Game New - Updated on December 13, 2022

A heartwarming recreation of Anne Shirley’s story in Avonlea! Take pleasure in calming, good match 3 puzzle ranges & renovate the Inexperienced Gables. Unlock numerous chapters about Anne’s encounters and makeover! Adventures in Avonlea are on the doorstep!

All of it began when Matthew and Marilla accepted Anne into the family. Follow Anne using her events of true romance, friendship, and tears – all shocking! Watch how her relationship with the townspeople of Avonlea flourishes! “I believed my story at Inexperienced Gables was about to be complete. However, it was solely the beginning.”

Oh my Anne Mod APK 1.0.0 (Free Shopping)

The art is gorgeous, and I really appreciate the sign language + captions used in the opening cutscene! The puzzle game is challenging but fun, and I love playing it. This is one of the best games I've seen in a while, honestly! I've never read the book, but this game makes me want to.. Beautiful art, but too many loading time graphics for the amount of game play. This game is beautiful, but it's impossible to follow the story as only random letters from each word pop up when characters are meant to be speaking. I can't read the quotations from the book and half the time the numbers that tell you how many moves you have or your objective don't show up. So far it's been a frustrating experience.. Don't buy reviews.. Second person to put a review is very nice. Played it for several days. So far, I love it. It is mesmerizing, calming, and relaxing. I love the animations and beautiful art style. If you are a fan of Anne of Green Gable, this game is def for you..

Really polished and nice game.. 5 stars for cute girl and an intro with sign language. God this game is cute.. A pleasant surprise. The art is beautiful and it's fun to relive the story of Anne. She has her very lively and imaginative personality that's infectious. During loading screens you can read some of her fun quotes. Of course the story is not 100% accurate and the fact that Anne can replace a whole fireplace is ridiculous, but I'm really enjoying myself and find playing relaxing.. I was so surprised to see Anne in a fun game app. The art and animation is so beautiful in this puzzle game. The developers put in alot of heart. I can't wait to play more..

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