APK - Updated on July 12, 2022

Office Jerk: Free is a fun game where you can relieve stress after a hard day at work by mocking the collective image of your colleague.

List of Cheats Code Expiration date
ZY9NKGJ40QD September 2, 2022
MN205XEVUG August 11, 2022
T42AFS6KZ August 3, 2022
V3U79G5NFBE August 12, 2022
QFZ45LUOXSKY August 6, 2022
WJCQE12PVK8 July 17, 2022

Surely in every office there is such an annoying individual: he comes to work before everyone else, agrees with his superiors in everything, always knows who and how much was absent from the workplace and tediously teaches the life of everyone and everything. And nothing can be done about it. But with Office Jack – you can.

Fuck it for all those moments when your colleagues especially annoyed you.

The essence of the game is to throw all kinds of objects at Jack and watch his reaction.

Throw a crumpled piece of paper, an office stapler, or a raw egg at him. Break a mug with corporate symbols on his head. Throw a cactus at it from the table. Shoot cream cakes, let there be no living space left on his white shirt.

Check how Jack will look if you use a fire extinguisher on him. Throw an aquarium of fish at him (although I feel sorry for the fish, of course), vanilla ice cream or spicy taco sauce. Poke the poor fellow with darts.

A huge arsenal of bullying, more than a dozen funny reactions that change depending on the item used. Jack will not fight back and will not run to complain to his superiors. Imagine the most annoying colleague in his place and come off to the fullest.

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