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Management of a strange reactor.



The game is announced for platforms: Windows, Linux.


The hero’s cat is sick. He had an operation. And there is no money to pay. They gave me 10 days to find 1000 bucks, otherwise… Now I have to go to work at the local nuclear power plant.

The game is filled with good humor. I’ll try not to spoil.

Story link.

Story link.


The gameplay is a speed puzzle.

We customize the name and appearance of the hero and the challenge begins.



The essence of the process consists of several points:

– Solving puzzles you need to hold out for a certain time.

– From a certain stage (almost immediately), it is necessary not only to hold out, but also to increase the pace of the emergence of tasks in order to gain the required amount of energy, again – in time.

Setting goals for management.

Setting goals for management.

In fact, the game is quite difficult. There are several sectors of puzzles, in each of which we can control the speed of their occurrence. Salt of the situation is that they also need to be addressed at the right time (or allowed – in advance), which must be tracked. Increasing the intensity will give you more energy.

It is necessary to click with the mouse at high speed and press a bunch of keyboard buttons. In my opinion – somehow overdone. Or at least it is necessary to give the opportunity to customize the control for yourself. Right now it’s not very realistic to be able to do everything. You need to press letters and numbers, arrows and some other buttons. And a mouse.

Reactor control is tricky. Not only are there a lot of puzzles, you have to adapt to the rules of each and it’s not easy to solve them on time, but different panels with puzzles can be loaded in the same place, which is even more confusing.

Not everything is open yet.

Not everything is open yet.

The solutions to the puzzles are not immediately obvious. For each one, you also need to read the certificate (once is enough). Fortunately, the steps to take are very simple. The key problem is the lack of time and speed (puzzles, as it were, require solutions at the same time), and not the complexity of the tasks.

Here all the panels are already involved, you can estimate the number of tasks.

Here all the panels are already involved, you can estimate the number of tasks.

If the panel is lit green, then you can postpone the immediate overcoming, if yellow – you should do it right now, red – the reactor is overheating. If the reactor overheats, the game will end.

Something went wrong.

Something went wrong.

There is an endless mode, which becomes available after passing the eighth level. There are only 10 story levels, which is not so much. But the difficulty increases very quickly, it will not be easy to pass. Personally, I’m stuck on the fourth.

Consider the pros and cons of the game, sum up.


+ Simple but nice graphics.

+ Good music and sound accompaniment.

+ Lots of interesting puzzles to solve at the same time.

+ There is an endless mode that opens after overcoming the 8th stage.

+ Good dialogue humor in story mode.

+ Good Russian language text.


+- The complexity of the game quickly becomes almost unrealistic. This has both a plus and a minus. For me, there are too many buttons to press. The loss comes not because you do not understand what to do, but because you lose to the mass of “timers”, each of which must be monitored.


– Not detected. The game corresponds to the declared properties.


A small game with challenging changing puzzle sets and a race against time. If you like this, then the project may be of interest.

Something like this.

Something like this.

PS: Probably did not disclose all aspects, could miss something. I will be glad to supplement / correct the review or answer questions in the course of communication in the comments.

PPS: Steam game page.

All good games!

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