesn't load at all...!. there is an ongoing error after the new update. its all black when we launched your game. its been going since and you guys didn't even mind checking our concerns on your page...

After update today, when i open this game, it going black screen... 21/11/2022 : great after this update. After updating, i cant login. Stuck on the black screen. Try to uninstall and then re install but the result is the same. What a pity. This is a fun game tbh. Update: it's solved after another update. Game fails to star after latest update.... Reinstall didn't helped. Update: Game is still not working. Devs, if you are reading, please don't push updates on Friday... Update: The game works again, after the latest update. Today, 19/11/2022-- The game totally went blank [empty black screen] for no reason at all. Plz fix it. Thanks. *[Edited: Nvm.. I requested a refund for my purchases from you. Cheers!]. Last week my account google users to save my progress then update November 12, but unfortunately didn't open app because is black screen, then clear data and uninstall, after 2 days later update again nov. 20, back to my install and then choose account (Google Account) and then back my progress, I thought restart from the game, it is my progress I've got over 3M coins and 12K Gems, so thanks my account for safe keeping.

Just had to unistall game & re-install... I've lost everything, having to start from scratch.. With the latest update, the game works again. Thanks!. I can't open the game when I installed the update. Very Bad. after the update I lost my account. all the money spent and the hard work playing is gone. I switched my account using google or FB. still my account is lost. such a .............. What happened? After I updated it, I can't open the app anymore. I already cleared the caches..

After update and open game mobile screen black. What's happened to the game it won't load up since update it done this last time and deleted all my progress I'm on level 22 now and only 50 shards away from getting my dark sirius skin it better come back on with all my progress saved or I'm finished with this game not doing all that again for a 3rd time. Worked fine until this morning. Wouldn't open. Reseted the phone, still nothing. EDIT: uninstall then install again and it worked. LATER EDIT: Same situation today. Uninstall/reinstall, didn't fixed it.. Hello, i need help, since newest update, i cant start the game at all, i already uninstall then install it again, but still cant start the game, my device is s22 ultra snapdragon version. Would love to try this but all I get is a black screen..

I cant play this game after updated. The picture blank & black when i try to play. suddenly after upter update game won't start. My game is screen block out thats why i cannot play anymore fix it . I would give it 5 stars but after the latest update all I get is a black screen. Please fix this issue.. Really enjoying the game but now everytime I open it all I get is a black screen.

Latest update to 9.4. Doesn't load on my Samsung 22 plus. Have tried to uninstall and reinstall still no loading just a black screen. Please update again please ASAP.. After last update i have black screen at startup. Also does a friend of mine. After the update the game is not opening.. Game no longer able to load ... Refund !!!. I can't even play it, I checked the compatibility with my phone which says it meets the requirements, installed it but all I get is a black screen when I try to play..

Game not opening no galaxy s20 plus. Please do something.. What happen, i cannot open the game. I play this game and it's great game but on last update I can't open the game. Like this game but booted it today to only sit on a black screen for more than an hour. Even reinstalled to attempt to fix the problem and that didn't work so guess the games broken now. After updating on November 16, the game doesn't start. Black screen..

Can't launch the game, even after uninstall and reinstall the game... And reboot my phone too.... Black screen. Unable to load after spent hours of gaming. Uninstall and reinstall doesn't helps either. Was hoping to play this game, but would hang at a black screen without loading anything else. Shame, really.. Game doesn't start at all. It's just a blank.. Before this upgrade I'm really love this game. After upgrade can't play anymore.... display blank black. WHY ???.

Been playing for am month but this recently the app won't start. Its just black screen.. I've already reinstall tha app and reboot my phone but still black screen.. After last update, the game shows a black screen at the beginning, appreciat to fix it. I can't open the game after the update. Just stops loading. Black screen of death. After update on 18.11.2022 I am not able to open the game. After reinstalling, not able to open......

We have a major issue since RECENT UPDATE THE GAME WONT LOAD JUST BLACK SCREEN please fix asap i love this game and cant continue utill its sorted. This app cannot working my cellphone. When I touch app from background only appear blackscreen. I cannot play this.. blank screen on vivo v21 5G after update new version, i watch more ads rather than the game itself.. it is ads app. Game got stuck after updating game is not getting start check the issue. Been playing this game for months. But after the latest update my screen is just black when running the game..

good game so far, one day in..... Sky force reloaded ripoff but it's fun. Hey guys great game,but can you please fix the ads problem? I can only use the ad skip vouchers. Help plesse in this area..

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