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Released at the beginning of the year, Sifu not only ruffled the nerves of our editorial staff, but also hundreds of thousands of players. She didn’t give concessions: there were no accessibility settings, they didn’t allow changing the difficulty level – either you learn to play, or you go to watch the walkthrough on YouTube. But this week everything has changed, and now the game is suitable for any category of players – both those who found it difficult and those who want to face an even more difficult test.

From student to teacher

The low level of difficulty was called “Student”. With it, the character has more health and stamina, and the opponents become a little less active – they block much less often than in normal mode. In many ways, the game remains the same: the number of opponents has not decreased, mini-bosses are found in the same places, weapons are in the same place where they were.

This is not to say that in this mode, Sifu turns into a “kintso” and an easy ride. Of course, if you have already completed the game several times, you will feel like a master of Bak Mei style and will scatter everyone right and left. For inexperienced users, this is a more gentle mode and a kind of training before a real battle. You still need to learn how to dodge and react to blows from the other side. But now the player restores health more often, and also ages more slowly – the death counter always adds one year, no matter how often you die.

For beating the game you get two costumes - for good and bad endings.

For the passage of the game give two costumes – for good and bad endings.

The most interesting thing for me was to see how the second boss (Sean) has changed on The Apprentice, who has become the most difficult opponent for part of the audience. As I guessed, he really behaves a little differently – he was deprived of the third phase. In normal mode, when Shaun loses half his health in the second phase, he starts moving twice as fast – this does not happen on easy difficulty. But otherwise, the boss is the same as the rest of the opponents (Fakhar jumps out of bamboo thickets even more often).

In this mode, even trophies are given out, so defeating the final boss at the age of 25 will become much easier, and the rest of the “achievements” will fall out without any problems. The only problem is that because of this, new players will not be motivated to try the “real” Sifu – with a fast aging mechanic, an aggressive second boss, and so on. Through the pause menu, you can only lower the difficulty, but not increase it – you need to start the passage again. And whether someone wants to do it is the question.

The menu now has a dark theme.  True, the detective scheme remains on a light background.

The menu now has a dark theme. True, the detective scheme remains on a light background.

The case of the master is afraid

The highest difficulty level is Master. It is obviously intended only for experienced players, and for good reason. The hero has little health, and by old age the strip becomes completely ridiculous. Endurance is also so-so – you won’t be able to block blows for a long time. And opponents are more dangerous due to the fact that they are more willing to get into a fight. I don’t remember that in normal mode they so actively surrounded the player, and even hit almost simultaneously – you have to dodge many times more often.

The usual situation on the “Master”.

Bosses have a little more new moves. Someone more often makes sweeps, someone “bait” the player to dodge, in order to make a real attack a second later. How the second phase of the battle with Sean works, you can probably guess for yourself. All this makes encounters with bosses that you have already defeated before interesting – sometimes the old tactics work, but sometimes you have to adapt to their new abilities.

The main advantage of both difficulty levels is that the developers did not simply reduce or increase the amount of health of opponents. On the “Master”, for example, I did not feel that ordinary enemies or bosses had to be beaten longer than usual. It’s just harder to fight them, but they didn’t turn into sponges. But the need to re-buy permanent moves does not seem like the best solution, although it is logical – after all, you start the game from scratch.

Different enemies to choose in training are not allowed.

Different enemies to choose in training are not allowed.

Another important innovation was an improved training ground. Now there you can choose as an opponent any enemy that you have already defeated, as well as change the number of enemies. If you want to try a situation in which you need to defeat three aggressive fat men, then this option is available. Well, if you want to improve the result of the battle with some boss, there is no need to immediately run to him – you will come there prepared.

Although at first it seemed that Sifu did not need difficulty levels, now it is impossible to imagine a game without them. The developers have added modes not just for show and made the simplified mode not too easy, but the difficult one is quite passable. Both require an understanding of the basic mechanics, but now inexperienced users will be able to prepare for the standard difficulty, and those who have gone to the “platinum” have a reason to test their skills in more severe conditions. Absolutely everyone was a winner.

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