Codes New - Updated on December 26, 2022

Oil Tanker Transport Offroad Truck Driver is a fun driving and hauling simulator right on your phone screen. Become a fuel truck driver and feel for yourself all the features of this hard work. Set off on the road in a massive truck and get ready for various difficulties. On hilly trails, you will have to show all your skills in driving large vehicles in order to deliver the cargo safe and sound.

Offroad Oil Tanker Truck Driving
 Codes Wiki (2023 February) 3.5
All Codes Expiration date
YL1G6DICNT7 January 26, 2023
15Q9OS0A84 January 22, 2023
72MV86FU9 January 16, 2023
K4L83NHGFSZ February 10, 2023
N93E60YQ7PZV February 1, 2023
1PURJHW3VSY February 21, 2023
L3BMO8PZC0F December 28, 2022
TG4SOQKLU0 February 19, 2023
N3DGHZBVS January 31, 2023
86JSQKLMUAD January 20, 2023
8YCZU5RWVHEJ January 23, 2023
F94SBXUYADE February 1, 2023

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