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The initial impression of the game Okay can be quite ambiguous. After all, it seems that it is so difficult to send a ball into one of the parts of the screen, which will roll out of it anyway? And only then you realize that you turned out to be wrong, because this is a real, and even rather difficult puzzle for those who like to properly train their gray matter.

List of Cheat CodesExpiration date
YLH03UT2ONFSeptember 1, 2022
EN7J2YCLOVSeptember 17, 2022
C5I48PAK0August 14, 2022
SU6W4CVD1IMAugust 28, 2022
NJV4L9T8EPYXAugust 8, 2022
FN3D7LS0CZISeptember 17, 2022

So, before you is your mobile device, on which the application for Android Okay is installed. An object appears in one part of the white screen, and a small ball and a special cursor in the other, which will indicate its direction. Your task is to direct the ball towards the object. In this case, the ball must necessarily hit the object and ricochet from it. Everything is quite simple, as long as there is only one such object on the screen, there are not many of them, or they are very conveniently located among themselves. Further, the task becomes more difficult. It is necessary to direct the movement of the ball so that hitting one object, it ricochets and hits the next. The more items on the screen, the more ricochets will be needed accordingly. This is where the difficulties begin! After all, it’s one thing when everything is simple, and quite another – when moves, angles of inclination and other subtleties have to be calculated in advance, because the ball should not leave objects untouched.

It’s almost like billiards, where your task is to drive as many balls into the pocket as possible, with the only difference being that everything here is visually primitive, which means it’s easy to understand and at the same time more difficult to implement. After all, there a greater number of ricochets is considered a sign of skill, but here it is simply a necessary condition for the game. Do you think you are capable of such a feat? If you are sure that yes, then go for it!

Download ( V4.10 )
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