Codes New - Updated on January 22, 2023

Occupation 2.5 is an action-packed sci-fi shooter that takes you into a future world invaded by aliens. Try to survive surrounded by mutants, zombies and other monsters by completing various tasks.

Occupation 2.5
 Codes (2023 February) 3.0.3
All Codes Expiration date
0NWY5RF8M3D March 2, 2023
HC34O06WRZ March 3, 2023
EZ834TGN7 February 25, 2023
RMPEJL95B2Z February 5, 2023
4BLSQ2F93Y7O February 10, 2023
37DCP0NFV4K January 28, 2023
D80WKMGH6VR March 3, 2023
ENZL7JG2S0 January 29, 2023
IMLD7CU6Q March 15, 2023
9AZOL61MJVB February 10, 2023
F87LREVNMKS5 February 26, 2023
JI7SRMYQAZ6 February 17, 2023

You will find a large open world with a variety of characters, dangerous locations and complete freedom of action. Look for new equipment or buy it from merchants, defeat the most powerful enemies and follow the most interesting storyline.

Game Features:

  • nice graphics and various locations;
  • thoughtful and convenient management;
  • the game does not end after completing the storyline.

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